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Back To Where It All Began

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"Who are you?" Alex groaned, sleep deprived and questioning his sanity; looking at the pale girl who sat- floated on the foot of his bed.

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(It's been WAY to long since I've been on here; or even updated this.)

Flashback; 2:39 AM, Alex Gaskarth's apartment

In the darkness of the small, 2 bedroom apartment, all that could be heard was an irritated sigh, from a sleep deprived Alex. Brown, tired eyes scanning every detail of his ceiling in his desperate endeavor to fall asleep, mind going back and thinking of all the places he could have been, besides laying in his room questioning the stories behind the dents, cracks and stains that adorned the white painted ceiling.

Another sigh passed his lips as he reached over to where his phone lay, battery charging for the night; hand resting over the glass screen, Alex hesitated. The only person he desired to talk to, had already fallen asleep hours before (Alex knowing this, as he had been in the middle of a phone conversation with Jack as he began falling asleep), and he didn't have the heart to disturb Jack's sleep, all because his insomnia was working up again. Slowly retracting his arm, and sliding it back under the warmth of his blanket; Alex squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself with everything he had, to stop thinking and just fall into a light sleep. This process taking a good half hour, resulting with a pleasant state of mind for Alex, allowing him to rest enough to properly function the day after.

"Alex." A soft voice called out to him, in the same tone that a mother would use, to sing her young child a lullaby to sleep with. "Wake up." The higher pitched voice sang out again, causing Alex to groan softly, and stir but not waking. "Wake up my dear Lex."/ It sang out again, using the way his boyfriend would wake him up after their nights spent together.

"Ugh what?" Alex groaned, mind beginning to return to its awakened state.

"Good, you're up." It giggled, sounding like a small girl.

"An' going back to sleep." Alex mumbled, pressing his face back into his pillow, breathing deepening as he fell back into his light sleep.

"You wouldn't want me to use desperate measures, would you?" The voice taunted, drifting closer to Alex. When it realized that he had indeed fallen back asleep, it leaned over; sliding the covers down to the boys waist, revealing his bare back. Slowly placing its long, slim fingers against his skin, Alex shifted, as the cold of its fingers contrasted the warmth of his lower back. Still not pleased with Alex's reaction, it firmly smacked its cold palms against his back, causing the singer to yelp out of both surprise and pain.

"What?!" Alex screamed, rolling over and sitting up to face his tormentor; shaking hands moving to rub the fresh bruises that were appearing on his skin.

"Theres no need to scream at me, I only wish to talk to you." It came in the form of a woman, pale, translucent skin, and a loose fitting white, lace nightgown, contrasted with her dark, flowing hair.

"Can't you talk to me when I'm not trying to sleep?" Alex whimpered, tired and scared as he looked at the woman who was sitting- floating at the foot of his bed.

"I cannot reach you, until your mind is at rest." She explained, chuckling to herself. "How rude, I haven't introduced myself to you yet. I'm Arabelle." She held out a hand to the tired boy, who ran his fingers through his hair. "Is there something wrong Alex?" Arabelle inquired, pulling her hand back, awaiting an answer.

"I've gone insane, I think I see some ghost chick who knows my name.... I have officially lost it." Alex whispered inwardly to himself, eyes darting up to where the woman sat, eyes narrowing.

"Its quite rude when you don't answer someone." She spat

"Its also 'quite rude'" Alex began in a mocking tone, "to fucking wake someone up!"

"You really don't want to see my angry Alex; you wouldn't handle it if I got angry at you. Would you like to know what would happen if I got angry with you Alex?" She whispered, tone suddenly soft and caring.

"What?" Alex asked, trying to calm himself, even though his heart was pounding so fast, he was shocked that it didn't just burst right out of his chest, leaving a bloody mess over his sheets.

"If you make me angry Alex; your little boyfriend- Jack? Is that his name?" She began, causing Alex's jaw to drop, a new anger flooding his eyes. "He, lets say will be more like me." She gestured to herself, a sadistic smirk dancing along her lips.

"I swear if you lay a fucking finger on him-" Alex started, jaw clenched, hands shaking.

"Oh please, you really don't want to threaten me. Especially not after you learned your boyfriends life is the punishment for making me angry." She rolled her eyes, drifting closer to Alex.

"The same punishment goes for if you disobey me." She whispered, smirking at the look of hurt in Alex's eyes.

"Disobey you?" He questioned, trying to keep his voice steady

"Yes, I guess I must explain." She chuckled once again "I'm not just here to make a new friend, or keep you company when your alone and the insomnia you suffer from goes from bad to worse. Not at all. I have a few, favors to ask of you." She started, sitting in silence for a moment to let Alex's tired mind process everything. "I will pay you back for these favors, don't you worry. Except, you must do them. Each within a week of when I ask. Are you understanding so far?" She clarified

"Sort of."

"What don't you understand?" She asked, looking at the content expression Alex held on his face

"How will you pay me back? How many 'favors' are there? And how will I know when you ask me?" He asked, staring down at his hands, which sat lazily in his lap.

"You suffer from insomnia correct? I can fix that, its quite simple. There are 20 favors in total, each ranging in their own difficulty, almost like in a video game, how the missions begin very simple and gain difficulty until their testing your true determination. I will be sure to make it clear to you, and only you when I request a favor. It could be like tonight, or possibly writings on the wall. I do enjoy getting creative with this part of the favors." She answered, looking around his small bedroom. "If this is all the questions you have, I must be going." Arabelle said, in a context of this being her farewell.

"Wait! A couple more." Alex snapped out of his daze, causing the woman to look back over to him, from her place in the darkest corner of his room.

"Yes?" She inquired.

"First, how will I know you can fix insomnia without drugging me right up, and will it fix it forever? And secondly, can I tell Jack about this?" He asked, mind wide awake, probably from the fear.

"I'll prove it to you, tomorrow night; you will have the best, non medication induced sleep you will ever remember; and yes, it will be indefinite. As for telling your boyfriend about this; I wouldn't, for you Alex, are the only mortal being who can see, hear or interact with me. Telling others is all up to your discretion, but remember; with every action, there will be a consequence." Arabelle answered, disappearing from Alex's room only moments after.

The fear getting the better of him, Alex sucked in a breath, tears forming in his eyes; heart slamming harder in his chest as he reached over grabbing his phone and dialing a familiar number; no second thoughts about these actions.

"Mmm, hello?" A tired voice answered, as Alex forced himself to answer.

"J-Jack?" He sobbed, fear taking over his mind

"Alex? Hey, are you alright?" He questioned, voice now awake and filled with concern.

"I, uh, I don't know." He whispered, staring around his dark room, stomach tied in knots.

"Do you want me to come over or something?" Alex heard Jack sliding out of bed and probably pulling clothes on.

"I'm sorry, but yes."

"Don't be sorry, I'll be there in 10." With that, the two exchanged goodbyes and hung up. Leaving Alex to pull his knees to his chest and wait, eyes squeezed closed as he hoped never to hear the soft, cold voice of Arabelle ever again.

Sitting in the dark, silent room for what seemed like hours; Alex jumped when he heard a door open from somewhere in his house.

"Lex? You still awake." Letting out a grateful sigh, Alex muttered a soft "yeah"; smiling weakly as Jack walked in, wearing a dark hoodie and a pair of sweatpants.

"So, is there any exact reason why you called me at 4 in the morning sobbing?" Jack asked, slipping off his hoodie, crawling under the covers beside where Alex lay.

"Well-" Alex started, Arabelles final words of advice echoing in his mind /"with every action there will be a consequence"/; "I just had, a fucking terrible nightmare and I'm really sorry." Alex whispered, hugging the taller boy closer, pressing his face against his neck.

"It's fine, now get some sleep okay?" Jack whispered, hugging Alex as close as he could. "I love you 'Lex."

"Love you too Jack." Alex whispered, eyes falling shut as he lay in the comfort of his boyfriends arms, until his mind was pulled into a light sleep.
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