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Evil Things

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Something evil has been torturing Alex day in and day out, but at what cost and why him?

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Evil Things

Have you ever felt, like you were being watched, not in a public place, nor in your dining room at dinner; but when you’re in a room, completely alone. The feeling when the hair on the back of your neck rises, your stomach is ripped and tied into tight little knots, and your heart is pounding so fast, so hard you think you’re about to break a rib? This eerie feeling isn’t just a “once in a blue moon” ordeal for poor Alex Gaskarth; no. It seemed to bug him, every night, 10 minutes before the clock hit 12. A strange presence would awaken him, and just whisper things. So softly that you had to strain your ears to realize what it was, so softly you couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Interveiw 1: 3:45 PM, Mental Hospital, Baltimore

“He’s right through here.” The middle aged nurse explained, pointing one sun darkened finger towards a metal door, with a small sized window; a metal mesh separated the two panes of glass. Painted on the door, in either a darker shade of navy blue, or black paint were the numbers ‘182’. With a soft breath of anxiety, the man slowly twisted the knob, entering a bleach white room, holding only a table; and 3 chairs. One of which was occupied, by a man, no older than 24 sitting, wrists and ankles constrained as his deep brown eyes stared into the blank space around him. Taking a couple steps forward, the duo waited for the man to acknowledge their existence, at the very least.

“Excuse me, Mr. Gaskarth correct?” The man asked, slowly taking over one of the chairs he presumed was set out for him. “Why exactly are you in here?” He continued on, watching as the man merely sat, staying almost completely still, as his stomach and shoulders grew and shrunk as he took each breath.

“It’s Alex actually; and I don’t see why I’m being questioned all the time. You two are like the 7th pair of investigators to come in and ask all the same questions. ‘Oh why did you do it?’ ‘Why are you here’ ‘What the fuck is wrong with you dude, you need some fucking help. Until then, don’t fucking talk to me’.” This last statement causing a flash of pain to surge through Alex’s eyes as he sat slouching himself down into the chair, with a sigh.

“Alex, I don’t exactly believe an investigator would ever say that last statement, let alone to someone in your position.” The woman spoke up, coming closer to the table. “Nice to meet you by the way, I’m Detective Wesmore; this is my partner Jay, and we’re here to figure out, why exactly you did…what you did.” She explained, giving the man a look of slight concern.
“Why I did what I did hey? I did it, because she wouldn’t leave me alone. Thanks to her my boyfriend thinks I’m some freak, I got kicked out of my band, my mom won’t even look me in the eye, and I lost contact with everyone I’ve ever talked to, but why? Why did I obey what she promised would make this end, make her leave me alone? You tell me detective, you should know this by now.” Alex snapped, fingers curling

“We should, but we really do need to ask you some questions. Consider it proving your sanity.” Wesmore inquired

“Let me guess, shall we? You were sent here by a guitarist, a tall guy, with weird colored hair; almost resembling a skunk, asking for you to also make sure I’m sane enough to go back to my fucking house?”

“Alex, please don’t get hostile, we really do want to help, we also want to figure out whats going on in that head of yours, to pull of something like this.” Jay spoke up, leaning over the table. “What pushed you to stalking, and attempting to kidnap Gerard Way? Who is this she you keep talking about, and why does everyone think you’re insane?” He continued, pulling a sigh from the boy.

“You really want to know? Well get comfy, because it’s either I start from the beginning and you hear the full story, or this won’t work, and will turn out like the other times someone has tried to figure this out.” Alex watched as the two investigators shared a look, this look filled with concern, and anticipation. “Okay, begin your story.”

Sucking in a breath, Alex began “As you know, my name is Alex Gaskarth, I’m 22 years old, and I’ve been getting terrorized by this…demon you could say for quite some time now. She either calls for me, like a siren in various folk tales, or outright scares me into waking up. Once there, she keeps me awake; either by random loud noises, making something pop up in front of my face, or resorting to pain.” Alex began, only to have Jay cut in. “You were talking about having a boyfriend; do you two live together and such?” This question causing Alex to try and rub the back of his neck. “Yes, I have been living with Jack for a year now, it’s surprising because he’s never been phased by whats going on. She could be floating right in front of my eyes, and he would never see her. It’s like, she was made to torture me.”

A/N This won’t be a crime fic (I promise, I need the interview process, for Alex to describe how he feels through this, have him try to explain the story). Next chapter will go back, and be a flashback chapter.
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