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Road Block

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His feelings grow for her but someone comes between them. It's not the person you think it is.

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"Well now that the training is almost over, do you feel your ready to go on your own?" Gabby asks Jesse.

"Yeah I think I got the basics down."

"You'll do fine. Plus I'll be here to help you if you need it."

Gabby has been the one doing all the training with Jesse since everyone else on the training team couldn't. They either had school or another job. But she didn't mind since she was spending time with Jesse. Even though she is married, Jesse was stirring up feeling inside her that she was not expecting to have for anyone else except Micheal. Micheal was only 17 when she met him. She was 21. She was not expecting to fall for him because he was dating one of her friends.

Things were going fine until her friend decided to sleep with another guy. She didn't approve of cheating so she tried to convince her friend to tell Micheal the truth. But her friend ended up saying that she was starting to feel sufficated with the two of them. When her friend pulled away, her and Micheal became closer.

That was the start of their relationship. But since Micheal lived 5 hours away, They didn't get to spend a lot of time together. Before Micheal came to live with her, he slept with another girl. He tried his best to hide it from her but she still found out and it tore at her. Even though she said she forgave him, it really worried her that he would do it again. Micheal sensed this and told her that he would allow her one "hall pass" just to make it even between them.

But she said that she would not take it only because there was no one in her life at the time to use it with. No one until now. Jesse was giving her fantasies about the two of them being together for just one night.

"Oh hey Emily I didn't know you came back." says Gabby as she spots one of her friends.

"Yeah I talked to Paul and asked if I could come back."

"Cool. Oh this is Jesse. He just started working here."


"Hey." he says back.

The rest of the day goes smoothly. Jesse was catching on quick. As time went by Gabby started to think about Jesse more and more.

"Hey Gabby!"

"Oh hey Em. What's up?"

"I have the biggest crush on someone here." she gushes.

"Oh yeah? Who??"

"It's Jesse!"


"Yeah we went hiking this past weekend and we got to talk.You know, get to know each other."

"That's great."

Boy was that the biggest lie she ever told.
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