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Chapter 1.3

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Luna's curse is revealed

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"Yes. Very." I felt my face pull into a smile but my heart fill with panic. "Wonderful. I'm glad you think so too." Chare grinned and placed a hand over my heart. Watching my reaction in the mirror she dug her fingers in deeper, piercing through my flesh. Internally, i screamed in pain but on the outside i still had a happy smile pasted on my face. I felt her fingers give my heart a twist and something inside me twisted with it. "Aren't you grateful? I've blessed you with something wonderful." Chare whispered in my ear, her fingers still curled around my heart,"Now no one will ever love you. You'll be a terrifying beast..if by chance you do find love, this curse will fade. But if you don't, you'll stay an ugly beast forever..happy hunting." I felt weak, like the only thing holding me up was her hand gripping my heart. When she finally released me, i fell to my knees with my hand pressed to the five crescent shaped wounds Chare's fingernails left.
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