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Toshiro is feeling uneasy, so he doesn't complain when his lieutenant pushes him out of the barracks for a walk. While walking, he suddenly feels two spiritual pressures. One of them is a hollow. W...

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Uta’s POV
Wake Up. Wake Up Uta. Why? What happened? Remember the boy with the white hair? ... Yes. God Damn it, he knocked me out. You need to wake up. The voice was being oddly insistent. Working on it, I thought back irritably. When I knew I was awake, I got up slowly and opened my eyes.

10 people stood around me, staring at me, including that white haired kid. The one I was facing, the really old guy with white hair and a beard, and I know this is going to sound completely irrational, made me want to run, more so than the others in the room. He spoke in a deep and important voice. “Uta Kazume. You are not a soul reaper, yet you have a zanpukuto. Explain yourself.” I stood up slowly, and looked around at the others in the room. They were wearing the same uniform as the white haired guy, who was standing in a line with the others. I stared and lifted my arm pointing at him. “You’re… Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya?” He nodded. Be careful Uta. These people are extremely dangerous. The voice didn’t have to tell me that. All of them wear giving me the creeps.

“I guess before you explain yourself, we should tell you who we are.” The old guy spoke up. I gave him an odd look, but nodded. Listen well. Knowing who your enemy is, is the first step to victory. You said that about the hollows too, I thought to the voice.
The old guy interrupted my silent conversation. “I am the head captain of the Seireitei. I am also the captain of squad 1. I am Genryusai Shigekuno Yamamoto.” I nodded to let him know I had heard. No wonder this guy gave me the creeps.

A short girl with a commanding look on her face stepped forward. Her blackish, purplish hair was held in two pony tails wrapped in bandages. She wore a sword diagonally on her back. “I am the captain of squad 2, the stealth and punishment force. We take care of finding the location of the soul societies enemies, and if necessary assassinations. My name is Soifon.” Her voice was very commanding. I felt like I should drop too my knees, but I just nodded again.

A tall woman with a kind face stepped forward. She had long black hair that was platted in front of him, going all the way down to her thighs. Her sword was strapped to her side. “I am the captain of the squad 4. Our Job is taking care of the wounded, healing them. My name is Retsu Unohana.” She gave me a reassuring smile. She was the only one who didn’t give off an impending aura. I gave a timid smile back.

A tall man with the most serious expression on his face stepped forward. He had black hair that went down just past his shoulders. His sword was strapped to his side. He wore white clips in his hair, signalling aristocracy. “I am the captain the captain of squad 5, Byakuya Kuchiki.” This guy looked so uptight, it was actually scary. I gave him a nod.

A… Man, beast… thing stepped forward. He had the head and body of a fox. His eyes were piercing and calculative, and hazel. His sword was strapped to his side. “I am the captain of squad seven, Sajin Komamura.” I, again, nodded.

A seemingly relaxed guy stepped forward. Over his uniform he wore a pink flower Haori. He was tall, with dark brown hair that was held in a ponytail, trailing down to his lower back. One strand of hair fell in front of his face, right between his eyes. “I am the captain of squad 8, Shunsui Kyoraku.” He was grinning the whole time he spoke, and after gave me a lazy salute. I couldn’t help but smile back, and I also gave him a salute.

Toshiro stepped forward, that same serious expression on his face. “I am the captain of squad 10, Toshiro Hitsugaya.” I glared at him; he had hit me in the back of the head. But I gave him a nod.

The tallest of them all stepped forward. He had spiky black hair, with little bells on the ends. A scar ran vertically down his left eye, his right eye covered by an eye patch. He looked like a freaking clown, but the sadistic grin on his face and the menacing aura gave off, made me absolutely terrified. “I’m the captain of squad 11, the fighting division. My name is Kenpachi Zaraki.” His voice was really rough, and I could only manage a small nod.

A guy with a crazy appearance stepped forward. His face was painted blue, and any hair that might have existed was covered under a white hat. It looked plastic, and its tips were sharp, pointing right. “I am the captain of squad 12, the research and development division. We do experiments and gather information, but we can protect ourselves. My name is Mayori Kurotsuchi.” His voice was bizarre, but I couldn’t find a word to describe it. He seemed absolutely crazy, so I just nodded to him.

A man who was of medium height stepped forward. He had long white hair that went down to the bottom of his shoulder blades. The aura he gave off was caring, and his eyes were filled with kindness. “I am the captain of squad 13, Jushiro Ukitake. It is nice to meet you, Miss Kazume.” I blinked shocked. He seemed very kind, and his smile was somewhat calming, I smiled and gave him a nervous wave.

“You now know our names.” Said the head captain. “Together, we are the captains of the thirteen court guard squads.” As he said it, it seemed as if this one moment was just… dramatic. I was half expecting to see fireworks, or hear thunder. “Soooo.” I drew the word out. “Why are you missing 3 captains?” Everyone in the room froze.
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