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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Gerard’s Pov

I wake up and feel a warm body around me, their arms holding me tight comforting me, I open my eyes and see Frank asleep I almost smile when I realize Frank and I have been fighting for two years and the only reason he is holding me is because yesterday our wives got in a car accident leaving Jamia in a coma, Lynz dead, and me to be a single parent. I have to raise Bandit all by self, she doesn’t have a mother, I can’t do this, tears start streaming down my face then I feel a strong but soft hand guide my face to look at his and he wipes away my tears saying, “Hey, don’t cry Gee, its going to be okay”

“But it wont be Frank, she’s gone, my wife is dead, Bandit no longer has a mother, I can’t raise her on my own”

His beautiful hazel eyes look straight into mine and he says, “Gerard, you have an amazing brother, Alicia, Ray, and Christa who will all help you, and you have me okay I will never leave your side if that’s what you need, I’m here for you and Bandit for as long as you want me to be, Bandit is going to grow up knowing she is loved, and she will always know that she had the most amazing mother who loved her more than anything else”

I can’t help but smile because I know Frank is completely serious, one of the reasons I love him is because he always know how to make me feel better, “I love you Frankie”

“I love you too Gee”

I want to lean forward and kiss him on the lips but I can’t do that so instead I give him a kiss on the cheek then hop out of bed pulling on my pants, I walk down the hall and see Bandit is still asleep then I hear footsteps and I turn to see Frank peeking into his kid’s bedrooms, he steps into one of the rooms and returns holding Miles.

We walk down stairs into the kitchen Frank places Miles down in a high chair then grabs some cheerios and dumps it on the tray in front of Miles. I search through Frank’s kitchen finding all the necessary ingredients for chocolate chip pancakes. I stop when I feel Franks eyes trained on my bare back I turn and ask, “What?”

“Gerard you don’t need to make everyone breakfast”

I smile and say, “I think we all need chocolate chip pancakes this morning, including myself”

He smiles then Miles shouts, “Uncle Gee’s gonna make us pancakes? Yeah!”

Frank and I both start giggling then we hear four feet running down the stairs, and before I know it two little girls are hugging me tight, then let go and I say, “Good morning cuties”

“hi uncle Gee we haven’t seen you in forever’s, Ahh! Is Bandit here too? And Aunt Lynz?”

I freeze when I hear them mention Lynz there’s still a lot of explaining to do, “Hey Cherry, Lily, why don’t you help your Dad watch the pancakes cause he’s terrible at cooking, and I’m gonna go get Bandit”

I walk up stairs then peek into Bandits room, that’s when I see her shaking with sobs and it breaks my heart, I run over to her and pull her into a tight hug, “Oh honey it’s okay, everything will be okay”

She sniffles then cry’s out, “I miss Mommy”

I wish I could make everything better but I can’t bring Lynz back, “I know I miss her too”

“Are you sure she can’t come back?”

This makes me want to cry I hate knowing that my baby is in so much pain, “Yeah she can’t come back, but you will always have me, Uncle Frank, Uncle Mikey, Uncle Ray, Aunt Christa and Aunt Alicia, and you know what?”


“Your mommy loves you very much and that will never change and she will always be watching over and protecting you”


I smile and say, “Really, now lets go get some pancakes before Uncle Frank ruins them”

She gives me a big smile and I pick her up in my arms and carry her down stairs. I place her at the end of the kitchen table next to Cherry then return to the stovetop to find half the pancakes slightly burnt. I push Frank away from the stove and say, “I knew you would ruin them”

He laughs then defensively says, “I did not ruin them”

I fake laugh in a mocking way and say, “Frank more than half of them are burnt”

He mumbles under his breath, “whatever”

I finish the pancakes and place them at the middle of the table where everyone is sitting, “All the tasty pancakes are the one I made and the burnt ones are the one Frank made” I look over at Frank and see his fake pout and it makes my smile grow big and genuine, it’s just like it used to be, us joking around, but I know it wont last long, that is Frank and I getting a long I know eventually one of us will bring up the past.

Then Lily asks, “Why are the ones daddy made burnt”

I take a seat next to frank and say, “Because your dad can not cook for his life”

Frank puts up his hands and says, “I’m sorry Jamia always did the cooking” then he realizes what he just said and quickly shuts his mouth hoping the kids wont ask questions

Then Cherry asks, “Daddy where’s mommy?”

I see Franks face harden and under the table I hold his hand tight hoping it comforts him, then he starts, “Mommy got in a bad accident yesterday and is in the hospital”

All of the kids frown, “Is mommy going to be okay?”

Frank looks at me with tears in his eyes, “I don’t know, but the doctors are doing their best to help her and hopefully she will be good as new soon”

Then he stands up and leaves the room, all the kids look at me and I say, “Keep eating breakfast we will be right back”

I walk out and see frank on the deck trying to light a cigarette and failing, I step out saying, “I thought you quit”

He sniffles then says, “I did, just you know sometimes I need a smoke”

I nod then walk closer to him and leaning against the same wall as him, “Frank it will be okay no matter what happens”

He sniffles and wipes away his tears, “I know I know, I just I don’t want to tell them, I don’t know how they would handle something like that, and fuck Miles is only 2 he wont even remember her, and Lily and Cherry will hardly remember her I just hate the fact that they might not have a mother”

I nod and say, “But like you said earlier there are plenty of people to love them, and god forbid Jamia does not make it you will tell them how much their mother loves them every night and you will tell them story’s about how amazing she was so these kids will know their mother even if she isn’t physically around to raise them”

Then he drops the cigarette and raps his arms around my neck and I rap mine around his waist pulling him close. “Thank you Gerard, I know we have been fighting for a long time but I really need my best friend back”

I hold him closer to me and say, “I know Frank me too, lets just let the past fade away for now and we can talk about it when we are both ready” He nods his head and I say, “Lets go finish break fast”
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