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Chapter Two

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Middle school sucks!

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"Hey! No no no no no!" I gasped as I was shoved into a locker. The door was slammed shut, the only light source coming from the air slots. "Gee!!" I banged on the door. "Gee!"

"Nickie!" I heard his voice. "Ow! Hey put me down! Crap, no no no!" The locker next to me slammed shut.

"Gee are you okay?" I asked over the laughter.

"Yeah, are you?" I didn't feel any pain except in the back of my head where it hit the hook.

"I'm fine." I sighed. "Someone help!!!" I screamed, beating the door of the locker with my hands.

Gee screamed with me. After a few minutes, the door to the locker I was in opened and there stood the principal. I shoved out of the tight space and went to the locker Gee was still in. "Quick, my friend is in there!" I pointed at the door.

Mr. James opened the door with a key and out popped Gee. He looked at me and pulled me into a hug.

"Who did this?" Mr. James asked as I clung to Gee.

"Mary Lewis and her friends." I said, holding back the tears in my eyes. I swore to never cry in front of Gee since we were eleven and my dog had been hit by a car.

"I'm going to call your mothers and the Lewis' right now so we can have a chat about this." He started to turn away.

"No!" I grabbed his arm. He looked back at me. "Please, just leave my mom out of this. I couldn'tcare less about what Mary does to me."

"Ms. Williams, bullying is a serious thing here. If either of you were to be injured, the Lewis family would be forced to pay for the medical bills and Mary would be expelled." I stood my ground.

"My mom is sick. And I don't want to stress her out with things that don't matter." I said, locking my jaw. "So please leave her out of this."

"I see. Mr. Way? Is your stance the same?" Gee nodded. "Mary Lewis will get a week of lunch detention all the less. As will get friends who helped with this." He shook his head. "Get to class you two." I'll call your teacher and let them know why you two are late."

Gee nodded and took my hand, pulling me toward the stairs. Once we got to the first floor, he held me by my shoulders and looked at me. "Are you sure you're okay?" He asked, turning me in a circle in front of him.

"I'm fine." I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him. "Are you?" I turned him like he had me. He was a scratch on his arm, but I didn't see anything else.

"Ugh that bitch." I snarled. He looked at me. "Hold still." I opened up my backpack and pulled a band aid out.

I opened it and put it on the bloody scratch, making him flinch. "Thanks. Is your mom getting worse?" He asked, taking my hand as we walked.

"I don't know. She acts like she's not, but I can tell. She's losing weight and she doesn't yell at me about anything anymore." I felt the lump raising in my throat.

"Hey." He turned me to face him. "It's okay. I'm always here." He kissed me quickly. "Okay?" I nodded.

"I'm just worried about her. It's not like I have any other relatives. And if this cancer kills her." I clenched my hands together and shook my head.

"I'm sure she'll have set something up for you if it happens. Hopefully it doesn't and she gets better, but..." He trailed off, hugging me to him again. "It'll be okay." He whispered.

I held him tightly. "We need to get to class Gee." I said after a moment. I slipped out of his arms and headed to the classroom door.

"Okay." He said. I bit my lip and headed into the classroom. The room went silent as Gee and I took our seats. "How nice of you two to show up." Mr. Jones sneered at us. The phone rang a second later. He answered and looked at us. "I see." He hung up. "I'm sorry, Nicole. Gerard." He looked at us, pity in his eyes.

I looked at my hands for the rest of the period. I'm thirteen now. So is Gee. And yet we still let people push us around?

At least we know how to handle ourselves...not like little kids. I bit my lip so hard I started to taste blood.

The bell rang and I'd settled my mind. "Gee?" I asked, grabbing his hand. He stopped just outside the door. "Promise me we'll get stronger. So nobody will ever mess with us again."

"Of course." He smiled at me, his fingers weaving around mine. He kissed the inside of my wrist and walked me to gym. "I'll see you after class." He pulled me into a hug.

I kissed his cheek. "I'll see you later." I ran into the gym and changed into my black shorts and white shirt in less than a minute, locking up my locker with two locks.

I got out the door and to my spot before the other girls even showed up in the gym. My scuffed black converse stood out on the polished gym floor as I stretched, touching my toes with my palms.

"Nicole, you're very flexible. Have you ever thought of trying gymnastics?" The girls PE teacher's voice made me look up.

"No. I already take guitar lessons and Russian lessons. And I don't think would let me take something else." I sat cross legged on the floor.

"Stand up for a second. I need to see something." I got to my feet. "Bend back as far as you can." I took a deep breath and bent backwards.

My palms touched the floor without my feet moving. "Don't move your hands." She grabbed my ankles and lifted them into the air.

The next thing I knew, I was standing on my hands. "Bend your legs toward your face." I let me legs move forward toward the ground. "And stand straight." I straightened up, my face red. "Not bad."

There were whistles from across the room as I realized the boys gym class had been watching. I sat back in my spot and ducked my head.

Today was a coed day. We were going to play badminton with the guys. Every guy fought to get me on their team. It ended with them having to play rock paper scissors for me.

Oh, Gee isn't going to like this at all....

So this took longer than I thought it would to write. But now that I've eaten, it should be easier to write the next chapter.

So R+R and all that. I'll have the links for you...eventually. I don't know when exactly, but I will get them up for you.

I'm gonna start the next

Hugs and Wipes,
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