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Chapter Three

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Happy anniversary...

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"It's not fair!" Mikey groaned as we together to Mitch's for another lesson. Mikey had taken up the bass a few years ago selling his guitar in exchange for the bass he carried. "You and Gee get to go to high school and I won't see you at school anymore." He whined.

"You'll be joining us in hell soon." I smiled at him. His skin was clear as always, his brown hair trapped under the beanie he insisted on wearing even now in the summer. "I'd worry more about the new dress code than us not being there. You have to buy polo shirts and slacks now."

"The highschool has a uniform too. You have to wear a skirt and blazer." He pointed out. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Better than slacks." I stuck my tongue out at him as we reached the shop. "Mitch, we're here!" I called into the never changing shop.

We headed to the back room. Mitch was there, tuning his guitar. "Hey guys." He smiled at us. Time hadn't touched the shop, but it was obvious when you looked at Mitch.

He had wrinkles around his mouth and eyes. Grey snaked through his shiny black hair. But he could shred on his guitar the same as he could about eight years ago.

"I heard someone USA trying out for the gymnastics team when school starts." He grinned at me. "Can you handle all of it though?"

"Of course." I smiled, tuning my guitar off of his. Mikey picked the tuner up and tuned his bass.

"Just remember, Nicks. If it gets to be too much, follow your heart." I wanted to ask what he meant, but he swooped asstraight into the lesson.

When it was over, he looked at me. "Isn't it you and Gerard's anniversary today?" My cheeks grew red and I nodded. "Congrats kiddo. I know adults who can't stay with someone for a year, let alone six." I bit my lip. "See you two next week." He waved us out.

Mikey was silent as we crossed the street. "How's your mom doing?" He asked softly. I smiled at him.

"She getting better, I think." I jumped up onto the curb. "She's go eating again. She hasn't thrown up for about two weeks. And she's gotten color back."

"That's good." He smiled up at me. "Hey Nicks..." He trailed off.

"Yeah?" I looked at him.

He'd stopped walking. I went to stand in front of him. "You okay?" I asked softly, touching his shoulder. He looked up at me, his brown eyes dark.

Before I knew it, he was kissing me. I pushed him away, holding his shoulders. " I love you and all, but I'm with Gee. You're kinda like my little brother."

"Shit! I'm so sorry!" He stepped away from me. "Shit...I don't know why I did that." He exhaled sharply. "I've liked you for a while, but I only wanted to tell you, not kiss you." He groaned. "Shit! Fucking shit! I'm so fucking sorry!"

"Mikey!" He didn't stop. "Mikey!!" I grabbed him. "It's okay." I sighed. "I won't tell Gee if you don't, okay?"

He nodded. "Thanks." He hugged me for a second. I felt his heart pounding in his chest.

I walked him home. Gee was laying under a tree in the court yard of the apartments. I sat next to him. Mikey ran up to their apartment. "Hi." I smiled at him.

He sat up and kissed me, laying on top of me. "Hi." He smiled. I rolled us so that my head was on his chest.

"Happy anniversary" I sighed. He put his arms around my shoulders softly.

"I drew you something." He said after a short, peaceful silence.

"I wrote you a song." I smiled, lifting myself up on my elbow to look at him.

"I'll go get it." He kissed me quickly and started up the stairs. I smiled and opened up my guitar case.

He was back in record time. "That was fast." I smiled as he sat next to me. He held a wrapped rectangle in his hand. "Me first."

"I guess." He sighed sarcastically. I shoved him and laughed. "I love you." He laughed.

"I love you too." I took my pick out of my pocket and started to play the chords. I glanced at him when it was half over.

His eyes were shut and he had a huge smile on his face. I strummed the last chord and it hung in the warm air around us.

"That was beautiful." He sighed. "Not as beautiful as you, though." He opened his eyes and looked at me. I smiled. "Well now I feel like crap. I should have drawn you the Mona Lisa of presents." He handed me the present.

I unwrapped it carefully. It was a framed black and white picture of us. "When did we take this?" I asked, running my fingers lightly over the glass.

"We didn't I drew it." I gaped, looking even closer at the picture. I couldn't see individual strokes in it. Until I looked at our hair. I could hardly make out the pencil strokes of the hairs.

"Do you like it?" He asked softly. I sat it on the ground and threw myself at him.

"I love it." I kissed his neck, making him shiver. This was what he'd drawn. Well, almost. In his sketch, we were on something reflective, so it looked like he was laying on his own back.

And in the drawing, his leg and the mirror leg made a rough heart. "Will you sign it?" I asked him softly.

"Yeah. Do you have a pen?" I nodded and reached into my guitar case. From one of the pockets, I plucked out a pen.

He opened the frame and delicately signed the sketch in the bottom right corner. Carefully, he put the frame back together and handed back my pen. "Thank you Gee." I kissed him for a long moment.

I laid on his chest again, just listening to the even pace of his heart. "Has Mikey told you yet?"

"Hm?" I sighed, not moving.

"He wants to start a band." I looked up at him.

"Who all would be a part of the band?" I asked softly.

"Apparently, he thinks Ray and Frank would want to be. And he wants me to be vocals."

"And drums?" I asked.

"Know that new kid Bob?" I nodded. "I heard he's awesome on the drums."

"Huh." I sighed. He shifted under me.

"Are you mad?" He asked softly. I shook my head. "I think he didn't ask you because of all the lessons you're in. And your mom is sick."

"I'm not mad, hun." I smiled up at him. "And she's getting better, actually."

"Well that's good." He smiled at me. "So the chemo is helping."

"I think so." I rested my head back against him. "Lets not talk about that though, okay?"

"Okay." He kissed the top of my head. "Your hair is so long now." He said, running his fingers over my long blond braid. "It's almost like a rope when you braid it." I felt the hair tie slid of the end of my hair. "Do you mind?" He asked.

"Go for it." I sighed. "You'll probably put me to sleep though." He chuckled under me as his fingers brushed my braid apart, leaving my hair wavy.

He ran his hand all the way from my neck to where my hair stopped at my waist over and over. "Have you gotten you're uniform yet?" He asked softly.

"Yeah. I got it the day after I enrolled." I sighed, half asleep. "You?"

"Yeah. And it makes me look like an idiot." I laughed and kissed his neck.

"Mine makes me look like a whore. The skirt is so short." I sighed. "But at least I'm not single." I smiled at him.

"True. But trust me, when it comes to you, the male brain goes stupid." He kissed my forehead. "Especially when you show off how flexible you are."

"Like this?" I asked, lifting my leg so that my foot rested on his shoulder. His face grew red.

"N-no fair." He stuttered. "I have a male brain too." He bit his lip as I wrapped my other leg around his, bending his knee up from the ground. I kissed his neck, making him whimper.

"Is too." I smiled and rolled off of him. He sighed as I stood up, putting his hands in his lap. His face was bright red. I sat back down on top of his hands, knowing what I was doing to him.

But what's an anniversary without playing with him like this? I kissed a line down his neck, making him sigh. His heart was pounding, making the veins in his neck throb.

I nipped at the skin on his throat, making him squirm. When I pulled away, his face looked like a beet.

His eyes were shining, and not from the sun. I smiled and kissed him quickly, standing up. "I have one more thing for you." I returned my pen to it's place and pulled out his physical present. "It's not much, but..."

I handed him the heart shaped guitar pick. He took it in his hand and looked at it. "Oh wow. Did Mitch help you make this?" I nodded. He turned it over and saw what I'd inscribed and inked. "G+N." He smiled at me. "It's perfect."

I leaned over and kissed him again before I put everything back in my case and shut it. "I should get home. Mom's probably freaking out. Besides, it seems you have something you have to go take care of any way." I winked at him.

"Ya know, one of these times, I just might not be able to let you walk away." He sighed, looking up at me.

"And one of these times, I might not try to leave." I kissed him for a moment. "But that time isn't this time." I stuck my tongue out at him. "I love you." I picked up my case and beautiful picture.

"I love you too." He smiled. I touched his cheek with my fingertips and went through the gap of the buildings, heading for home.

As I walked, I put my guitar over my shoulder and hugged my picture to my chest. I couldn't wait to show mom...

So I'm going to warn you guys now. It's going to get feels in the next chapter and then it's gonna get teehee further in.

I'm gonna start the next chapter now. So R+R and all that fun stuff.

Hugs and Mist,
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