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Oh My...

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It was dark, the night was cold compared the heat that rose in the day, as a soft breeze blew past a deserted street surrounded by trees as two shadowed figures blurred past, faster then the normal eye could follow.

A pink haired female teen whipped around, kunai ready in hand, a silver haired man’s eye narrowed, he studied his surroundings not sure what to make of it, a bead of sweat trickled down his face, the girls eyes were wide as she stood frozen in fear, sweat also running down her small face.

A small ‘tink’ could be heard from behind Kakashi, his visible eye widened, turning back to his female student he mentally cursed himself at the sight he met, Sakura’s emerald eyes were open wide in fear and shock as a very sharp kunai came to contact with her throat, resting only to be centimeters from slitting it.

The holder of the kunai smirked his ebony black eyes danced in amusement, onyx hair fluttered in the wind, along with his blue high collard baggy shirt. Uchiha Sasuke gave a low chuckle full of malice, Kakashi gritted his teeth, it was a near hopeless situation.

Inside, Sakura’s mind was going haywire, what could she do, she couldn’t hurt Sasuke, but she cold never in a million years hope to achieve what the male behind her was asking. She gritted her teeth and closing her bright green eyes, she clutched her kunai tighter, raising it, faster then lightening she struck, blood splattered onto the grass below and on the black figure, Kakashi and Sasuke looked on in shock. The kunai that was in Sasuke’s now bloodied hand lay on the ground, Kakashi wasted no more time and struck immediately.

Sasuke saw the attack too late, Kakashi smiled from under the mask as he went in for the killing blow, Sasuke bent his head forward closing his eyes, a smirk planted onto his face.

Kakashi’s expression turned into one of pure horror, as he found himself pinned onto the ground with shuriken, a heavy weight was put upon him as a razor sharp kunai found its way to his now exposed neck.

He soon found himself staring at Sakura who was in the same situation, both student and teacher cursed themselves mentally as Naruto, who sat on top on Kakashi and Sasuke, who sat on top of Sakura, both smirked, Naruto pressed the kunai tighter to Kakashi’s throat as Sasuke did the same.

“This is why you need to do this Kakashi” Naruto hissed dangerously, Sakura struggled from under Sasuke

“Sasuke-kun, why are you doing this?!” She shouted desperate for an answer, almost in tears at the certain situation

“Why are you going along with this? Why are you listening to that blond haired idiot?” Naruto shot a cold glare her way, she visibly flinched back at the cold crystal eyes, Sasuke’s gaze on her back intensified at the words spoken, he dug the kunai deeper against her throat almost drawing blood

“That ‘blond haired idiot’ just happened to come up with a plan, that succeeded, to take down a J┼Źnin and genin in under ten minutes, that’s more then I could say for you.” Sakura bit her bottom lip trying to keep from the tears escaping her eyes.

“So Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-san, I guess this means you’ll have to do it” Naruto smirked evilly, Kakashi gritted his teeth, this wasn’t good, his mind went into a rush trying to get out of the current situation

“Don’t bother Kakashi-sensei there is no way out, hand it over”.

“Never” Naruto’s eyes narrowed.

“Hand it over Kakashi-sensei and no one need be hurt, don’t be so foolish as to tempt me” he said as he pressed the kunai further into the mans skin, effectively breaking it and drawing blood, Kakashi gritted his teeth at the pain that came with the blood.

Naruto smiled maniacally “Now are you going to hand it over or not?” He said forcefully, Kakashi gritted his teeth only this time not from the pain, Sakura shook in fear and frustration, how did it turn out this way! Why did it turn out this way! Everything was going fine, why did it have to be like this!

“It doesn’t have to end like this Kakashi-sensei, all you have to do is give us what we want” Sasuke said quietly. A heavy silence found its way upon them, sweat ran down each of their faces, Kakashi cursed over and again, Sakura mumbled something about it being impossible after all, all hope was now lost for them.

Kakashi was about to hand ‘it’ over to Naruto and Sasuke when “Y-Y-You know, if you asked, I could have just paid for dinner myself”

A sweatdropping Tazuna said, slightly disturbed at the sight of the scene, the four Shinobi took a look at their surroundings, only now noticing the large crowed that had gathered around them.

All separated as far away from each other as fast as possible, Tazuna went over to a scared stiff waiter and handed him the correct amount of money needed, all the while mumbling something about crazy ninja’s and troublesome blonde haired kids that had more mood swings then a PMSing woman.

As they exited the area and made their way across the small town they had made a side trip to, Kakashi made a mental note never to agitate his male students and to always pay for dinner, it would save him his pride and his life. Sakura was once again trying to flirt with Sasuke, who was completely ignoring her, and talk to Tazuna who in turn tried to walk faster to get away from the girl.

Behind them all was Naruto, walking once again at snail pace, Sasuke who was still trying to block out Sakura’s annoying voice turned back to look at Naruto, suddenly remembering his challenge. Looking back up ahead he walked faster to catch up with Kakashi

“Kakashi-sensei, how long are we staying here?” a silence washed over the both of them, Sasuke did not know what to make of the silence but held his own and waited for his sensei to respond. Kakashi looked down from his book, only seemingly noticing now that his student was next to him at all.

“Hmm, you say something?” Sasuke had to hold himself from falling flat of his face.

“I asked how long we would be staying here” He said annoyed, trying to keep his right eye from twitching and failing miserably,

“Hmm, for the rest of the night” Kakashi replied a bit curious as to why Sasuke would ask this but let it slide and kept walking taking in his surroundings.

Sasuke took in the information and kept a scowl from reaching the surfacing and gracing his features, how was he supposed to do the exercise and prove the Dobe wrong now?!

From the back Naruto had heard the whole conversation and knew what Sasuke was thinking, picking up his pace he walked over to Tazuna cutting Sakura off mid-sentence.

“Ne, Tazuna-san, do you have a lake near your house?” He asked loud enough so that Sasuke could hear, Naruto saw Sasuke’s ears prick up at his voice trying to ever so casually listen in to the conversation, Tazuna turned to the child and nodded

“Yes, why?” He asked letting his curiosity get the better of him.

Naruto simply grinned and said “Because, I want to get out of this heat, it’s killing me” Tazuna snorted mumbling something about worthless ninja’s that couldn’t even take the heat.

Meanwhile Naruto was getting severely scolded by Sakura for cutting her off, Naruto blocked her out and went back to playing chess with Kyuubi. The score was 10-1, to Kyuubi, the great fox would torment and tease the boy every time he won a game, but was impressed that the blond had actually won a game against him.

Sasuke looked back at Naruto and stared, was it coincidence? No, nothing was ever a coincidence with Naruto, he had heard the ‘conversation’ he had with Kakashi, but how? Naruto had been well out of hearing range, when he had spoken with their sensei.

Sasuke willed the thoughts away; he would wait, after all Naruto had proven himself that he wasn’t as weak as everyone thought.

‘Let’s see what you can do Uzamaki Naruto’ was his only thoughts as he continued to trudge along the dusty road towards a tall building. Leaving the unsuspecting blond to argue with Kyuubi who had just won another game, that made the score 11-1, Kyuubi.

Once the group acquired their rooms, Sakura got her own room, she did not want to be in the same room as an “Perverted old man, a drunken smelly old man, and a hyperactive klutz” although she did invite Sasuke to share a room with her, in turn he called her pathetic and pushed past her.

Sasuke and Naruto were sharing another room, while Kakashi shared with Tazuna. When Sakura voice her opinion about not wanting to share a room with them Kakashi had anime tears running down from his visible eye, mumbling something about Sakura being mean.

While Tazuna replied with his own insult which Naruto did not hear, but it earned Tazuna a rather hard punch to the head, creating a large lump. Naruto sweatdropped at the sight of the group and their antics, why was he cursed?

“Trust me kid your far from cursed…although I do wonder at times with your lack of brain power” Chibi Naruto pointed and yelled at Kyuubi jumping up and down, shouting that he was not dumb and did not lack brain power.

A large sweatdrop appeared on the back of Kyuubi’s head, yep Naruto was definitely doomed to stupidity for all eternity.

I HEARD THAT BAKA FOX!’ Chibi Naruto shouted still pointing at him. Kyuubi got another smaller sweatdrop on top of the larger one.

“-ruto, Naruto, NARUTO! BAKA NARUTO LISTEN TO ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!” Sakura went to hit Naruto but Naruto dodged the punch and looked at Sakura who was now on the ground having tripped over her own feet.

The blonde looked down at the pink haired female, a couple of seconds passed and three dots appeared above Naruto and Sakura’s heads.

“Sakura, why are you on the floor?” Sakura had a large anime vain pop out on her head, and her clenched fist, which she held in front of her face as she rose from the ground.

Naruto” her voice was filled with malice and anger. Although Naruto took no notice of it and continued to look on at her with an confused expression on his face

“If you were that tired you should have said so, we could have gotten here earlier” He said absentmindedly as he brushed past her into the boys’ room. Leaving Sakura engulfed with flames and shaking in rage.

Kakashi and Tazuna who saw the sight gave a little chuckle, Sakura whipped around at the sound and gave them a death glare (it was pretty intimidating). Both of there faces paled to a pasty white, they dashed to their room and locked the door, before adding another ten locks and locking them, as well as getting planks from god knows where and nailing them to the door twenty times each, before going to hide under their blankets.

Sakura who had heard this from the other side screamed in rage before turning around and stomping off into her own room.

“Is she gone?” asked Tazuna from underneath the blanket,

“Yeah” Kakashi replied, before both snorted in laughter.

Meanwhile inside their room Naruto was off to have a shower, taking the cloak that the Saindame had given him and laying it out on a chair, completely disregarding the fact that Sasuke was watching his every movement. However, his eyes seemed to linger on the cloak that Naruto had taken off, before the onyx eyes once again found themselves watching the blonde-haired person as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Sasuke heard the click of the bathroom door and the sound of water running, looking over at the coat again he stared at it for a few seconds before jumping up and running towards it.

Being careful not to move it out of place he searched through the pockets, searching for anything that could give him a better understanding of the ninja on the other side of the door. Instead all he found was a lot of scrolls, explosive tags, spare kunai and shuriken, as well as multiple numbers other sharp objects that he didn’t even know the name to.

How the hell does he hide this stuff!?’ was all that ran through his head as he studied the weapons, opening one of the scrolls he was about to read through it when the running water suddenly stopped. Closing the scroll once more he gathered everything and put them in the correct places as best he could, and lay the cloak down in the exact position Naruto had laid it down.

A click from the door told Sasuke that Naruto was exiting moving faster then light itself he dove under the bed sheets, laying perfectly still as Naruto came out of the bathroom a lot of rustling and shuffling could be heard before a ‘click’ sounded throughout the room, when Naruto had turned off the light.

Sasuke breathed knowing he hadn’t gotten caught, on the other side of the room lying on his bed, if one looked close enough they would be able to see Naruto smirking in the dark. Yeah he had Sasuke hooked, now all he had to do was find the right trainer, but before that…

“Oi teme, you still awake?”

“Hn, what is it dobe?”

“Want to see Kakashi-sensei scared shitless?”

Shuffling could be heard from Sasuke’s bed before a soft padding, a click of the light switch, from his bed Naruto grinned evilly while Sasuke who was still standing next to the switch grinned back.

3 Hours Later

Kakashi awoke from his slumber, frowning a little as to why that was he lay immobile on his bed, eyes still closed listening to his surroundings. Shuffling could be heard from his surroundings, Kakashi was on full alert, inside his room? No…it was coming from outside, an enemy? He heard panting…wait, what?

“Ah! huff huff N-not so hard pant” some shuffling could be heard.

Kakashi blushed but gave a perverted giggle,

“It’s kind of hard pant to do this while you’re squirming pant

Kakashi giggled again so both, by the sound of it, were males and pretty young too, Kakashi gave a quiet perverted giggle again his blush intensifying, if his memory served him right the only males sharing one room on this floor was himself and Tazuna and….Kakashi’s eyes snapped open as he shot up from his pillow….Sasuke and Naruto.

“Ah! pant, pantWatch ah! W-where you prod th-that thing t-teme”

Kakashi paled.

“I-I pant would i-if you would s-stop squirming”

huff huff N-not my fault ah! y-you suck at this, ah!”

Shuffling could be heard.

“T-then do it pant yourself, if you can pant

Kakashi paled further.

“Ah! pant pant mmff huff huff

Kakashi blushed so hard it would have put Hinata to shame.

“Mmm huff huff S-sasuke pant pant help m-me gasp

That was it for Kakashi, after having a massive nosebleed he flashed out of his bed and out the door in front of Sasuke’s and Naruto’s, not surprised to see a red-in-the-face Sakura already their. Both barged into the room

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” A dirty Sasuke and Naruto, both covered in mud, cuts and droplets of blood looked up from what they were doing, Naruto’s arm was in Sasuke’s hand, Sasuke had a bloody cotton ball in his other hand dabbing the blood off of Naruto’s arm

“Ah! I told you huff huff watch where you prod that thing!” Sasuke glared at the blond

“Would you hold still pant”. Sakura and Kakashi looked on, before both fainted from shock and relief (A/N: You dirty minded people! XP sorry yaoi fans maybe next time).

Both Sasuke and Naruto waited a couple of seconds before bursting out in laughter “T-that w-was hilarious gasp ha, ha” Naruto chocked out between gasps of laughter and a bit of pain, his arm still hurt from training.

Sasuke could only nod his head before calming down and turning back towards Naruto saying “So, when’s the next prank?” a sly smirk made its way across his features, Naruto turned to look at the raven haired boy, and gave an equally sly smirk

“Very, very soon”.

The four ninja’s and their charge were once again walking down a dusty road towards their destination, all was quiet, Kakashi wasn’t even reading his book anymore due to it bringing up, ah, certain memories.

Sakura was sending questioning glances towards the two boys while Tazuna was oblivious to everything. Inside his mind Naruto had once again challenged Kyuubi to another game of chess, and was losing though not as bad this time the score was currently 3-12.

Kyuubi was silently applauding the boys increase in intellect, all the while still trying to crush him mercilessly at the game. Sasuke chibi was currently doing the cha-cha, maracas and all celebrating the fact that Sakura was not leeching off of him today, another plus that came with the prank him and Naruto had played on them.

Meanwhile back with Naruto, he suddenly snapped out of his match with Kyuubi as soon as he saw the puddle, looking back at Kakashi, their eyes met each knowing what the other was thinking.

Looking back ahead Naruto flicked Sasuke’s shoulder, Sakura silently fumed, Sasuke on the other hand seemed to have noticed the puddle as well and gave Naruto a sign that he understood. Slowing down he stepped in time to Sakura, Sakura gave him a questioning look having noticed the silent message passed between her two teammates, Sasuke as discretely as he could looked over at the puddle Sakura silently following his gaze, she stopped herself from widening her eye’s and looked back to the road in front of them, all four Shinobi ready for the on coming attack.
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