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Lara is overwhelmed by all that has occurred in the last three years. But will she decide to keep living in London or go back home with her family?

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“She’s not going to regain her memories?” my father frowned at Dr Reade.
“Most patients that suffer from traumatic amnesia do retrieve their memories Mr Riley, but it all depends on their lifestyle. Research shows that they will have a better chance in regaining their memories when the patient tries to live the life they had as much as possible. Through living their daily life, the brain will recognise this orderly function which will hopefully spark the memory bank.”
“Oh! I am so relieved that there is a chance for my princess to regain her memories back to her normal life!” my mother gave a tight squeeze around my arm.
“Then that would mean that my daughter will need to continue living here in London with that man?” my father spat, his frown lines were getting deeper. He obviously did not like Tom for whatever reason he may have caused. “I object! She will need to come back home with us. She does after all remember living in our home.”
“Well, that would be the steps to regain Miss Riley’s memories back. She’ll need to be placed in her daily routine as soon as possible,” Dr Reade replied calmly, ignoring whatever family feud that was floating in the room.
“Oh Victor don’t be a nuisance! I trust that Tom will take care of our princess. He did keep in contact with us through Lara’s coma,” my mother was now gently rubbing my arm.
“I don’t like that man! I do not even know what Lara saw in him! I say we take her out of this situation so she can restart a new normal life.”
“I wasn’t living a normal life beforehand?” I interrupted my parent’s chatter.
“Yes, you lived a normal life Lara. Don’t listen to a word your dad is saying,” my mother smiled.
“Yeah, if you call dating a famous person as normal,” scoffed the old man.
“Wait… what?” my mind was trying to register my father’s last words. “Tom is famous? Since when?”

There was a faint pain pulsing through my head and left arm from the injuries that was left from the car accident. X rays showed no physical damage in my skull except for a deep cut above my left eyebrow and a broken bone in my lower arm called the Radius. I’ve never broken a bone before hence I assume that I will have a lot of trouble with accepting the fact that I will be immobile for the next few weeks.

“That’s for Mr Hiddleston to answer,” my doctor replied to my frantic questions. She brought her attention to my parents, “Now I know as parents you would like to have a say in all of this, but I do think it is a better choice to let your daughter decide on what she would like to do. Miss Riley, would you like to carry on living here in London or go home? Now remember what I said about the statistics of regaining your memories.”

Dr Reade has run a few tests on me the day I have awoken from my slumber and confirmed that I had no memory of the last three years which explain the fact that I was overly surprised that I was in fact twenty six years old and not twenty three. The thought of forgetting almost three years gave me a mild panic attack. The doctor debriefed me on major occurrences that took place within those three years in my life. I have apparently taken a spontaneous and big decision to move to London for a year to live and work as an editorial assistant in a popular magazine. I have also met a great group of people that have kept me occupied living in a big city. There was not a big background story of how I met Tom, but it seems like we had a connection which led to a steady relationship which has been lasting for over two years. Due to Tom and my exciting job, I have decided to live in London permanently.

The thought of even falling for a man and let alone getting into a committed relationship baffled me. I do remember myself as a cold hearted person. I was very hard to be persuaded into a relationship and no man took my interest at all. I also had no indication of who Tom Hiddleston is so I assume I must have discovered this famous man before meeting him in person. I do after all get very obsessed to certain celebrities as I recall in the past.

After discovering what I have forgotten about, I requested that I have no visitors from a few days to catch up on the global news in the last three years. I was immensely shocked by the brutal conflicts occurring in the Middle East and other parts of the world and I was mortified by the celebrity news. I wanted to become updated with the world around me after all, there was a chance that I would not regain my memories. I also wanted to keep updated for the reason that something could trigger to regain my memories. I did not want to wait too long for it.

Catching up on the world around me was cut short after two days with my parents visiting from Australia. They have been relieved that I was awake and functioning almost normally. My father seemed very pleased that I have lost my memory which has brought to my attention, what have I done that disappointed him so much? My mother on the other hand seems to be eager of the idea of keeping me in this foreign city in order to get my memories back.

I nodded slightly and glared at my lap ignoring my parents’ laser beam glares. “I am really eager to regain my memories, it is too frustrating not knowing anything. So…” I glimpsed at my mother. “I guess I could stay here for a while.”
As I have predicted, my father started to bicker about my wrong decisions and how it is very important to go back home than to live in a strange city on my own with only one man who is supposedly my boyfriend to look after me.
“I came to this country alone dad,” I interrupted. “And I think I can handle it alone again.”
That was when the bickering stopped and my father slumped his shoulders in defeat. After a short while filled with small talks between my parents, they stood up to leave, each of them giving me a round of kisses. My father mumbled about being a great daughter to him before leaving.

I sighed when they left and snuggled in the hospital bed. I knew all this was going to be a huge challenge for myself but I wasn’t the least bit scared of it. I enjoyed new experiences and this one will take the cake.

It only took another day to get the all clear from Dr Reade and check out of the hospital. I was both excited and anxious of what will come in the outside world. I was also excited to start my job back in the magazine company, I’ve always wanted a job in this industry and cannot believe that I somehow accomplished my goal. I knew I had sick leave from work for about two weeks so I can compose myself and hopefully regain my memories.

My face was glued to the passenger seat’s window in the car as I watch the busy streets of London. There were people everywhere minding their own business. It was so different to how it was back at home. This place looked like there was history written at every corner in the streets. I wanted to roll down the window to smell London’s air but it was much too cold for my liking.

“What do you think of London?” Tom asked quickly glancing at me.
Tom offered to drive me home since he knew where I lived as well as looking after me until I gained my memories back. Well, providing that I get my memories back, he would still be around since I was oh-so in love with him. I glanced back at Tom, he was very handsome if I do not say otherwise but I still was not sure what got me to fall head of heels for this man. I was a woman that went after personality than looks, so this man has better have a marvellous personality or I would be disappointed.

“In such a short time I am convinced that this place is so beautiful with thrilling atmosphere,” I paused. “It feels so bizarre saying that as I have been here for almost three years,” I rested my head on the passenger seat and sighed.
“Don’t batter yourself over something you cannot control,” he smiled keeping his eye on the road. “I’m sure in time you will retrieve all the memories you have lost but for now, enjoy being in a new country and life.”
I smiled and looked out the window, he was right. I should enjoy my time here in this state. “I haven’t asked but being in a long committed relationship with you, I suspect that we live together?”
He chuckled, “Actually no, we don’t. You love your independence so much that you like to have some space from me once in a while.”
“Oh, I must be a fantastic loving girlfriend!” I chuckled nervously at my sarcasm.
“Actually, you are. You also think that living separately gives a sense of romance. You always use to say that you loved missing me for the reason that when we are together it makes it extra special and I couldn’t object to that,” he grinned at the road.

He seemed pretty happy talking about our relationship. I had a sudden urge of wanting to know how our relationship felt like due to his words making it sound like it was a total bliss.


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