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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Franks Pov

“Jamia I’ve told several times that I don’t want to see Gerard and Gerard doesn’t want to see me so just go have fun with Lynz, you guys haven’t seen each other in forever” I give her a kiss and push her out of the house. I hate having to lie to her but she can’t know why Gerard and I stopped talking, the last time I spoke a single word to him was that meeting the whole band had, after we the band had that fight about the new album we all decided it was time for us to go our separate ways, but I know none of us actually wanted the band to end, especially me but Gerard and I would never be able to work out our problems and the fans would hate to see us constantly fighting.

I walk back to the play room and see Ray sitting on the couch holding his son and next to him Lily, Cherry, and Miles are playing with blocks on the ground, “Frank I agree with Jamia you and Gerard need to talk”

I sigh and start, “Ray, you saw how Gerard and I used to fight it would only make everything harder”

“Yeah I saw you guys fight it was non stop it made living on the bus hell for Mikey and I but we could never figure out what you were fighting about, you can tell me, I’m always here for you, and I tell you that all the time and yet you still wont tell me, seriously Frank it’s been two fucking years just tell me”

“I can’t”
“Bull shit”
I start, “Ray” then I’m interrupted by the phone, I answer it with, “Hello”

“Is this Frank Iero”

“Yes this is he”

“Hello Mr. Iero your wife, Jamia Iero was just brought into the hospital after a severe car accident and is in surgery now”

My heart stops she’s in the hospital the mother to my children is hurt, I need to go, I start running out of the house and shout, “Ray watch the kids, Jamias in the hospital”

The next thing I know my heart is beating a million miles a minuet and I’m running into the hospital, I run up to the desk and say, “Jamia Iero”

“You can take a seat in the waiting room and the doctor will be out to inform you how the surgery is going”

I nod take a deep breath and walk over to the waiting room then as I turn the corner I see Gerard talking to a doctor holding Bandit in his arms and then the doctor places his hand on his shoulder and says something then his eyes widen and I can see him holding his breath, he walks over to a chair, places Bandit in the seat next to the one in front of him, sits down and puts his head in his hands. I see his body start shaking, he’s crying, correction he’s sobbing and it breaks my heart.

Bandits eyes connect with mine and she runs over to me and says, “Uncle Frank daddys crying and he wont tell me why”

I hold her hand and walk over to Gerard, he doesn’t notice me to preoccupied with his sorrow, “Gerard?”

I place my hand on his should and he looks up tears streaming down his face, “She’s gone Frank” I know he’s talking Lynz she died in the car accident.

“Gee I’m so sorry” Then he jumps up and into my arms, I rap my arms around is small torso and I hold him tight while he sobs into my shoulder. I wish I could do more but I don’t know what else to do. “Gee you can stay with us for as long as you need to”

He looks up and his beautiful hazel eyes filled with tears look into mine and says, “Thanks Frankie”

My heart almost stops he hasn’t called me Frankie in over two years I missed his voice I missed him so much, it’s as if what happened two years ago doesn’t matter at all, then I remember why he’s talking to me, Lynz is dead and Jamia is in surgery this is not a happy day.

“Gerard what happened exactly?”

We take a seat and he starts, “They got a green light and started to cross the intersection, a car ran the red light and slammed into them, Lynz was killed on impact”

Then I hear a doctor call out, “Mr. Iero?”

I stand up and step forward saying, “That’s me”

“Your wife has just come out of surgery and is in critical condition, she has lost a large amount of blood and there was a lot of damage to her internal organs, she is in a medically induced coma at the moment”

“Will she be okay?”

“There is a large possibility that when we remove the medicine she will not wake up”

I feel tears fill my eyes, and I ask, “Can I see her?”

“I’m sorry sir not tonight”

I nod and they leave I walk back to Gerard he looks at me and asks, “Is she okay?”

I say, “She’s in a coma and she may not wake up, lets just go home”

He frowns then picks up Bandit holding her with one arm and with his other arm he laces his fingers in between mine, we start to leave when Bandit asks, “Daddy where’s mommy?”

I see tears fill his eyes when we get back to my car he put her down in the back seat and looks her straight in the eyes and says, “Bandit Mommy got in a car accident today, she got really hurt, so she had to leave”

I see tears start falling from Bandits eyes as well as Gerards, “Is mommy going to come back?”

He wipes tears from his eyes, “No she’s in a special place now and will always be watching over you, and she wants you to know she loves you very much”

“Daddy will you tell Mommy that I love her a lot to and that I miss her”

After that Gerard steps away and gets in the passenger seat trying to muffle his sobs. I buckle Bandit up and close her door then walk around the car and get in the drivers seat, I look over at Gerard and my heart breaks I hate seeing him this way and I wish I could make it all better.

As I drive home a few things hit me, Lynz is dead, Gerard talked to me, Gerard’s going to stay with me, Gerard has to raise Bandit on his own, Jamia is on the brink of death, and its likely I will have to raise our three children by myself.

I pull up to my house and look at the time it’s 10pm I hadn’t realized we were at the hospital for so long. I look at the cars around my house there are two more cars here than when I left. I look over at Gerard and see him staring out the window with a blank expression on his face, I tap him and emotion floods his face. He opens his door and I do the same stepping out and waiting for him to grab a sleeping Bandit. We walk up the path and open the door, then are flooded with questions. I hold up my hand and they all stop then I grab Gerard’s hand and pull him up stairs, I bring him to the guest room and hand him a large shirt, he dress Bandit then puts her under the covers. We walk down stairs with our fingers entwined; we get down stairs and see, Ray, Christa, Mikey, and Alicia. Gerard lets go of my hand and runs straight into Mikeys arms and he starts sobbing again.

Gerard try’s to explain what happened but his sobs wont let him get a full sentence out, in turn seeing Gerard like this makes me start to cry. Mikey looks to me and asks, “Frank what happened?”

I take a deep breath and say, “Lynz and Jamia went out to lunch together, when they got to an intersection a car came speeding and ran into them, Lynz was killed on impact” I hear gasp and see their hands fly to their mouths, Gerard responds with sobbing harder, “Jamia was in surgery for a couple hours and is now in a medically induced coma that she may never wake up from.”

Then I feel arms around me and their Gerard’s he’s hugging me and I don’t hesitate to hug him back, when we pull apart I am met with shocked glances, they all know that Gerard and I had gotten in a huge fight two years back, although none of them knew what we fought about. Gerard composes his face and says, “You guys should get home, its late, Frankie is gonna let me stay here tonight and we can all talk more tomorrow, just right now I need to go to bed”

They all give each of us a hug then walk out of my house, I grab Gerard’s hand and bring him to the master bed room saying, “You can sleep in hear and I will sleep on the couch down stairs” He lets go of my hand then slowly strips down to his boxers, I can’t help but admire how beautiful he is, I know so many terrible things have happened today but I can’t help but feel so much love towards Gerard and I hate the fact that despite everything I want to walk over and kiss him. He climbs into the bed and under the covers and closes his eyes; I walk over kiss him on his forehead and say, “Good night Gee” Then force myself to start walking away.

I turn off the lights and am about to leave when Gerard whispers, “Frankie don’t leave me” I can’t say no to him, he’s been through so much today and so have I so what’s so bad about spending one night curled up in each others arms, I strip down to my boxers then climb into the bed, Gerard pulls me close resting his head on my bare chest, “Frankie I’m so sorry, for everything I did in the past and for being so weak now”

I tilt his head up so he’s looking me in the eyes, “Gee the past is the past, and now you’re not weak, you are strong, you are going through something really hard, you’re allowed to be sad”

“But I’m not allowed to use you like this not after what happened and Jamia his in a coma and you have three children and I’m sorry”

I see a tear fall from his eyes and I wipe it away with my thumb, “Gee you have nothing to be sorry for okay, everything will be okay, now go to sleep.”

He wraps his arms around me tighter and whispers, “I love you Frankie”

I kiss him on his forehead and whisper, “I love you too Gee, I always have”
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