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The Election

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The election for King and Queen of the prom takes place.

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When Terra sat down, her hand was still touching the place where Gar had kissed her. She didn’t understand. Did this mean he liked her? But he had a girlfriend. She was certain the only reason he asked her to the prom was because he was trying to be nice. She decided she’d figure it out later. Right now, she just wanted to concentrate on having a great night.

“Hey, Terra! Hey, Gar!”

Terra glanced up. It was Kori, accompanied by Dick.

“Do you mind if we sit here?” Kori continued.

“Sure, go ahead,” Gar said. Dick and Kori sat down.

“The voting starts soon,” Dick said.

“What time?” Terra asked.

“The voting starts at 9: 20. The winner is announced at 9:35. They triple check all the votes,” Dick explained.

“Terra?” a voice from behind them said. Terra turned around. Karen Beecher, accompanied by Victor Stone, was standing there.

“Hello, Karen,” Terra said.

“You look great!”

“Thanks,” Terra said shyly.

“Hey, Gar,” Vic said. “What’re you doing after Prom?”

“Well, Terra and I are going to grab a bite to eat—“

“Aw, you’re not going to expose her to that tofu crap, are you?” Vic said.

“There’s nothing wrong with tofu!” Gar said.

“I’ve never had tofu,” Terra commented.

“Lucky you,” Vic told her. “It’s disgusting.”

“It is not!”

“It’s fake meat!”

“I don’t eat meat!”

“Terra, where’d you get your dress? It’s amazing!” Karen said, leaving Vic and Gar to their argument. (which didn’t actually last long; they soon started talking about a video game)

“She made it!” Kori said. Karen’s eyes widened.

“Did you really?”

“Yes,” Terra said, blushing. “I like sewing.”

“That’s incredible!”

“Thank you,” Terra said. Karen glanced at the clock. It was 9:16.

“Vic, we have to get going! The voting’s going to start in a few minutes!” Karen exclaimed, effectively ending Gar and Vic’s conversation. “See you later, Terra!”

“See you!” Vic said, and they left.

From The Black Prom: My Story, by Raven Roth

I never meant for any of it to happen. I was just trying to help her. I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt.

Upon arriving at the school, Kathryn and Frank quickly snuck into the gym and under the stage. She gripped the rope.

“You’ll know when they’re under there. They’ll be playing the school song,” Frank whispered to her. “That’s when you pull the rope.”

“Right,” Kathryn muttered.

Coma Anders passed their table at 9:20, passing out 2 ballots to them. Terra looked at it, and then her jaw dropped.

“Gar, we’re on here!”

“Yeah, everyone votes for single candidates, and their dates kind of get dragged along into it,” Gar told her. “Do you want to decline?”

“Do you?” Terra asked.

“Hell, no,” Gar said, grinning. “If you win, you just have to sit up there on stage for the school song and wave a—a—“

“Scepter,” Dick supplied.

“Yeah, a scepter, and look like a damn idiot,” Gar said.

“They also take your picture for the yearbook,” Kori said.

“Yeah, that’s right, they take your picture for the yearbook, so everyone can see you looked like a damn idiot.”

“Who do we vote for?” Terra asked.

“Let’s just vote for ourselves,” Gar said.

“Ourselves?” Terra repeated.

“It’s okay, Terra, everyone who’s on the ballot votes for themselves,” Kori assured her, marking the box next to her and Dick’s names.

“To the Devil with false modesty!” Gar said. Terra giggled.

“To the Devil,” she said. Gar marked the box next to their names. A few minutes later, Coma came by and collected their ballots.

After collecting nearly all the ballots, Coma found Billy. He was holding the fake ballots, along with a few real ones.

“Hand in the fake ballots,” Coma said. Billy handed her the real ballots he was holding, and walked over to the table where Karen and Vic were. Coma heard him say,

“Here are the ballots,” before she slipped out. She quickly approached the dumpster. She opened it, and dropped the ballots in it. She closed the lid, and slipped back inside the gym.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Karen called at 9:34. “It’s time to announce the King and Queen.”

Everything got silent.

“The King and Queen of the prom: Gar Logan and Terra Markov!”

“We won?” Terra whispered, unable to believe it. “We won?”
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