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Chapter 23 Until the End of Every-

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Showdown in the backroom of the club. Tristan does the only thing she can think of and saves someone she loathes more than anyone in the entire world

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I hope you guys like this chapter. It's a little bit shorter, but it resolves somethings and then causes more problems! lol Don't murder me. Love you all!

Chapter 23

Until the End of Every-

“I warned you,” a menacing voice comes from behind me. Motherfucker! Fucking Matt locking me in a room with THEM!!

I turn slowly to be met with the faces of Troy and Jared. Both look super drunk or high. I can’t really tell the difference.

I am so stupid. Why did I come into the club alone? I roll my eyes and scoff out loud, knowing I’m in for it. Son of a fucking bitch. “That son of a bitch!” I scream before stomping my converse shoe against the concrete floor.

I know I’m in trouble here, but my smartass mouth is going to get me into even deeper shit.

Jared lunges forward, pushing me against the wall with all his might that it literally knocked the wind out of my lungs. I struggle against his weight and body pinning me against the wall while I try to breath. I am gasping for air as he pushes himself against me.

I screamed out, but was cut off by one of his hands coming up and clapping violently over my mouth. Now I’m restrained and I can’t cry out for help. I’m so screwed.

I could smell the alcohol on his breath and hear Troy laughing hysterically behind him. All I could see through my tears of straining was Jared’s bloodshot brown eyes.

The bricked wall behind me was hard and rough against the thin material of my t-shirt, but I couldn’t think about that right now.

I struggled against his huge body, but it was no use. I was out gunned and out manned in that department.

“Why are you even trying to get loose?” Jared asked through gritted teeth; his face fierce and scary to tell you the truth. I was scared. What was he going to do to me? NOTHING! HE’S NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING!

I continued to struggle against his tight grip, his hands pinning me to the wall by my arms and the rest of his body, covering every inch of mine. I was so uncomfortable and uneasy. I tried to remain strong, but I was already crying, but not because I was scared, but because I was pissed off. Is this really happening? Why can’t I help myself? Am I really that weak? NO I’M NOT! I AM STRONGER THAN THIS! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!

-Meanwhile Outside-

Gerard is standing idly by the van, smoking the last of the second cigarette he has smoked since Tristan went to get water. Where the hell is she? He thought for a moment. She’s been gone too long.

Everyone else was too into all their conversations or lack thereof. Gerard leaned against the van and continued to wait impatiently.

The fireworks had started and everyone was paired up and watching them together. Gerard wanted Tristan there with him to share this moment.

Taylor was standing next to him, enjoying the fireworks too.

“Where’s Trinket at?” Taylor asked him gingerly with her British accent dripping on every syllable.

Gerard grinned. Trinket? “She went to get water,” Gerard sighed, “She’s been gone too long, actually.” Gerard looked down to meet Taylor’s bright green eyes. She smiles up at him; her black hair swiping over half her face. Taylor and Tristan favor each other a bit, he thinks to himself.

“I’m sure she’s fine. She’s a feisty one!” Taylor tries to reassure him.

Gerard stifles a laugh, “Feisty is an understatement.”

Taylor giggles knowing Gerard is so right.

-Back in the room-

Jared just stared into my eyes for the longest time after I stopped struggling against him. He finally took his hand off my mouth slowly.

“I warned you,” he whispered. His face seeming passive now; like this was all nothing to him.

He shook his head and looked away from me for a minute. I took that time to scoop out my surroundings. Troy was perched on the only chair in the small room; just watching Jared and I. The room was empty, except for the chair and one lone card table that had a few loose bricks that someone had dug out of the wall behind it. My eyes grew wide when I thought about what could actually happen in here. I need a fucking brick.

Just then the door swung up slightly, Matt peeked his head in and then came in to join the party.

Matt’s face changed when he saw me pinned to the wall. It changed from menacing and uncaring to worry. What the hell? Why would you be worried? You put me in here with them. What did you think was going to happen? That we would hug, sing Kumbaya and make up?

I looked away from him, “What do you want?” I managed to finally choke out with a trembling voice. Son of a bitch, he thinks he has scared me to death. I am STRONGER than this! I couldn’t speak without my voice shaking. That’s bullshit! DAMNIT!!

Jared’s eyes darted back to mine and in one swift movement I was took from the wall to the table. I was now sitting on the table with my legs swinging off and Jared between them, holding me in place.

Jared then smiled an evil grin, “This is what I want.” As he spoke his hands glided down my sides and down my legs. I shivered to his touch. This is so fucking wrong. Where are you, Gerard? I need help…

I heard Matt gasp from the doorway, “Dude…” He started, “This is a bad idea.” Jared ignored him completely.

“Don’t you fucking touch me like that,” I could hardly contain my disdain from his touch and his presence in general.

Jared stared at me in disbelief, grabbed my face with both hands and planted a rough and unwanted kiss on my lips. I struggled to get away from him, but he had me firmly where he wanted me.

When he finally broke the kiss he looked extremely livid; with my lip gloss smeared all over his mouth, “What? Am I not old enough for your taste?” He spat at me in disgust.

“Jesus, man. Gerard is outside,” Matt spoke from the doorway in anguish. What are you playing at?

I cringed back as far away from him as I could get without him pulling me back. I could see Troy out of the corner of my eye, still sitting in the chair, intently watching our every move.

“Do I fucking look like I care!?” Jared spat at him. Matt blanched at his outburst. What the hell?

Jared pulled me back to him, this time, pulling at my shirt at the neck and kissing at my neck and collarbone. GET OFF ME! TAKE YOUR DAMN DIRTY LIPS OFF MY BODY! GET THE FUCK OFF ME! I wanted to scream and claw his face off, but his hands held me still.


The fireworks were still going off. Gerard was becoming uneasy. How long does it take to grab some water? Something is wrong, he could feel it.

Gerard made his way into the long hallway of the club, feeling compelled to this area. Where is my Tristan?

A loud crash came from halfway down the hall. What the fuck was that? TRISTAN?!

Gerard didn’t waste any time; he ran toward the noise.

-Meanwhile back in the room-

I shoved against him with all my might this time causing the table to wobble. I shoved him again making the table wobble till the hinges underneath gave way from the force, causing Jared and I to crash to the ground with the table.

A struggle ensued as soon as the concrete hit my knees. Fuck! I ripped the jeans more than they were already ripped and scraped my knees to hell. How in the fuck did that happen?

Matt lunged at Troy to keep him away from us. What the hell is he doing? I thought he wanted to hurt me. Matt pinned Troy to the wall by his throat.

I tried to crawl away from Jared but he scrambled to get on top of me and tried to pin me down. Before he could get my right arm, I seized my chance and grabbed the brick and swung as hard as I could, striking him in the head with it, knocking him out.

I struggled to get out from under him and onto my knees, and checked his pulse. I don’t need a murder on my hands. I looked over to see Matt still struggling with Troy. What the hell is your game?

Just then the door swung open to a worried looking Gerard.

Gerard’s eyes scanned the room and the situation light up in his eyes. He knew what was going down by just what he was looking at at the moment. I can’t let him freak out. I took care of myself. What do I do about Matt? Fuck!

I looked up at him with the brick in hand, my lip gloss smile, scrapped up knees, and asked, “Where have you been all my life?” I tried to make him see I was fine.

Gerard’s eyes grew wide and a smile tugged at his lips for a moment before he swooped down and lifted me effortlessly up into his strong arms, causing me to drop the brick next to Jared’s unconscious body; nearly landing on his head.

“I’m right here,” he whispered, searching for something in my eyes.

I tried to maintain his eye contact, but was defeated when Troy broke free of Matt’s grip and shouted, “Motherfucker! What the hell are you doing dude?”

Matt looked at me with a look of regret and I could see he was silently begging me not to tell Gerard the truth.

Gerard looked from them to me and back again.

“What the hell happened in here?” He asked me, trying not to lose his temper, but I could tell he was on the edge. I suspect that is why he was still holding me in his arms.

Troy stepped forward, “Well-“ Matt punched him so hard in the face, causing him to stop his statement and bend over in pain.

Gerard’s mouth gaped open and he searched Matt’s face and mine for the truth.

I swallowed hard, looked over at Matt for something. I don’t know what I was searching for. Maybe pain? Anguish? Something. He just looked sad and regretful. What the hell? Goddammit. Do I have to like you now? Or what? My head was spinning in to confusion.

I looked back at Gerard and said, “I got jumped by Jared and Troy. Matt found us and tried to help me. Jared had me on the table and it collapsed and we fell. I found the brick and hit him in the head. Matt fought off Troy.” I shrugged, “That’s what happened. Nothing else.”

Matt was surprised by my recollection of the events, but he didn’t say anything.

Gerard stared at me for a moment, trying to process what had transpired in this room and he finally looked over at Matt and said, “Thanks for looking out for my girl, man.” My eyes momentarily grew wide with disbelief, but I quickly regained my composure.

I felt like I was saving this man’s life, because if Gerard knew the truth….I shudder to think what would happen to him; a man who didn’t deserve my pity or even deserve Gerard as a friend.

Gerard looked back at me with his hazel eyes, that now had worry lines all around them. He turned slightly to leave then turned back and kicked Jared as hard as he could with me in his arms before he carried me out into the hallway. He finally let me down at the door. Before opening the door, he stopped.

He turned to me, “You know, Trist, you said that I should be more open with you and quit lying to you,” I stared up at him with regretful eyes, “so why are you lying to me?” Gerard asked me in a stern tone that was just above a whisper.

I marveled a little at how well he read my emotions and wondered how he knew me so well. I didn’t want to lie to him, but Matt’s life….his literal fucking life hung in the balance.

I shook my head, “I’m n-not-”

He cut me off, “Don’t. Don’t do this right now. We’ll finish this discussion later when everyone is home.” Gerard grabbed my hand in his, “Ok?” He asked in a stern low tone.

I nodded, not trusting my own voice. Shit. What was I going to do now?
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