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Night 17

by upinflames 1 review

Oh God, here she goes again

Category: Horror - Rating: PG - Genres:  - Published: 2013-09-19 - 143 words

Today I Walked Into A Club While Feeling Very Unsure Of Myself
On The Hand Raised A Little Higher Than My Head Were Good People,
Startling Art And College Credit
A Sense Of Belonging
But Gripped Tightly In Fingers Which Hung Weightily At My Hip
Were Strangers
Who Were Wiser, More Talented, Movement Of Voice Travelling Farther Than I Could Ever Let Myself Dream
The Lack Of Belief In Me And Art Not Yet Made By This Dribble-Dot Pen
A Hot-Cold Flash Fearing Vacant Failure
They Separated Us In Groups
Those Who Perceived Through Camera Lenses
Those Who Copied Thoughts With Pencil Images
And A Small, Compact Group Of Those Who Chose To View In Words
I Stood Aside
And Considered Myself Someone Who Wrote
Drew Away Knowing There Was Nothing To Show
I Sat Silent
Left Unknowing
If I Should Come Again
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