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Gerard is taken to the hospital where he learns some disturbing news.

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Chapter 8:

Gerard leaped from his chair and kneeled down next to Frank, who was clutching the side of his throat. Blood seeped through his fingers, the dark crimson quickly forming a pool below him. Suddenly more shots erupted throughout the apartment; Gerard instinctively covered Frank’s body with his own. Gerard felt a bullet lodge itself deep into his shoulder. The shootings stopped as quickly as they had started, Gerard sat up as soon as he was certain that it was safe to do so. Below him Frank was struggling to speak, blood trickled down the side of his mouth as his lips formed words.

“1756 Seaward…D-drive… T-that’s w-w-here M-m-Mikey is. I’m s-s-sorry Gerard.” Frank sputtered; Gerard took off his sweater and firmly pressed it against Frank’s wound.

“Just hold on Frank. Everything will be okay. You’ll be okay. Just focus on keeping your heart beating.” Gerard stated shakily, his sweater already becoming soaked in Frank’s blood. Gerard could hear sirens a few blocks away, “See Frank…they’re coming for you. Just hold on…you’re going to be okay.”

The sirens got closer and closer, and soon Gerard knew that they had arrived. The door was kicked in by the police, they had their guns drawn and were pointing them in Gerard’s direction. “Please he’s been shot. He needs help.” Gerard called out.

Several of the cops instantly recognized Gerard and nodded quickly, one man summoned the paramedics up and within a minute they replaced Gerard by Frank’s side. They quickly loaded him on a stretcher and started asking Gerard questions.

“What’s his name?”

“Frank Iero.” Gerard answered.

“How old is he?”

“About 19 or 20…I’m not quite sure.” Gerard stated.

“Any allergies to medication or any diseases we should know about?”

“I-I have no idea.” Gerard muttered.

The paramedics nodded and rolled Frank out of the room. Gerard followed closely behind until
another paramedic steered him in the opposite direction. “N-no I need to go with him. I’m not injured.”

“Sir you have a bullet wound on your shoulder. You need to be taken to the hospital.” She stated getting Gerard loaded into a separate ambulance, Gerard’s eyes widened, he had completely forgotten about being shot, all he cared about in that moment was the young boy that was fighting to stay alive. Gerard watched as the ambulance holding Frank drove away quickly; its sirens blaring. Gerard seethed as the paramedic rolled up his t-shirt sleeve, blood poured freely from the hole the bullet had made. The ambulance drove away from the apartments as the paramedic applied a heavy amount of gauze in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

The ride to the hospital wasn’t long and soon Gerard was being wheeled into the emergency room. They placed him in small area and enclosed the area with a thin blue curtain. As soon as a nurse replaced the paramedics they left to continue their jobs. Within a few minutes a doctor was by Gerard’s side, the bleeding had stopped and he was getting ready a syringe to numb the wound so that he could extract the bullet. Gerard stared at the needle with horror, ever since he was a child he’s been terrified of needles.

“No needles.” Gerard muttered.

“Mr. Way this is to numb the pain. All you’ll feel is a small pinch.” The doctor smiled a small smile.

“Please…no needles. I-I can’t stand them.” Gerard stated becoming more and more frantic.
The doctor looked at Gerard apprehensively before setting the syringe down and picking up a pair of tweezers. “This is going to hurt.” The doctor warned Gerard before carefully inserting the tweezers into the wound. Gerard clenched his fists and seethed as a burning pain overwhelmed his senses. The doctor slowly took out the bullet and placed it in a small metal pan next to the bed. The wound started to bleed again and the doctor covered it with gauze to hinder the bleeding. After a few minutes the bleeding stopped and the doctor got the supplies out to begin stitching up the wound.

“Now Mr. Way I would strongly recommend using the numbing agent…”

“No needles.” Gerard stated cutting off the doctor.

The doctor shook his head and got to work stitching up the wound. It only took a few minutes to complete the stitching. The doctor finished up cleaning the wound and then wrapped it up tightly. Suddenly the curtain was pulled aside and both Ray and Lindsay were standing next to Gerard.

“Alright Mr. Way after the police get your statement you’ll be free to go. I’ll go and get your release papers.” The doctor stated and left Gerard, both his wife and his partner were staring at him with wide eyes.

“I’m fine really, it looks worse than it actually is.” Gerard said.

“You got shot! What the hell were you doing that got you shot?!” Lindsay asked as she stared at her husband in shock.

“I was visiting an old friend.” Gerard stated.

“Gerard Arthur Way you tell me the truth right now!” Lindsay snapped.

“I think I’m gonna get some coffee.” Ray mumbled, leaving the couple to settle this on their own.

“Lindsay I-I want to tell you. I-I just can’t. You’ll just have to trust me.” Gerard stated in a soft voice in an attempt to calm his wife down.

She shook her head, tears falling down her cheeks, “How can I trust you? Gerard you have a beautiful baby girl coming any day now. She’ll need her daddy…not some man that goes around putting his life in danger all the time.”

Gerard sighed, “I know…look I just need to finish what I started. Please Lindsay…if you can’t trust me…than believe in me. Believe that I will come home every night; I will take care of you and Bandit. But I need to finish this. Please baby I need to do this.”
Lindsay looked at her husband, and slowly nodded her head. Gerard got off the bed and wrapped his arms around her and he kissed the top of her head.

The doctor came back, holding a small stack of papers. “Mr. Way these are your release papers. Like I said before you’ll need to give the police a statement before you go but other than that you’re free to go.”

“What about the boy that came in with me? Is he okay?” Gerard asked nervously.

“Mr. Iero died on his way to the hospital from his injuries. I’m sorry Mr. Way.” The doctor reported gravely before handing the papers to Lindsay and leaving.

Gerard felt his hands begin to shake and he felt guilt overwhelm his core. He was the reason why Frank was dead. Frank was trying to help him and he was murdered because of it. Gerard now knew that no matter what he had to save Mikey and get justice for Frank. The people that turned his life up-side down had to pay.
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