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Time to party

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Amy is digging through Axl's stuff.

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Living in the hellhouse was crazy.
When Guns ‘n’ Roses had signed at Geffen records everyone had gotten a huge prepayment with the instructions to stay put, work on the songs and not to get into trouble.
Yeah, as if…
The guys were restless. Working during the day meant: jamming, boozing up and getting high until the party started in the evening.
Thinking of them as the 5 musketeers, sticking together and making music, I was bewildered that a huge amount of people were showing up every night. It was like a huge frat party every single day.

I got used to it pretty fast. Still not having a job or something else to do I took care of the boys and the house. What else would I do? I refused to live in a house that looked like a dump and smelled like pussy.
Billy wasn’t home much. He wasn’t sleeping home at least. Mostly he stayed with his girlfriend Erin. God, I hated that bitch. Always drew attention to herself and acted like she was the goddamn queen of G’n’R.

When she showed up to a party I knew I needed to find me another bed because Billy would be screwing her all night. Most of the times I crashed at Slash’s place because he’d passed out somewhere in the living room anyway. But the times I could crash at Izzy’s were my favourite. Particularly because he wouldn’t have some chick around these nights. I didn’t like me going all jealous over him but I couldn’t help myself. I was falling hard for him all over again. And I was horny as hell. Especially because everyone in this house was having sex. Except me. Great.

Izzy and I didn’t really talk a lot. Things were weird. Sometimes I thought he finally could see me for real. Then suddenly he seemed distant. I didn’t think me and him were ever happening. So I decided to get laid at least. There were a lot of guys joining the parties each night. Someone had to be nice enough to get my thoughts off Izzy, right?
Yeah, dream on Amy…

I needed to get dressed up and dug though Billy’s clothes. Due to the fact that I just ran off from Indiana just with my backpack and my guitar I really ran out of clothes. It was time to figure out if he had something that I could possibly wear.
‘Spandex? You fucking kidding me?’ I said to myself as I dug out spandex pants in different colours. Throwing out fishnet shirts, ripped jeans and lumberjack shirts I didn’t find anything that I could possibly turn into something sexy for me. How the fuck did he manage to look good in this crap? I let out a huge groan. This was frustrating.

‘You okay?’ Izzy asked while standing in the open door. ‘Who are you talking to?’
His gaze went through the room.
‘I’m running out of clothes and Billy has no fucking thing to wear. Unless I want to look like going to the gym.’ I showed him some of Billy’s spandex pants.
Izzy chuckled. ‘Why bother? You’re looking good in jeans.’
‘Want to look hot, not just good.’ I dug into another drawer.
‘What are you up to, darlin’?’ He frowned.
I stopped digging through the drawer and looked at him. He was leaning on the door frame, a cigarette in his mouth and a glass of whiskey in his hand. He seemed high. Great. High Izzy was nothing I could handle well. In this stage he was just fucking annoying and staring at me all the time.
‘Nothing.’ I told him. ‘You maybe have a shirt for me to wear?’
He nodded ‘Go, help yourself darlin’.’ Then he just turned and went back to the living room.

Trying to avoid bothering about Izzy, I went to his room. I found a really cool button down shirt in his closet. It was black with a golden pattern and I thought it would fit me well. Maybe it was a little bit too long.
He really had nice things and I caught myself smelling his shirts like a goddamn stalker. Weirdo much?
I tore myself from his stuff and went to the bathroom to have a quick shower.
As I opened the door I froze as I ran into Slash showering.
‘Whoooow. You need to lock the door, man. I am living here, too. Remember?’ I tried to cover my eyes with my hand. Naked Slash was nothing I could handle at the moment.
But he surly had a nice ass. I spread my fingers a bit to have a quick look. Nice. I grinned.
‘Either join me or get out, sweetheart.’ He said. Oh my fucking god. I suddenly felt like 12 again. On my way backward I bumped into the door frame and I heard him chuckle.

Skipping the shower I went back to Billy’s room to get dressed. I put on Izzy’s shirt and due to its lengths I decided to use it as a dress. I took one of Billy’s belts and wrapped it around my hips. I put on my black boots and pooled my hair into a high ponytail. Usually I didn’t wear much makeup but today I put on some lip gloss and mascara. I looked awesome and totally like a girl. Perfect. Time to party.
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