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Toshiro is feeling uneasy, so he doesn't complain when his lieutenant pushes him out of the barracks for a walk. While walking, he suddenly feels two spiritual pressures. One of them is a hollow. W...

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Toshiro’s POV
“Soooo.” She drew out. “Why are you missing 3 captains?” Everyone in the room froze. She glanced around, not knowing the weight of her words. Before I could say anything, the head captain spoke. “The 3 captains you do not see, ex-captain of squad 3 Gin Ichimaru, ex-captain of squad 9 Kaname Tosen, and ex-captain of squad 5, Sosuke Aizen betrayed the soul society not long ago.” Those words were simple, but fell with the weight of an axe. Their betrayal still hurt, especially to Sajin.

Uta flinched. “Sorry to bring it up, I-.” The head captain interrupted her. “Do not apologise child. We all need to forget the ties we had to them.” It seemed he was not just talking to her, but to us as well. I clenched my fists. I would never forgive them, especially Aizen.

“Now Uta Kazume, explain yourself.” The head captain said, looking at her expectedly. She glanced at the other captains, some giving her a stone look while others gave a smile. When she looked at me, I kept a clear face. She looked back to the captain. “As you know, my name is Uta Kazume. I remember how I died, but I am uncomfortable about sharing that information. How I got my sword? It was a couple of years after I came to the soul society. I was walking through the woods at night. I always used to do that when I couldn’t sleep.” Her face darkened visibly. “I heard screams I recognized. They were friends from the town I lived in. When I got to the clearing, I…” She paused, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I saw hollows. A whole bunch of them. And they were, they were…” A tear rolled down her left cheek. Her head had lowered, but she lifted it, looking straight into the head captain’s eyes. “They were devouring my friends.”

All of us were shocked. She looked young, and she had gone through that! “I was frozen in shock. I just stood, there and stared. One of them was still alive, but she was badly injured, lying in a pool of her own blood. When the hollows moved to eat her as well, I recovered from my shock and screamed. I don’t remember much after that, but what I do remember is my control snapped.” What? What does she mean by ‘snapped?’ “The next thing I remember, is waking up in a mix of dust and blood, with this sword in my hand.” She lifted her zanpukuto to emphasise what she said.

The head captain spoke. “So your rage at seeing your friends devoured conjured your zanpukuto.” She gave him a confused look. “What is a zanpukuto?” He seemed surprised. That is what your sword is called. A zanpukuto. Every soul reaper has one.” Her eyes widened. Does that mean I’m a soul reaper as well?” The head captain shook his head. “No. You would need to join one of the 13 court guard squads, and be practised in the art of slaying hollows.” She seemed somewhat relieved.

“Can I leave?” Uta asked. “You may not.” The head captain replied. “I have one more question to ask you. What is the name of your zanpukuto?” She frowned. “Name?” “Every zanpukuto has an individual name. Do you know the name of yours?” She was surprised, and she wasn’t trying to hide it. “I-no. I-I don’t.” The head captain stood. “You must find out. If you wish to become stronger.” She took a step back. “S-Stronger?” The head captain nodded. “Yes.” To everyone’s shock she fell to her hands and knees, and was slightly trembling. After about 30 seconds, she stood. “How do I find out?” the head captain shook his head. “You are the only one who can answer that child. That information is hidden deep within you. You hold the answer.” Her head dropped. “Thank you.” She whispered. The head captain struck his cane onto the floor. “Captain Hitsugaya, this child is now under your care, until I say otherwise.” I was surprised but agreed. “You may leave.”
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