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The Bad News and A New Cast

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The gang get ready for show. But then we learn that the Show is cancelled.

Category: Tiny Toon Adventures - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-08-05 - Updated: 2006-08-05 - 334 words

After a few hours of riding rides and eating it was near 7:00. So we headed to the booth we were assigned. So we waited for 2 hours. Then the show was about to start. But then everyone started to leave. "What? What going on?" I asked. Then The Manager was walking towards. "I'm sorry kids. But the show's been cancelled." he said. "Why?" asked eveyone. "Because everyone got sick. And if we don't have a cast then we can't do the show." said the Manager. "No! I have a idea." I said. I started to whisper the idea the manager. "That idea is crazy! Crazy enough to work! Alright you got yourself a deal." said the Manager. "What did you tell him?" asked Babs. "I told him that we'll star in the show for him." I said. "What!?" said everyone. "You mean we get to perform?" said Babs excited. "Yeah. I'll play Mickey's part. You guys can be other characters too. Besides. I'm not in the show untill the very ending. So let's go get our costumes and put on the best show we can do." I said. "Yeah!" said everyone. We went across the river from where the show was gonna be held and we met up with the Manager. "Okay kids here are your scripts and your costumes. And here is your other star too." said the Manager. From behind his back came Yakko. "Hi everybody." he said. "Hey Yakko. Who are you gonna play?" I asked. "Oh I'm gonna play Captain Hook and I get to have a duel with Buster. He get's to be Peter Pan." said Yakko. "Cool. Alright. I'll see you guys a little later. I got to get on stage. See ya." I said. "Bye Eric!" said Everyone. The Manager then held the Microphone and made a annoucement. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonights show of Fantasmic is back on. But tonight we have special guests. The Tiny Toons! So please enjoy the show." he said. "Yay!" shouted the crowd.
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