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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2. After the bombings of 2012, BL/ind attempted to round up all of the surviving children in order to power their new war machine. To create an army for the future.

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A/N - Thanks for the reviews on the first chapter - really means a lot! This is the second, hope it's okay, sorry if there are any typos

The van groans to a stop and the sounds of doors opening and slamming shut come from the front, followed by heavy footsteps around the side of the van.

Mikeys breathing increases in pace and Gerard desperately tries to calm him down knowing that it won’t get much better from here.

The back doors of the van slide open and the brightness of the sun shines through the blindfolds. It’s daytime, but there are no birds singing.

Rough, uncaring hands grab hold of their arms and drag them out of the van onto a concrete floor, feet making a crunching noise in the gravel.

Mikey and Gerard are pushed forward, and hear the sound of automatic doors opening as they approach a building. The concrete disappears and their feet make no noise on a tiled floor as they silently walk into the unknown.

‘Are those the kids?’ asks a cold feminine voice.

‘Yes.’ Korse replies shortly, sounding as though he is no longer in control of the situation. With his arrogance and authority gone, he becomes just another minion.

‘Escort the younger one to block 2 and the older one to block 7 please Korse. We’re keeping them apart.’

‘Yes. That would be best,’ Korse replies.

Gerard feels panic take hold and knows that Mikey will be feeling 10 times worse with his anxiety. He can’t feel Mikeys body heat beside him anymore and feels the drac drag him in another direction.

‘Gerard!?’ Mikeys panicked voice, echoes across what must be a large room.

‘Mikey! It’ll be okay! I’ll get us out of here. Stay strong!’ Gerard screams across the room, the pace of his captor increasing. ‘I’ll see you soon Mikes.’

Mikeys sobs get quieter and quieter, and eventually, Gerard can no longer hear his brother at all and the silence that follows is deafening - like there’s nothing else alive in the building.

After climbing seven flights of stairs, Gerard assumes that block 7 is actually on floor 7. The captor then comes to a stop and, where to put the new ‘guest’ is discussed by two dracs.

Apparently holding room 4 is for the best.

Gerard is shoved in, just as gentle as he was treated before, and lands hard on the ground, scraping his hands and drawing blood.

Panting, he shakily sits up as the drac removes his handcuffs and blindfold, walks away and shuts the door with a loud slam.

Blinking rapidly, his eyes adjust to the light. The room is completely white and there is absolutely nothing there. Four white walls creating a perfect square, no bed, no mattress, no pillow. Nothing.

Gerard, in his tatty and dirty rags after living in the gutters for months, is the only thing in the room, his dark clothes in complete contrast with his environment.

The floor though, is extremely rough, almost like concrete and just looking at it Gerard knows it would be extremely uncomfortable to sleep on and hopes he’ll never have to.

He has to grab Mikey and get out. They can’t stay here.

After what could possibly be hours of inspecting the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the door, Gerard slumps against one of the walls and closes his eyes.

‘I’m sorry Mikey.’

-- Later--

A click from the door sends Gerard’s head shooting up from where he slumped onto the floor. He hastily stands up and faces the only way out of his prison.

Korse walks in, looking just as arrogant as before. He looks around the room before finally resting his gaze on Gerard and turning his nose up in contempt.

‘We need to get you some new clothes,’ he says, and then turns on his heels and walks out, leaving the door wide open.

Staring apprehensively, Gerard slowly walks towards and out the door.
The corridor is just as white as the holding room, except it has posters lining the walls of the ‘most wanted’ and the BL/ind logo every now and then.

There are cameras everywhere, and now that Gerard thinks about it, there are probably several in his room. Just because he can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

It’s not a comforting thought.

Two dracs escort him to wherever Korse has gone, one in front, one behind. There would be no chance of escape with every direction guarded and cameras watching his every move.

After following the corridor for a while, they enter what looks like a changing room with pegs lining the walls and benches beneath them. No lockers or cubicles though, privacy and protection are not issues here apparently.

The door closes behind him but the two dracs stay in the room guarding the door.

Gerard stands awkwardly, unsure of what to do but aware that there are white clothes hanging from the pegs in the room.

‘Uh-’ he starts, but then the door opens and in walks another boy of around the same age, wearing similar filthy clothing to Gerard and an expression of annoyance.

Standing next to Gerard, he folds his arms and stares down the dracs - which is completely pointless because they all wear masks that conceal their eyes, but Gerard admires his defiance nonetheless.

The kid has an impressive curly brown afro, and despite his hostile appearance, a kind and calm looking face. Gerard instantly likes him, but is still wary of anyone in this place.

Every now and then the door opens to allow others in, but they’re already wearing white, spotless clothes and have blank expressions. They barely even acknowledge that there are two guys wearing rags in the room.

There are around 20 others in the room there is still a complete eerie silence.

The kid with the afro leans towards Gerard and whispers, ‘I am so freaking out.’

‘Me too,’ Gerard replies, thankful for some sane human interaction. ‘Do you know what’s going on? Why are we here? Why are they all acting like zombies? What’s happ-’

‘Hey,’ Gerard’s ramblings get cut short. ‘I’m just as in the dark as you seem to be. I’m Ray by the way, seeing as you asked and all.’

Gerard manages a weak smile and says, ‘Yeah sorry, I’m Gerard. My brother and I were brought here this morning.’

‘Yeah me too,’ Ray says, ‘but it’s just me. Which cell are you in?’

‘4. You?’

‘Damn, 8. I was hoping we’d be close because we’re both new, but-’

Ray is cut off by the sound of the door re-opening and Korse stepping into the room.

‘Clothes are on allotted pegs. The number of your holding cell is the number of your peg. Change quickly.’ Korse then leaves the room, the two dracs still watching from the door.

Ray and Gerard split to find their pegs, even though it’s clear that everyone is wearing the exact same thing - white top, white trousers, white shoes, white everything. Abandoning any hope of getting privacy, Gerard quickly changes, leaving his dirty, dark clothes on the bench, already missing the individuality they gave him.

Ray scurries over to Gerard’s peg and grimaces, ‘I hate white.’

‘Well,’ he says with a sad smile ‘I think we’re going to have to get used to it for a while.’

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