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=Love Takes over=

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Things start heating up with Billie and Breanna but she can't understand why she want someting else out of this.

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=Love Takes Over=

Around 10 am I woke to my brother nudging me
"Wake up, wake up some is here to see you" he said to me.

I mumbled something and turned my face into my pillow wanting to go back to sleep.
"GET UP!" Matt said again this time yelling it
"FINE!" I yelled back to him.

I managed to pull my blanket off myself. I continued to mumble to myself as I made my way downstairs. I reached the bottom of the stairs and Billie was standing there talking to Cameron.
"Huh?" I said to myself but everyone in the room seemed to hear it. Billie turned around and smiled at me..
"HUuh?!" I said frantically and ran back up stairs to my room. I fix my hair up a bit then someone knocked on my door.

"Come in" I said to them. Billie walked into my room. I was in the most shock that I had ever been in my life.

"Billie?!" I asked him even though I knew it was him.
"I had to see you again" he replied
" but... But I thought I... I But... This isn't right" I said to him, still in shock that he would have came back to see me.
"Why? What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?" he ask.
" No you didn't do anything wrong it's me I... I... I just thought that I was just one of those girls that was a one time thing." I replied to him upsettingly
"No! No you're not a one time thing I don't want you to be a one time thing!" he protested.
"Oh! Ok then? Why did you want to see me again?" I asked.
He didn't say anything he looked at me in confusion for a few seconds, then through himself around me and started kissing me like he love me or something I didn't know weather to push him away or kiss him back, I did kinda both.

"Look! Just tell me what you want?!" I asked him
"I... Didn't mean it like that I promise you I'm not like that... I just want to be around you there's something about you that... That that" he replied
"I didn't know that I had something last night!" I said
"Well that's the thing when I um... Dropped you off and went back to the motel I felt like I was missing something" he told me as it Morley looked like he was saying it to the ground.
"I don't know what to say" I replied
"Would you like to do something with me today?" he asked
"Ummm.... Yeah just give me sometime to get dressed and we'll go somewhere. Ok?" I said.
He nodded his head and walked out of my room shutting the door behind him.

I quickly had a shower it must have been in record time, I got dressed and ran down stairs.

Billie, Cameron and Matt where sitting at the table talking about god only knows what.
"Ahhh... Here's there person of the hour." Cameron said sounding like a host of a boxing match but yet some part of his voice was sad.
I smiled and walked over to them.
Billie got out of his chair and looked back at me with the biggest smile "ummm... What would you like to do today?" he asked
"Have you been to Lunar Park?" I asked him
"Ok then its settled we'll go there. Dose anyone else wanna come?" I looked around the room.
"I'm right" said Matt
"Same" added Cameron then mumbled some to himself.
"What about Mike and Tre" I ask Billie while looking at him with a weird face
"Arh yeah they might like to come. But we have to go to back to the Hotel to get them if that's ok with you?" he replied
"Yeah sure fine by me are we gonna take my car or taxi or what?" I ask while making my way to the front door with Billie following me
" whatever you want" Billie said.

I grabbed my car keys off the hook and walk to the drive way and got into the car and Billie followed.

"Look... Did I offend you at all by coming here today? Cause if you want me to leave I will" he said to me.
"No sorry its ok. It's just that you could be with any girl in the world right now but you would prefer to be with me. Why?" I asked him.
"I really don't know I... There is something about you that I need in my life that I would like to have but never have had, I just wanna be with some real not some that's all over me just cause I play music for a living." he went on
"What? You play music for a living?!" I said jokingly.

Billie look at me confused then realized it was a joke and started to laugh. I smiled back at him.
"Lets go" I said as I pulled the car out of the drive way.

"So... " Billie asked me.
" what Hotel are You's staying at?" I asked him

Half an hour later we reached Crown hotel.
"I'll park the car and we can go get Mike and Tre" I told him
"Yeah ok"

After we parked the car we walked inside. Just before we reached the elevator well actually a long time before we reached the elevator Billie took my hand as we walked he didn't let go. His hand was still as soft as last night.

We got to the elevator and pushed the up button.

"So do you like it here in Melbourne?" I asked him while we where waiting.
"Fuck yeah!" he replied. I laughed at the way he said it.

The elevator finally came we got in, no one followed us in so it was just two alone. The doors shut, and Billie looked at me and gave me a kiss.

He the put his arms around me, I put my arms around him as well and kissed him back. The doors opened and we both suddenly pulled away from each other. We walked down the hall to his room. He opened the door and let us.

"Tre, Mike? You guys here?" Billie called out.

The room was massive! Mike came out of the bathroom and looked at me in shock.
"Hi" I said to Mike.

He was still looking at me in shock he turned at looked at Billie, pointed at me then looked back at me again. He blinked a few times.
And said "hi?".

I smiled at him and continued to follow Billie though the room.
Mike also followed. Tre was sitting on the couch drinking a beer. He looked at me in shock just.
"Umm... Hi" he stood up and walked over to me and looked at me with a really big smile.
"Do you guys wanna come to this place thing with us today?" Billie asked them
"Where?" Mike asked
"Luna Park" I added.
Tre nodded.
"Yeah" Mike agreed
"Ok then lets go" Billie said to everyone.

Billie left the room, Tre followed him, and I went after Tre.
Then Mike leaned over my shoulder
"Told you, you wouldn't be JUST a girl he met" he said as he laughed. I turned and laughed with him.

We walked down the hall and waited for the elevator. It finally came after a few minutes. We got in and a few people came in with us this time.
I liked being alone with Billie, there's just something about him that I really like but cant figure out that easily.

We reached the ground floor and went to the car park. We all got into my car. I was driving and belie was in the front seat with me and Tre and Mike where in the back. As we where driving Billie started playing around with the CD player in my car. "I WENT TO A SHRINK TO ANALYZE MY DREAMS, SHE SAYS IT LACK OF SEX... " was belted out of my car speakers.
I turned down the volume Billie looked at me and then started to laugh.
"What?" I asked
"Oh nothing just you have our CD in your car basically at full blast and here you are in your with us" he said while still laughing.
The CD was still playing, but softer then it was or normally is.
"Shut up" I said while trying not to laugh.
"Can I turn it back up now?" I asked Billie
"Knock your self out" he replied.

I turned it up louder and started the song again. I have a weakness for there songs no matter where or who I'm with I always sing along to them.
So there we all are driving around in my car singing the greatest song in the world 'Basket case'.

After a few hours of us having fun at Laun Park and Billie, Mike and Tre basically getting mobbed by heaps of girls and photographers.

When we where walking back to the car Mike and Tre left me and Billie to walk alone.

"So... Do you know how to play a guitar?" Billie asked me
"Um... Well not really. I can play but I really, really suck at it." I answered
" wow that's too bad"
"Yeah I know I have always wanted to know how to play but I was that its not for girls so yeah" I continued.
"Maybe I could show you one day?" he asked me
"That would be great" I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

We got to the car and all got in. "do you want me to take you back to the motel or what?" I asked them
"Yeah that would be good" Mike replied.

When we got to the motel, Mike and Tre got out.
"You wanna walk me up I need to talk to you about some stuff?" Billie asked me
"Ok" I said in confusion.

We both got out of the car and started walking we stopped at the entrance.

"Breanna I can't tell you how much of a good time I have had here with you" Billie said as he healed my hands.
"Well that's good" I replied.
I'm leaving tomorrow night" he told me as his eyes started to water.
I leaned over and gave him a Kiss on the lips, he put his arms around me and kissed me back.

That has to have been the most disappointing moment of my entire life. Then I started to cry as he hugged me.

"I will come and see you tomorrow, I will I promise you I will" he said to me he gave me one last kiss and walked away.

I walked back to my car and got in. I didn't start the car just yet I wiped the tears off my eyes and thought of a Billie.

5 minutes later I drove home and went straight to bed, but I didn't go to sleep. I just laid there crying thinking of Billie.
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