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Chapter 1.2

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still the beginning

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"I know right? Why didn't he realize how lucky he is to have a beautiful princess who loves him?" Chare chimed in happily. I frowned and looked at myself in the mirror hanging on the wall. Me? Beautiful..?
Closely examining my face in the mirror i noted my medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, and short brown hair. I sighed and twirled a strand around my fingers. It isn't exactly short but it isn't all the way touching my shoulders either, i thought while Chare came to stand beside me. "I'm beautiful." i said it like a statement when in my head i imagined a giant question mark floating over me. " really are, aren't you?" Chare cooed beside me and wrapped her arms around my neck, resting her chin on my shoulder. "I'm amazing, sweet, and an all around good person. I'm too good to fall in love." i continued, but in my head i wondered why i was saying these things. Wondering why i couldn't control my mouth. "You're very vain, dont you think?" Chare grinned and we locked eyes in the mirror.
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