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The Show

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The entire show.

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All the lights dimmed. And the show started. A huge light appeared.

Dream a fantasic dream!

I appeared on stage. I then began to do fireworks.

Use your Imagination!

Water screens went on and showed me doing fireworks. Then the screens showed beautilful images of flowers.

See in your mind and you can find in your imagination. Mysteries and magic.
Visions Fantastic. Leading to strange and wonderous dreams.

Then everything went to a jungle setting. A snake then appeared on the stage. The snake was being opperated by Calamity. There on the river were monkeys dancing. Then the screens showed the scene of Plucky and Einstien from 'Never Too Late To Loon'. There were some guitars being played as well.

Then Buster started to do a dance on strings. Like in 'Fairy Tales from the 90's. Then the screens showed Monstro ready to attack.

Then there was a whirlpool and I was stuck in it. "Help!" I shouted. I got swalloed down. "Hey. What's going on? Uh-oh." I said. Everything went dark and the screens showed a ship in the rain. And then A giant pirate ship was shown and Yakko and Buster were fighting with lots of pirates on board.

Peter Pan ahoy!
Swaggle me eyes! It is Pan!
You can't catch me Hook!
Come down boy!
Clash Cling*
Blast this Hook!
I'll make you walk the plank!
Blasts from the cannon were heard. Babs was on board on this. Sword clashes were heard. And Hampton was helping Yakko. "Give it to him Captain! Peel him to the briskit!" said Hampton.
"Hey Hook! Do you hear something. Tick Tock Tick
"No! No! No Smee! Save me!"
"I'll save you captain! Ahhh!"

See in your mind and you can find. In your imagination.
Tales of enchantment beauty and romance. Happily Ever After.

Then on three small boats on the river were Fifi and Calamity, Plucky and Shirley, and Buster and Babs.

Fifi and Calamity:
"Tale as old as time. True as it can be. Barely even friends. Then somebody pans. Unexpectedly. Certain as the sun. Rising in the east. Tale as old time song as ryme. Beauty and the Beast."

Plucky and Shirley:
"What would I give? If I could live out of these waters? In your imagination. What would I pay to spend the day out of the sand? Dream a fantastic dream. Bet you on land they understand that they don't repremend their daughters. Bright young women. Sick of swimming. Ready to stand. Ready to stand."

Buster and Babs:
"Someday My Prince will come. Someday we'll find true love."

Tale as old as time song as old as rhyme...

The boats disappeared and revealed Babs as the Evil Queen.

"Slave in the magic mirror. Come from the farthest space. Through wind and darkness. I summon thy. Speak! Let me see thy face." she said.

"Fame is thy beauty majesty. But hold three lovely maids I see. And here in Eric's imagination. Beauty and Love will always survive." said the Mirror.

"No! A magic spell in the black of night. A scream of fright. And A bolt of light! Turn my hair to white." said Babs.

Suddenly Babs transformed into an Witch. "Ha ha ha ha! Now I'll turn that rabbit's dream into a nightmare fantasmic. Imagine this. Ha ha ha! Magic Mirror on the wall. All the forces of evil I call. ha ha ha!" she said.

"You have the power..." said the mirror.

"To Control his mind!" said Babs.

Then it showed Fifi as Ursula.

"Oh yes. Let's do the job and take his spirit tonight." she said.

Then Plucky was shown on the screen and he was Jafar.

"It's time to say goodbye to Eric. Enter the Cave of Wonders!" said Plucky.

Then the screened showed me being thrown into The Cave of Wonders. I was flying on a carpet. Dodging Lava. I then fell on a rock. And Plucky was on Stage again. "And now It's time to show you how ssssnake like I can be!" said Plucky.

Plucky then transformed into a snake.

I then found a magic lamp.

"Hey look a magic lamp. Maybe if I rub it." I said.

Then Plucky was sucked into the lamp.

The the lights focused on Shirley as Maleficent.

"And now you shall deal with me. And all the powers of my imagination!" she said.

"Oh no!" I said.

And before my eyes Shirley was transforming into a dragon. She was laughing like a maniac. When the transformation was done she lit the river on fire.

"Imagination. Ha ha ha ha!" said Babs.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" laughed Fifi.

"Well you may think your so powerful. Well this is my dream." I said. I then threw my weapon at Shirley and then all of the Villains were defeated. There was a big explosion. Everything went dark. And then the screen showed Babs as Tinkerbell. She then lit the stage and All of us were taking a bow. The audience was clapping like crazy. Then the light was at the very top and I did the grand finale. And my last words were. "Some Imagination Huh?" I said. And then the show was over.
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