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I'm New, But I Need Help.

by holdontillmay 8 Reviews

I just joined because I desperately need to talk to someone. I have nowhere else to go.

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  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) AmericanHorrorStory 2013-07-30 02:48:07 PM

    Shoot me an email, hon-

    No one deserves to feel that way, at all. Please don't do it. There are always other options. Please.
  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) -Veronika- 2013-07-30 02:48:35 PM

    Please, please don't do anything. I may not know you but I care about you.

    My name is Kitty. I have attempted suicide 5 times and have been in a mental hospital twice. It is not the answer to kill yourself. Please, if you do this I would be ruined, knowing I wasn't able to save you.

    I care. So much because I have gone through what you're going through right now. I'm not gonna spout the 'it gets better' bullshit or say that you can do it. Because you can't. Not on your own. We can help you.

    I have to go to work now but my email is

    Email me soon and I'll reply back as soon as I can.

    Love Kitty
  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) RyanCyanideKiller 2013-07-30 02:51:16 PM

    Shoot me an email. I can probably help you. I know how it feels.
  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) BloodyAbattoir 2013-07-30 03:02:16 PM

    Sweetheart, we know how it feels to be emotionally abused. Maybe if you go there, you might convince your parents "Hey, look! I'm all that you want now, so can I come home?" Or try it before then and see what happens. And by the way, once you're 18, you may dust your ass of them and yell "FUCK YOU!" and leave. And they won't be able to do a damn thing to you. Email me if you want.
  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) AlexisSCREAM 2013-07-30 03:12:17 PM

    Email me, hon. My email is

    I care, and I'll do my best to help you.
  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) SamLikesSheep 2013-07-30 04:12:55 PM

    As everyone is saying; we're here for you doll
    If you need to (or even want to) rant just email me

    Because suicide isn't the answer. Yeah life may totally suck, but at least you know theres a chance of it getting better; as for death. You have no idea if its better or worse than right now. I'm not trying to contradict you, but think about it, why lust for something so bad, when you don't even know what its like? When you know your leaving everything behind, to chance yourself into a worse reality.

    Even though you're new, I don't want to see you do this. Alright?
  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) JustAGhost 2013-07-30 04:54:47 PM

    "If I were you, I'd put that away.
    See you're just wasted and thinking about the past again.

    Darling, you'll be okay."

    I see by your username that you will understand these lyrics. I may not know who you are personally but I do know that you don't deserve this, you beautiful human being. Life sucks and the only way to make it great is by focusing on what you want and the good things that people have given you. Don't dwell on the past. You're too precious for that and stronger than yoou realise. email me whether you want to talk, rant or fangirl over Pierce The Veil.

    Darling you'll be okay.
  • I'm New, But I Need Help.

    (#) -Veronika- 2013-07-30 08:39:35 PM

    You better fucking email me cos I need someone to talk to, too. When I say I care, I'm not lying here. I know what you're going thorough so don't think for one minute that I don't understand or that my life couldn't be as bad as yours

    Just please, email me or I'll think that you've died. And you don't want to know what I'll do if that happens. Please.

    xx Kitty

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