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Thing's We Belive, is a Dramatic love story about a normal girl that falls for the rock star that she just met. her life starts to turn upside-down from following her lover around but dose he reall...

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I was waiting at the bar waiting for Lilly. As we were both meeting up that night at a small bar called 'Devil's Drink' in St. Kilda in Melbourne.

Out of nowhere my phone started ringing; the screen read 'Lilly's Mobile'. I smirked at my phone and the answered it
"Hello?" I said.
"Bree? It's my mum!" said Lilly as I could hear her voice getting weaker as she continued to speak.
"She's had a heart attack, I'm sorry I can't come tonight."
"Oh. I'm Sorry it's ok I'll entertain myself for the night. Tell you're mum I said get to better." I replied.
"Ok then bye" she said.
"Bye" I replied as I hung up the phone and softly sighed to myself.

I looked around the bar to see if there was anyone I knew was there. But there wasn't. I then started to play a game on my phone trying to entertain myself for a bit. About 5 minuets later I started to get board with the game.

As I just exited the game three men walked into the bar.

The first man had bright blue eyes and dyed green hair and a very fit body build, Tre Cool.

The second man brown hair with blond tips, beautiful brown eyes and an average body build, Billie Joe Armstrong.

And the third man brown hair, slim body build and very dreamy blue eyes, Mike Dirnt.

At this point I was only twenty years old, Billie Joe was twenty-three, Mike twenty-three as well and Tre soon to celebrate his twenty-third birthday.

Mike, Billie and Tre all walked over to a table and sat down at a table. Billie, Mike and Tre where not normal men they where international rock stars! And I had been a fan for like almost my whole life and had been to all of the concerts.

I was speechless to see them come into a place like this, they where in a band called 'Green Day' one of the best bands in the world.

I stood up and took a deep breath in and walked over to them. "Umm, err excuse me? Could I please have an autograph... Please?" I asked and I stuttered on my words. "Why don't you sit down and we'll think about that autograph." Billie replied. I sat down in between Mike and Billie.

Billie looked at me like a ten year old boy on his birthday, with a really big smile on his face and his eyes wide open.

"And you are?" Billie asked me.
"Oh! I'm Breanna" I replied cheerfully.
"Well nice to meet you Breanna" he said back to me.
Billie looked at Mike and then Tre and back at me.
"I was wondering we've been invited to this thingy thing somewhere and I would like to know if you wanted to come with us?" Billie continued to ask me still looking at me like a ten year old.
"Umm yeah sure why not?" I replied.

Mike got up out of his chair followed by Tre and then Billie. Billie gave me his hand and helped me out of my chair. For a rock star they all had very good manners. Billie didn't end up letting go of my hand just yet, there where soft and warm. We all exited the bar, we started walking down the street.

By half way to where we were going it was dark, Billie still hadn't let go of my hand but I don't think that was a bad thing. Billie finally let go of my hand to get something out of his pocket he reached in and grabbed out a pack of smokes and put one in his mouth.
"Would you like one?" he asked me
"Umm no thank-you I don't smoke" I replied he lit his smoke and continued to hold my hand again.

We got to the place about twenty minuets after we left. Out the front it looked like about one or two hundred people where lined up to go in. "Leeetttssss goooo" Tre said sarcastically.

I looked around inside to see what was going on and there was a lot of people there mainly dancing. Billie and I walked over to a table with all bottles of beer on it, he passed me one and got one for himself. He then led me over to an empty couch to have a talk.

We started to talk about his career he then out of nowhere gave me a kiss, it must have been the most amazing kiss I had ever had in my life, we then pulled apart from the feeling the vibration of my phone. "Sorry, excuse me " I said and wondered in to the bathrooms of the party so I could hear the phone.

I was my brother "Hello" I said
"Breanna? Where are you?" Matt asked me when he did so Billie walked into the bathrooms looking very annoyed.
"I'm out" I replied
"Where and with who?" Matt said concurring then Billie walked over to me and started hugging me and kissing me on my neck his mouth was warm on my cold neck.
"You'll never believe this" I told Matt
"I'm at a party with Green day!" I told him excitingly
"You joking right?"
"No I'm not I'm here with Billie now."
"Put him on the phone" he asked sound upset.
"Hello" Billie said to my brother
"Oh my god! No way!?" Matt screamed into the phone.
"Dude this is so cool" he continued
"Hi what's up?" Billie asked him
"Not much. Ok, Ok first of all YOU TOUCH MY SISTER I WILL HAVE TO BREAK YOU NECK!" he said sounding very angry
"Ok?" Billie replied confused
"And second dude great music man I love all the songs one of you biggest fans" Matt said
"Ok then I keep doin' what I'm doin' then. Ok here's Breanna back Cya" Billie replied looking really confused, he handed the phone back to me and looked at me weird.

I covered the phone and said "don't worry he won't do anything to you" as I laughed
"Yeah" I said into the phone
"Well I'd just like you to know that Cameron's here and he's really pissed right now and he might end up not talking to you if you don't get home" Matt said to me in concern.
"Just tell him I'm staying in the city tonight and I'll be back in the morning or whenever"
"Ok then, bye"
"Bye" I hung up the phone.

Back at my brother's place...
"Umm Cameron ummm she out fucking some rock star" said Matt to Cameron
"ARHHHHH!" Cameron screamed and ran out of my brother's house.

Cameron, I had been best friends with Cameron my whole life ever since we were born, literally our parents met when they were in hospital and they became friends and naturally Cameron and I became best friends. We did everything together and I mean everything.

Back to Billie and me...

He started getting all physical with me all of the sudden. I knew he just wanted sex. But maybe I was wrong. He began by kissing me very softly on my lips and he ended up putting his hand up my skirt but I wouldn't let him and after I pushed him away he didn't continue which was one thing I really liked about him.

He as a sensitive guy but yet had something very annoying about himself.

We went back out into the room where everyone was we sat back down again.

"Please excuse me" Billie said to me he walked over to Mike and began to talk to him.

When Mike and Billie where talking Tre came and sat down next to me

"Hello, what's going on?" he asked
"Umm well not much and yourself?" I replied
"I'd seen you and Billie come out the bathroom together can I ask what happened or is it tooooo personal if you know what I mean?" he said while raising one eyebrow.
"No its not personal all I did was talk on the phone to my brother and Billie followed me into the bathrooms nothing happened" I said
"Well that's to bad"
"You just might have lost your chance with Billie"
"Oh so he's just after sex?" I asked and as I did so Mike walked over and joined into the conversation by saying
"No he's not all about sex he's just trying to find the right girl for him. And Billie said to me that he may just like you enough to stay around in Melbourne longer then we planed." he said with and edge to his voice.
"Oh come on I'm just some girl he met I don't think he would like me" I said to Mike
"Hey, hey, hey Billie doesn't have a girlfriend and he thinks you're a great person there's a possibility, think about it when you get home tonight" Tre said.

Then Billie walked over and said "do you mind guys, please?"

Mike and Tre walked off and continued talking elsewhere.

"So what did Mike and Tre want?" he asked me
"Ahhh just nothing really" I replied.
Billie sat down next to me and we ended up talking for about 99. 9% of the night I don't know what about but it was amazing to talk to someone that liked the same things as me.

About 2 am in the morning we decided that it was time to get home we ended up getting a taxi Billie, Mike and Tre came to my place. I was living with my brother at the time.

Mike and Tre waited in the taxi as Billie walked me to the door we were all pretty drunk well Tre and Mike was anyway.
"When will I see you again?" Billie said disappointingly and gave off a small sigh
"I don't know" I replied.
Billie then leaned over and gave me a very passionate kiss as he pulled away he says to me.
"If I'm able I'll come here tomorrow, If I can, I'm sorry but I cant promise you anything but I will try my hardest to see you again" he said as I saw his eyes started to tear up.
But I couldn't understand why. I was just someone that would most likely be a one time thing.
I leaned back over to him a gave him another kiss. Then he walked away. As soon as I got into the house, Matt AND Cameron was there sitting on the couch.

Well Matt was sleeping and Cameron was wide awake like he was angry at me or something.
"Cameron?" I said
"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" he said to me.
He got up out of his chair and walked over to me.

He grabbed my arm with force and led me upstairs. I never thought Cameron could be so angry at me like this we have only ever fought once and we had our reasons.
He pushed me in to my bedroom and shut the door behind him and said in a very upsetting voice
"Can't you see that I love you. But I guess you'll never know that because you're out fucking some random guy!"
"Cameron its not like that I swear he didn't even touch me the only thing that happened was that he gave me a kiss good bye I promise you." I said to him. But he wouldn't believe me he looked at me in horror and shuck his head and ran out of the house.

I didn't try to stop him because I no he wouldn't stop no mater what I said to him. His mind was made up. That was Cameron. I got changed into me PJ's and went to bed that night I couldn't wait to go to sleep.
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