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Chapter 24 From Backstage to the Doctor

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Tristan is confronted about her lies. Gerard and Tristan get closer. Tristan thinks she's going insane with yet another nightmare. Gerard is driving Tristan a good way!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Humor - Characters: Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2013/08/22 - Updated: 2013/08/24 - 2946 words

Chapter 24

From Backstage to the Doctor

I’m gasping for air; reaching out for someone who isn’t there.

No one was there.

The room was white as the makeup from the Vampires video and I was hooked up to a monitor…..a hospital monitor….

I shook my head trying to figure out how I got here.

I was fine last night…I did more damage to Jared than he did to me.

I glanced down at myself and found I was wearing a hospital gown and nothing else. No wires attached to my body anywhere, so how was the monitor beeping like it was my heartbeat?

Confusion was clouding my head.

I quickly good out of bed, but had to steady myself from the dizziness I just encountered when getting up. Son of a bitch.

I then slowly make my way to the only door in the room, peak outside for a moment, and then open it to go into the long hallway.

Heading to the nurse’s station I see doctors in white lab coats and nurses in light blue scrubs everywhere.

I walked up to the high counter, being barely able to see over it, I stretch up on my tippy-toes and I see a blond male nurse, sitting at the desk, taking calls.

“Hey?” I asked while staring at the male nurse, who was staring right back at me with a blank expression. He didn’t even acknowledge my presences. What the hell? I’m a person in need of help here.

“Um….hello…” I spout off a little too rough, but honestly he can fucking see me. “Can you tell me why I’m here?” I snap my fingers to try to gain his attention.

“Seriously!? Please be a nice guy and answer my goddamn questions! I’m Tristan Iero. I’m sixteen years old and I want to know why the hell I’m in the fucking hospital if you would be so kind…”

Still nothing comes out of his mouth or even acts like he hears or sees me.

I wave my hands above my head, “Um….hello…what are you, fucking blind? Or just plain rude?” I am irked now and he still isn’t responding. I huff and decide to venture elsewhere for help since this prick is ignoring me.

Where is everyone? Gerard? Mikey? Ray? Frank? Even Matt?

Looking around, I see all kinds of people wandering the long hallway in either direction. I run my hands thrown my long dark hard in exasperation.

I started walked down the hall, making sure to walk in front of people to get someone’s attention, but it was like I walked right through them. What the hell is going on? But before I could try to ask, a loud siren sounded out, drowning out all other chatter in the hospital.

The sirens continued to sound.

The white walls turned black and the lights went blood red.

I covered my ears in an attempt to drown out the loud sirens, but it was to no avail.

All the other people have disappeared and I am alone in the dark hallway.

The sirens keep going, but I take my hands down and run.

I run hard.

I run fast.

I run faster than I have in my life, but the hallway never ends.

No people are around, but I continue to run.

Finally the sirens abruptly end, the walls go white and lights go back to regular.

I stop running, not even out of breath, and found I was right in front of the nurse’s station where I had begun running.

What the fuck?

I frantically turn around and find the people are back.

I don’t know a single face in the hallway.

“Gerard?!” I cry out, hoping to see him come around the corner or out of a room, looking for me.

He didn’t, of course.

I was alone.

Dead, perhaps.

Invisible… a superhero?

Ghostly….supernatural entity?

A mire figment of my own mind….That has to be it. I’m fucking crazy.


A lunatic locked away from society, so I can’t hurt myself or anyone else.

That would make sense…

I shook my head in disbelief.

I’m alive and I’m not crazy.

I fell asleep in Gerard’s arms last night; warm, content, perhaps even loved.

Before I can wander anymore, the sirens start up again; white walls going black, lights going red, and the people disappearing. I covered my ears and screamed.

“AAAAAAAAHHH!” I cried as I awoke in the darkness of Gerard’s room. My heart is beating rapidly against my chest, I am drenched in sweat, and my head is pounding.

I reached over and found Gerard is gone. I frantically searched the room and found no one. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw that it is nearly five in the morning.

Where the hell are you?

Unwrapping myself from the blankets and sheets, I got up and searched the basement thoroughly to find Gerard.

He had been so angry last night that when we got home, I had showered, and he was asleep in his bed when I finished. I crawled into his bed, and he pulled me to him and I fell asleep. Now he’s gone. Where did he go?

I even checked the driveway and found his car was missing too.

I sucked in a deep breath, ran my fingers through my limp hair, and sighed. Where did you go?

I went back down to the basement, pulled on an old pair of jeans, a dark grey v-neck and my converse. I pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail, and found the keys to the van.

I checked my house first, finding only my father’s car in the driveway. I then drove halfway across Belleville to Ray’s. He wasn’t there either. I then tried Jamia’s; knowing Frank was there, but the Subaru was not. I sat in Jamia’s driveway for several minutes, racking my brain to figure out where Gerard was.

Then like a light bulb going off over my head, I thought, Matt’s!

Shit, he went to Matt’s.

I pressed my palms over my face and tried to breath.


I drove like a bat out of hell to Matt’s.

I pulled into the driveway at Matt’s right behind the silver Subaru. It was empty and I could see lights on in the house. I took a deep breath and hooped out of the van quickly and quietly.

I walked to his front door and took a moment to breath, then knocked on the door.

Matt’s groggy head peered through a crack as he opened the door. His eyes lit up when he saw it was me, “Oh, Tristan…” Matt choked, “What are you doing here?”

I stared at him for a minute, “I was looking for Gerard…” I started-

“I’m in here, Trist.” Gerard’s voice rang out from behind Matt.

Matt opened the door wider and gestured for Tristan to come in.

I walked into the bachelor pad of many twenty-something men and found Gerard sitting on the couch, still in his clothes from the night before, his hair was a mess and his face was straining to remain calm.

I am embarrassed now to see him. I searched Belleville because he wasn’t home when I awoke from my nightmare and now that I found him, I don’t know what to say to him.

I half wave and smile at him as I walk toward the couch. I feel like a goddamn idiot for waving and then tracking him down like a jealous girlfriend.

I slowly sit down next to him, careful not to touch him. I don’t know what’s going on here or why he came to Matt’s at five in the morning.

Gerard didn’t let me sit there for long before he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him; laying my head on his shoulder. What is he doing?

Matt took a seat across from us in a chair. Gerard’s body went rigid, but his arm held me closer.

Gerard sighed, “So since I have the two of you here now…” I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest, “I want to know the truth about what happened last night and why my girlfriend is lying to me.” His grip around my shoulders tightened. I was stuck.

Matt shifted in his seat, uncomfortably.

“Anyone gonna answer me?” Gerard questioned the two of us. His grip loosened and I sat up to look at his face.

“Well?” He asked in an even tone.

“Gerard, I told you the truth.” I tried to remain impassive, but I knew he could read me so well.

“Trist, I know when you’re lying to me. I don’t know why you are lying to me, but I don’t like it,” he was becoming angrier the longer Matt and I sat there staring at him.

I got angry too. I was trying to save Matt from an angry Gerard and I was getting shit on. I jerked back, “Well, you know what? I’m sorry. I’m sorry you don’t believe me. You should because I’m telling you the truth.” I couldn’t stand the third degree anymore.

I got up and was out the door and had just reached the van when Gerard caught up with me.
“What the hell did you mean? You’re sorry?” He growled.

I turned to look at him. “What?”

“Stop lying to me. I want to know what happened and what you told me wasn’t all that happened.” Gerard spoke through gritted teeth.

“Jared and Troy were there with me, Gerard,” Matt spoke from near Gerard’s car, “We were drinking together, but I didn’t know what they were planning to do.” I knew that was the truth. He acted like he wasn’t prepared for what had happened. I had witnessed that personally.

“WHAT?!” Gerard’s veins were popping out of his forehead and his face was crimson red.

My head was throbbing. He was angry and loud. “Please, just let’s go inside.” I whispered. I didn’t want us all to fight in public.

“Is that really what happened?” Gerard’s head whipped around to face me again.

“Yes,” I whispered quietly, “Please, I need to lay down.” I said and then I tried to push past him toward the van.

Gerard moved so quickly it made me gasp. Instead of moving back he used his body to pin mine against the van. I heard Matt gasp behind us. Gerard placed both palms on the cold metal surface on either side of my head, preventing me from moving. “You go nowhere until this is settled.”

He was so angry that I closed my eyes in pain. “Please, get out of my way. I can’t take this anymore. I told you the truth, now let me go home.” A tear escaped from beneath my closed eyelid.

Gerard saw the glint of the tear in the glow of the early morning sunlight. A groan of frustration escaped his lips and he took a step back. “Just tell me why you lied to me.”

I swallowed hard, “Because I didn’t know how you would react about Matt being friends with Jared and Troy. He didn’t know what was going to happen.” I whispered.

“What? Tristan, that is ridiculous,” He balled his fists tightly. “I know Matt pretty well. I know he wouldn’t hurt you.”

I stared at him. “Then it’s settled. You know the full truth. I was dumb to keep that from you and I’m sorry,” I spoke in a hushed tone. Yea you’re right. I’m wrong. Blah blah blah.

Gerard’s face changed again. He wasn’t angry anymore but his eyes were searching for something. I could tell he was racking his brain to find the right words to say. Why he questioned me for lying. Like I didn’t have a good reason to keep that from him, but even still, I wasn’t telling the whole truth, but it seems like I got off the hook now. Matt owes me big time.

Gerard stared at me; the early morning sunlight was bouncing off his dark hair and part of face, making him squint a bit, “Tristan…”

“Don’t. I just want to go home,” I cut him off, trying to sound confident.

Then in a flash he had me pushed up against the van again. Words were lost as he crashed his lips down on mine. The feeling that enveloped us when our lips met was indescribable. He deepened the kiss and pressed his body to mine so that we seemed to meld into one.

Matt cleared his throat, making us break off the kiss.

Gerard took a step back and gave a half smile. I needed to feel his closeness. I knew he felt the same way as he kissed me with such passion and urgency.

I needed him so much.

Gerard turned toward Matt, “Sorry, man, for waking you up. I’m gonna go home,” Gerard waved.
Matt just nodded and went back inside.

Gerard turned to me, “Let’s go home?” He kind of asked. I nodded in response.

“God, Tristan….” Gerard moaned, and his grip on me tensed even more. The man was completely motionless, soaking up the sensations I was giving him. For a few seconds I moved to kiss the corner of his mouth longer than usual, before going back to my lip-nibbling once again. We were lying in his bed that night after napping and being lazy all day. It was just past midnight and I was enjoying our closeness without interruptions or hassles.

“You’re driving me crazy….” Gerard attempted to say, throwing me off guard for a few seconds. His arms tensed even more. “I can barely control….,” he tried to warn me, but I wouldn’t hear any of it.

I started biting his lip even more. Then I took it and gently clamped down on the amazing skin, holding it and making Gerard give me this deep, tortured, ragged moan. The next few seconds were a blur to me, but all of a sudden I was lying on the mattress instead of on top of him, and Gerard was on top of me, kissing me with a needing frenzy. I gasped into his mouth, alive with Gerard’s extreme closeness. His kisses were hard but wonderful at the same time. Gerard was doing things to me with his kisses, things I couldn’t even describe, making me moan and want so much more. He pressed his body against me, and I was aware of all the curves of his amazing frame, especially the bulge that was rising in his jeans. I attempted to reciprocate as amazingly as he was, without any avail in my opinion. I thought I’d be ok, until Gerard moved his attention to my neck and pressed his groin against my body.

“Fucking god,” I moaned, in a voice I didn’t even know I had. Gerard was kissing and nipping the right side of my neck, and my strangled words just encouraged him. Giving me a sexy grin, he focused all his attention on the top part of my neck, right by my jawbone. The things he did there made me moan against my will, and I was once again reminded that this was one of my most sensitive spots ever.

Suddenly Gerard sucked on the skin a little too hard, making bittersweet pain shoot up my neck for a few seconds and me take in a pained breath of air. God that felt so good, but it hurt at the same time. Nevertheless, my breath of pain made Gerard stop dead in his tracks. He made an effort to look into my eyes, and a look of concern took over his face. I noticed he was breathing harder, as was I.

“Shit, did I hurt you?” he asked me with a concerned voice.

“No…no,” I replied frantically, trying to avoid a round of trying to convince Gerard he wasn’t hurting me. Thankfully he smiled, and gave me a small kiss on the mouth. Smiling, I pulled Gerard in for a few small kisses, and we were both grinning when he pulled away. The older man looked into my eyes for a few seconds, before saying, “I think we should get some sleep.”

I slumped against him and said, “Fine,” and I sighed.

Gerard giggled, “What?” He kissed the top of my head as I buried my face into his chest. “What is it?” He asked as he laughed.

I looked up to meet his face; he was grinning and running his long artistic fingers through my hair. “Nothing. It’s fine. Everything is fine.” I didn’t want to tell him he got me all hot and bothered. Jesus, he was making me so hot.

Gerard’s hand grazed my cheek, “Trist, I don’t want to rush you into anything.” He kissed my lips lightly.

I smiled, “I know. I appreciate that, but I want you to kiss me.”

Gerard chuckled. “Well, then come here,” he pulled me up closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips to mine again.
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