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Chapter 7

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So here's what will probably be the second last chapter or so of the story! Do enjoy!

Chapter 7

As he was walking along to school he kicked some stones along the path thinking about what he could do to fix this. Truth is that it can't be. Their mother was stubborn and wanted everything done her way.

"Pssst..." He heard come from the shrubs beside him.

He stopped and looked around them. He found Mikey hiding behind the bush.

"The coast clear from you know who?" He asked whispering.

"If you're talking about mom, yes." Gerard laughed at Mikeys antics.

"Good. Am.. Sorry about this morning. Mom was telling me not to talk to you. I didn't know what to say so I just went along with it. I'm not good in winning over arguments or in this case my brother" Mikey smiled.

"It's okay bro, I understand. She told me stay away from you." Gerard sounded a bit sad.

"Well, what she doesn't know won't hurt her!" Mikey beamed at Gerard to cheer him up.

"Uh... Also I have your car keys. Mom gave them to me. Even thought I can't drive. Sorry about that." He apologised.

"Ahhh... That okay Mikes. Really, I know it's not your fault. We better start heading to school you know."

"Oh yeah!" Mikey agreed and they started walking.

"Mikey... How did... How did you cope with everyone being an asshole to you? I mean I was horrible to you and so was mom. I don't know how you could deal with that every day. And then on top of that I would get all my 'friends' to beat you up almost everyday! It was ruthless and senseless. How did you not burst before hand?" Gerard questioned him.

"Uh... I guess it was all I remembered so I was used to it?" He answered "I didnt know any different. I thought I was supposed to put up with it. But then when you... When you h-hit me, that kinda started to push me over the edge. That was when I started to realise it was unfair and when Frank told me I shouldn't have to put up with any of it." Mikey decided to be completely honest. He knew he didn't need to lie anymore. Gerard wasnt going to get mad.

"Mikey, I am so sorry! How did you even forgive me? You're amazing Mikes. And worth more than anything. I swear to you Mikes, if mom gives me a hard time then fine, if it means she will leave you alone." Gerard apologised again. He wanted to make sure Mikey knew how much their newly-found friendship meant to Gerard.

"I don't really like it though. I'd rather be given a hard time with you then have to be in completely seperate rooms to you, y'know?" Mikey sighed.

"I know Mikes. We are going to get this sorted, don't worry." Gerard smiled at him.

"Is it too late to find dad?" Mikey asked completely serious. He really was just so innocent. It wasnt hard to tell that Mikey knew the answer though.

"I'd imagine that he is long gone Mikes to be honest. I wouldn't have any idea what he is doing. We can try look for him, yeah?" Gerard felt sorry for Mikey. He deserved a happy family. That's all he wanted. An equal family. Or even if it was just them two. He wouldn't mind alsong as everyone living there got on together.

"Yeah, can we do that?" Mikey got excited. He was expecting a No!

"Well we can try..." Gerard almost regretted say it. Now he got his brother hopes up.

They got to school just a few minutes before the bell was going to ring.

"Okay Mikey. Look if any of them say anything to you, just ignore them and please make sure Frank does too!" Gerard stressed. He did not want to draw attention to himself today and it would be awful if another fight broke out.

"Okay, Gerard. See you later bro." Mikey said.

"See you later kid." Gerard replied and watched him walk to class. He went to his first class which was English. Great! Where two of his old friends would be.

"Hey Gerard. What's the plan for today? Still targeting Mikey or do you wanna switch to maybe... a freshman?" One of them, Adam asked.

"Man, I didn't hear from you at all over the weekend. Remember? We were going to go down to the park and see what kids we could make a joke out of?" Another, Carl, jogged his memory.

Gerard almost shivered when he remembered. Since this all happened with his brother, he's changed, completely! He doesn't see the fun in terrorising kids. In fact now he thinks it's just sick.

And Gerard wasnt going to admit that to his friends anytime soon. So he just answered with something he thought he was going to be saying a lot that day..

"I was just kinda tired. Can we leave it for today? I'm not in the mood." He turned around in his seat as the teacher walked in.

Mikey was in geography unfortunately he spent this class alone. Frank was in a different class.

All Mikey could think about was the fact that he could to talk to Gerard now without the feeling of being judged or being laughed at. He was happy now. He just wished his mother was happy with both of them not just one.

When the bell rang Mikey was pulled out of his thoughts and he was on his way to physics. Frank was in this class thankfully! Classes are boring with out him he thought.

Gerard had social studies. He hated this class. It was so long and boring and he had no interest.

"Gerard, what's up with you today?"

'Oh please don't start Johnny' Gerard thought.

"I mean Friday you were all up for fun. Now you look like you're about to collapse." Johnny continued.

Gerard thought it was a little ironic. First Mikey collapsing and now him.

"What's really wrong?"

"Nothing, Johnny okay. I just had an argument with my mom this morning, alright. It was nothing." Gerard was praying that it would end there.

"Well then I don't see why you can't-"

"Johnny, Please! Just-Just shut up, okay?" Gerard snapped at him.

"Jeesh! All I did was ask you a question." Johnny acted all offended, being dramatic.

Mikey on the the other hand was delighted to see his friend Frank sitting near the back.

"What's up Mikey?" Frank smiled.

"Hey Frank."

"How did the rest of the weekend go for you?" Frank asked.

"Well, it was good I guess. Gerard is really nice and I'm really happy that he is talking to me. But my mom is the complete opposite. She hates Gerard. She's been threatening him and me not to talk to each other. She's being an asshole!" Mikey was torn between having a mother who hates his brother and him being really happy with his brother.

"Maybe she will come around."

"I'm not going to count on that but it would be a most lovely surprise." Mikey sighed.

"So physics..." Frank sighed too.

"Yup" Mikey said sadly


Gerard was leaving to his French class. When he spotted trouble in the hallway ahead.

He could see a crowded group chanting 'FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!'

His stomach immediately dropped.

"Fuck, Mikey." He whispered.

"No, stop leave me alone!" Mikey shouted. He didn't have much breath left after a few blows to his rib cage.

"Well your brother didnt want to do anything so we had to find our own fun."

"Please stop. Why are you always picking on me?" Mikey cried as he fell back against the lockers. When he got one more kick to his stomach, he was finished and he fell to the ground. Everyone was laughing. Frank wasn't around and neither was Gerard he thought and prayed that they would just appear and stop it all. He wrapped an arm around his stomach and his head which was thumping.

"Hey! Hey, what's going on? What's happening?" Gerard pushed through the crowd.

"Hey, Gerard! Look we got your brother for you. Your welcome." Jack said and laughed at the collapsed body of skin, bones and blood of Mikey lying on the floor.

"Ger-" Mikey's smothered voice turned into a choke. He barely had they energy to keep his eyes open.

Gerard kneeled down beside his brother and tried to hold back the thoughts of what to do to Jack and everyone else who did this.
"Mikey, it's okay, I've got you. Just relax."

Gerard feared that a repeat of the other day when Mikey fainted could happen again. But Gerard was sure to get the boy out of there.

"Gerard?... What are you doing?" One of the cheer leading girls said as she clinged to her boyfriend.

"Yeah, Gerard. Since when did you defend that pathetic little freak." Some one else agreed

"Then again they are brothers" Another person said as if it explained everything.

And it did explain everything! They were brothers and Gerard had to defend Mikey. It came naturally. But Gerard got so caught up in being popular that he forgot he even had a brother most of the time.

"Gerard, last week you were planning those jokes and telling us what to do to tease your brother now you're the one hoping he is okay. What the fuck has even happened to you?" Adam asked him. This was the most serious Adam was in his whole life probably.

Gerard stood up and faced Adam.

"I just realised that being an asshole to people is just a waste of time. What's the point anyway? And he's my brother. Of course Im going to be on his side" Gerard said to him, proud that Mikey is his brother.
"Now you can all just fuck off now, okay?" He announced to everyone.

Some people left, some people stared for a while. Eventually Adam was the only one left.

"How come you changed so much? It isn't cool." He asked Herard.

"Because I now know I actually have a brother who's life I have been ruining. And I don't care if you think it's not cool. I'd rather be called a freak by you than be disowned by my own brother." Gerard smiled at Adam who had no come back. Adam looked up to Gerard. Followed his footsteps. And now he was lost.

But it was clear he hadn't changed. Adam began to walk away without a word but while passing Mikey, he stopped to kick him one more time in the side. Mikey yelped with pain and Gerard was torn between comforting his brother and going after Adam.

He walked to Adam and pushed him to the ground and held him down.

"If you even breath near my brother again, I will do my best to get revenge on you. Yes, I am defending my brother but I haven't forgotten how to beat up people and I'm not afraid to hurt you. Now stay away from us." Gerard whispered into his ear and then he returned to his brother who right now is trying to sit up against the locker.

"I'm sorry Mikey. Come on I'll bring you home."

"Do you really mean that?" Mikey said just above a whisper.

"What do you mean? Of course I'll bring you home." Gerard said.

"No, I mean about not caring that they will judge you." Mikeys eyes were lit up in awe at his brother.

"Well of course Mikey! They can do whatever they want but I'm still going to be on your side. I promise. I don't care about them anymore." Gerard smiled to his brother.

He picked up his brother knowing he had no hope of walking to the car.


Thanks for reading guys. And thank you for all the lovely comments ye left. So kind and helpful! :)
Also, I won't be able to finish the story for a couple of days because I'm going on a trip for the weekend. Sorry! But expect more by.... Monday!
Thanks lads!
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