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Three Shrimps and a Scarecrow

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Naruto and the gang start their first adventure :)

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It was hot, the deserted dusty pathway, was dry, the grass and foliage of the surrounding forest was parched and some dying. The sun glared down upon the earth’s floor, the heat intensifying, not a fluff of white could be seen in the crystal sky. Five figures currently occupied the dry road, trudging along in the summer’s heat.

All, well most, were quiet, Kakashi was reading his porn book, seemingly disregarding is surroundings, but was really taking in everything, sight, sound and smell every time he giggled, which was every three minutes.

Naruto was walking quietly beside Kakashi, with a bored expression planted on his face. He would occasionally look around and take in his surroundings, or just space out and daydream about ramen. Naruto looked up at the white hot sun, shadowing his eyes with one hand, were the sun lay was now a giant bowl of ramen.

Naruto stopped walking and stared wide-eyed and mouth watering, Kakashi noticing this, rapped Naruto on the head effectively snapping him out of his trance. Naruto glared at Kakashi before looking back up at the sun, only to find that his giant bowl of ramen was gone, his face fell,

Why ramen? Why did you desert me?! WHY!’ he thought long wavy streams of tears flowed down his face, as he kneeled on the ground shaking his fist angrily at the sun. Kakashi who was the only one who noticed this sweatdropped, did he give him brain damage?

Sasuke and Sakura who were up ahead were walking side by side with Tazuna were trying to strike conversation…well Sakura was, and failing miserably at that, Sasuke and Tazuna listened to the girl go on and on.

Tazuna wanted to stuff his head into the ground and block out the sound of her high pitched voice. Sasuke chibi was had gotten two oversized ear plugs and shoved them in his ear visibly enjoying the peaceful sound of nothingness, leaving the ‘real’ Sasuke to suffer the horror of listening to the banshee.

The five had been walking for two days straight, they still needed at least four more days to reach the Land of Waves at the pace they were going. Naruto hated this pace, it was snail pace (A/N: the pace they are going is normal walking), he hated snail pace, it was worse then turtle pace.

Oi, kit” Naruto almost jumped a mile, but stopped himself halfway, luckily no one saw his actions. Damn, he completely forgot about Kyuubi

Finally decided to wake up huh baka fox?’ Naruto said jokingly, he could here Kyuubi mumbling something about the new generation not respecting their elder superiors.

Shouldn’t you be putting your plan into action by now? The Chunin exams are coming up in almost three months, the way things are looking now, it is going to go exactly like last time.” Kyuubi paused letting this new information sink in

Then what do you propose I do and since when did I have a plan?’ Kyuubi almost snorted, what did he ever do to get stuck in such a stupid baka? Sure he killed a few people…okay so he killed a lot but still! He didn’t deserve this, right? Kyuubi sighed

How about you train them kit. You have the skills, you have the time….we need to work on your patience though” Kyuubi sweatdropped at the sight of chibi Naruto shouting insults at him, saying he did not have short tolerance.

Finishing his little tantrum, Naruto contemplated on the thought of teaching them both, weighing out the pros and cons of the situation. On the plus side he would be able to get them both stronger in a shorter amount of time, with any luck Sakura would be mid-chunin by the end of these three months if she put her back into it, and Sasuke could very well make low-jounin level.

Hopefully this would make him reconsider his thoughts of taking up Orochimaru’s offer, but that would still leave the problem of his brother. Naruto ripped his gaze of Sasuke and found its way over to the pink haired genin, his eyes narrowed, he needed to knock any if not all thoughts of Sasuke out of her head, his eyes darted over to the brooding Uchiha, he also needed to show him the path away from Orochimaru. In other words he needed to get Sasuke power and knock some sense into that thick skull of his.

While thinking on how to do this, Kakashi was watching Naruto with interest from in front, catching the glances he threw at his team mates, he saw his pupil’s eyes calculate their every movement, their every word and expression. He saw his eyes narrow and then soften, only to harden and have his face turn into a twisted smile, Naruto laughed evilly to himself, making Kakashi wonder if Naruto really was in his right state of mind.

He saw chibi Naruto cackling madly as dark blackish purple clouds loomed over him lighting and thunder clashing creating thunderous sounds. Kakashi blinked and the vision was gone, he felt his forehead was he sick?

He looked back at Naruto who had his bored expression on again, turning back he wondered if the heat was getting to him. He heard a mad cackle come from behind him, whipping around only to meet the sight of a confused looking Naruto, staring at his tardy sensei for acting weirdly. Kakashi turned back, maybe he should go see a doctor after the mission.

Naruto smirked, that’ll teach Kakashi to spy on him while he was spying on others, honestly didn’t the man know what the word privacy meant? Kyuubi snorted

Hypocrite” he mumbled,

Hey! I’m doing this for a good cause, he’s just doing it because he’s curious’ Kyuubi snorted again.

How long did it take for you to think of that comeback?” Chibi Naruto smiled sheepishly at the fox, while scratching the back of his head.

About twenty minutes,’ Kyuubi smacked his forehead with his paw, so he killed people for a living did he really deserve this punishment, of every living, breathing person in the world, why did it have to be Naruto he was stuck in.

Naruto stared at the backs of his team mates, what could he do to stop fate from catching up to him again, what could he do to stop the inevitable, a little eerie smile came across his features, as a light bulb lit up above his head. Maybe it was time to pull a leaf out of Orochimau’s book and lure Sasuke into the …‘promise of redemption’ for a lack of better words.

Kakashi who had decided on that moment to turn around saw Naruto wearing the creepiest smile he had seen in all his years as a shinobi, he whipped back to the front so fast it was a miracle he did not get whiplash. Turning ever so slightly back to glance at Naruto he found his pupil….not behind him? Kakashi stopped short turning his whole body around in search for Naruto,

“What are you doing” the voice was right next to his ear, making Kakashi jump into full battle mode and almost shove a kunai through Naruto’s throat. Everyone froze, then stared and stared and stared.

Finally Naruto was the first to move, taking the kunai from his sensei he looked Kakashi straight in the eye and said in a way that made it seem as though he was the parent and Kakashi was a child needing direction.

“Kaka-chan sharp objects are bad, you shouldn’t play with them you can hurt yourself or others, don’t do it again, okay? Good boy” he pat Kakashi on his head like he was a four year old, Sakura, Sasuke and Tazuna sweatdropped, while Kakashi settled for a glare.


“Yes Kaka-chan?”

“I hate you”

“Well, at least you’re being honest and telling the truth, we wouldn’t want our little sensei to be a liar now would we?”

Kakashi groaned, Tazuna snickered, Sasuke smirked and Sakura fawned over Sasuke ignoring everyone else.

Three hours later night had fallen and the Earth was covered in a blanket of darkness, Kakashi signalled them to stop, Tazuna, Sakura and Sasuke moved to make camp, as Naruto went over to a tall tree. Jumping up he grabbed a branch and swung himself onto it getting comfortable he looked up at the sea of crystals in the nights sky.

“Kakashi-sensei I’m taking first watch” He called down from the tree’s, Kakashi looked up from where he was setting up his tent and nodded after regarding Naruto warily. Hours later after everyone had said their goodnights all was quiet, except for the summer crickets chirping and the large bats flying in the area quietly hunting for their food.

Up in the tree Naruto laid with his hands folded behind his head, his left leg swinging freely down from the tree, while his right leg was bent and foot flat resting on the branch. Sapphire eyes studied his surroundings, even though he knew nothing would disturb them, the clam nights breeze blew past him ruffling his blonde locks. Naruto sighed getting out of his comfortable position, gathering charka to his feet on pure instinct he walked down the tree moving to wake Kakashi to take next watch.

“How did you do that?” asked a calm smooth voice coming from his right, Naruto turned to the source to find Sasuke, standing calmly fully dressed (A/N: sorry but I just can’t imagine Sasuke in pj’s, it even sounds wrong!).

Naruto kept staring for a moment before getting over his shock, how in Gods name did he get behind him without him noticing? He turned around now fully facing Sasuke.

“Gather a certain amount of charka to your feet, if you gather too much you’ll get repelled and too little will not allow you to ‘grab’ hold of the trunk. You need the correct amount to be able to do it; it is part of a charka control exercise.” Naruto said demonstrating all of what he had just said.

Sasuke nodded accepting the answer he had just gotten and moved to walk away when Naruto stopped him “Try it” was the only thing he said before taking a kunai out of his pouch and throwing it to Sasuke who caught it with ease.

“Mark the tree every time you’re just about to fall, try getting up to the top of the tree more then three times to master it” with that he walked into his tent and mumbling a small goodnight, Sasuke looked at the tree in front of him, studying it for a moment before standing straight.

Focusing some charka to his feet, before running towards the tree and climbing up, he got up 10 meters before being blown back and falling to the floor.

Inside his tent Naruto smiled, yeah this time would definitely be different, he spent the rest of the night watching Sasuke as he worked, reaching higher and higher before finally reaching the top of the tree after three hours.

Panting slightly Sasuke smirked triumphantly before setting back to work and climbing the tree once more. Another hour passed before the young male stopped what he was doing panting harshly on the floor trying to regain his breath. After calming himself Sasuke picked himself off the floor and moved back to his tent going inside Naruto saw his shadow collapse onto the sleeping bag.

Naruto chuckled before exiting the tent and moved towards Kakashi’s tent and kicked it, Kakashi sat up and shot a kunai at Naruto, at lightening bolt speed. Dodging the kunai he peeked through the hole the kunai made and asked

“Is this how you treat all your guests Kakashi? Or are you just not a morning person?” Kakashi fumed

“Naruto” he hissed dangerously.

Naruto grinned “Your turn to watch” He said cheerfully with a massive grin on his face, before walking away, inside the tent Kakashi promising bloody murder to the boy before gathering his things and walked outside to stand watch for the rest of the night.

Sunlight peeked through the tent creeping slowly towards the sun kissed figure curled in a blanket, crawling up the blanket and hitting his eyes. Naruto’s eyes fluttered open, before groaning he rolled over and got up, rubbing his eyes he exited the tent to find Kakashi already up, either that or he spent the other half of the night keeping watch

“Ohaiyo gosaimasu” he said yawning, just then Sasuke came out imitating Naruto’s actions and words, both gathered their things and went down to the nearby river. Leaving Kakashi behind blinking at something that should not have happened

…Uchiha’s and Uzamaki’s do NOT imitate one another, they do not think the same, they did not do the exact same thing just now and they did not just say good morning to one another without screaming bloody murder to the world

Kakashi turned to his pupils who were walking calmly down the dusty track that lead to the river both making small talk

…Kakashi you so need to see a doctor’ he looked back at the two figures walking calmly and joking as if it were nothing, he turned back to the camp site‘…and an optometrist’.

“Is he still looking?” Naruto snickered his voice barely above a whisper, Sasuke nodded, trying to keep the smile from breaking onto his face, Naruto laughed

“This has got to be the best prank I’ve ever done on Kakashi” Naruto snickered trying to keep his laughing under control.

“He’s going to think he’s gone mad by the end of the day” He was holding his stomach in laughter now, Sasuke couldn’t contain his and started chuckling with Naruto, both continued their way to the river laughing at the possibilities of outcomes their joke could make.

Once both had calmed down fully they were at the riverbank and had already freshened up, Naruto peeked at Sasuke out of the corner of his eyes.

Kit, this would be your chance to offer him training” Naruto sunk back into his thoughts.

I could do that, hey Kyuu, what do you think of instead of me personally training him and revealing almost everything about me, how about I find him someone that would almost definitely raise him to mid-Jounin level by the end of lets say three and a half months. Right now he’s most definitely mid- to high-chunin level.’ Kyuubi nodded in understanding.

Only their’s one problem with this kit, how are we supposed to find someone willing to do this, you’re not Hokage anymore, or yet technically speaking, you barely know anyone that would pull favours like this for you.

Naruto smirked, ‘Did you know Kyuu, that having a Hokage that looks onto you as a grandson figure comes in handy, I mean anything you want he could give you.’ He replied innocently.

Kyuubi laughed a bit “I’ve got to hand it to you kit, you sure know how to pick your connections”.

Naruto grinned, ‘but first, I need to teach them the basics, or at least get Kakashi to get off that lazy ass of his’ Kyuubi snickered in the background before retreating into the darkness that was Naruto’s mind.

Naruto looked over to Sasuke who was starting to gather up his possessions,

“ Sasuke-teme, did you finish the exercise?” Naruto asked knowing fully that he had, Sasuke turned to face him, a smirk planted onto his features

“It could hardly be called an exercise, it was a synch, dobe” he replied in a I’m-a-Uchiha-and-so-much-better-then-you-I-can-do-anything-voice, Naruto muttered something about Uchiha’s being too stuck up for their own good, before turning and facing him, with a large grin planted on his face, except this grin seemed different, it was hiding something behind it.

Sasuke regarded his warily “Why?” he asked contemplating on whether he should leave or stay and see what the Dobe wanted.

“Because if it was such an easy exercise, you should be able to do the next exercise in less then two days right?” Sasuke narrowed his eyes; the unasked question lingering in the air, Naruto turned his back to Sasuke now facing the glistening stream of liquid in front of him, again gathering charka to the soles of his feet he stepped on top of the liquidated surface, sending a pool of ripples through his surroundings.

Turning back he almost laughed at the Uchiha’s expression but held it back, clearing his throat Sasuke met Naruto’s gaze

“Can you do it?” he asked a challenge hidden inside the words that had left his mouth. Sasuke’s eye narrowed,

Kit, he’s never going to get the hang of water walking in under two days, not without the proper advice. If you want to allow things to speed up give him the proper direction and be sure not to give away exactly what you have to do like the last time, otherwise I assure you he will never learn.” Naruto mentally nodded,

“I’ll give you a head start, even though it is similar to it, the water walking exercise is a lot harder then the tree walking. To be able to master it you will have to find out the answer yourself, I can’t give it to you this time. Just remember to use the correct amount of charka and remember that you are walking on liquid not a solid.” Sasuke was giving Naruto his utmost attention yet trying not to show it.

“But, you can’t practice now” Naruto said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head and grinning his ‘Uzamaki-grin’, Sasuke’s eye twitched, just remembering that they were on a mission and not back in Konoha, but nodded all the same storing the information he had just heard in the back of his mind.

Naruto smirked as he watched his comrade walk away ‘one down, one to go’ gathering his possessions he ran up behind Sasuke after calling his name, the male turned to face the blond giving him a questioning look, Naruto stopped in front of him with a wide grin on his face.

“Want to scare the shit out of Kakashi-sensei?” he asked all to innocently, Sasuke smirked somewhat evilly, four simple words left Sasuke’s mouth, words that would bring pure chaos upon their poor unsuspecting teacher.

“What’s the plan dobe?”

Back at camp Kakashi sneezed a total of seven times, Tazuna and Sakura looked over at the Cyclops

“Ne, Kaka-sensei maybe you should go get that checked after we complete the mission” Sakura said sounding a bit concerned for the well-fair of her teacher, or Kakashi supposed.

Tazuna on the other hand went on about paying good money for good Shinobi, but instead gets three shrimps and a sick scarecrow. Both Sakura and Kakashi sweatdropped at the comments the bridge builder threw at them.

I know it’s a kind of pointless chapter and it’s not that good (I kinda slacked off on this one) but I promise that I’ll do better next time.
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