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Baby You Don't Wanna Know

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"Why? Lex please tell me it wasn't actually you." Jack whimpered, a feeling deep in his chest telling him exactly what he had no interest in hearing

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2:32PM Baltimore Mental Hospital

"Mr.Gaskarth, we have someone here to see you." A nurse announced happily, peeking in to where Alex lay on the cot, eyes scanning his pale white surroundings.

"I've had enough with investigators coming in, and walking on eggshells; acting almost as if I could snap at any moment. Snap and choke them out. I'm sick of it, sick of being a freak, sick of trying to prove my innocence- trying to prove a lie." Alex sighed, sleep deprivation and stress attacking his mood; leaving him to be a pessimistic, antisocial grouch. He had no desire to talk to anyone, for it was always the same. The nurses would lead him into a small little room, sit and constrain him in a chair, only to stand off to the side and watch his every movement, in the way that a hawk would stalk its prey.

"Your visitor isn't an investigator today." She clarified, licking her lips as she went on "He also gave direct instructions not to let you refuse. You must see him." She pushed, causing an agitated groan to well up in Alex's throat.

"Please, I only want to sleep." Alex spat, rolling over.

"I'm sorry Mr. Gaskarth." She apologized, leaving the room abruptly. Her absence gave Alex an odd feeling of peace. The feeling of being alone was all that his body craved, all that he wished to feel.

"Right through here." A male voice directed from the hallway, followed by the sound of Alex's door opening.

"Mr. Gaskarth, you have a visitor." The nurse, a male one this time announced.

"I clearly said I find no interest in visiting." Alex growled, rolling over and looking over to where the nurse stood, a lanky figure behind him.

"'Lex?" Jack's voice filled the silent room, causing Alex's stomach to tighten and grow knotted; he had missed the soothing voice of his boyfriend, every day and night since he had been admitted.

"Jack." Alex whispered back, looking at where his boyfriend stood; looking so far away. "Why, why are you so far?" He whispered, using every ounce of will in his body not to break down sobbing. Without a word, Jack began walking closer to Alex's bed, standing at the metal footboard. "I....I thought I wasn't allowed visitors in my room." Alex whispered, eyes never leaving Jack's face.

"You've been here for 5 months Mr. Gaskarth, and you haven't lashed out at anyone who came to visit. We decided to reward you with this." The nurse explained, standing off in the corner.

"I can't believe it, you're here." Alex whispered, slowly holding out his hand, only to feel himself being pulled tightly into Jack's chest, a feeling he had missed without even realizing.

"Lex," Jack began, face pressed against the older boys neck. "You didn't actually do it did you?" He asked, never moving.

"Hey, I barely get to see you anymore. Lets just enjoy this, and not talk about that." Alex whispered, long fingers brushing lightly through Jack's thick hair, eyes closing as tears burned the back of them.

"We all miss you, you know that right? Me, Rian, Zack, Matt..everyone." Jack whispered, pulling away to look at Alex's face. "Nobody really knows what happened, they all have their own assumptions. But that doesn't matter, we just want you back." Jack whispered, a tear falling down his now red cheek.

"I know, I want to be back. I want to fulfill all the things I promised to you; but I..I don't know when or if I'll ever be able to leave." Alex whispered, a wave of pain and guilt washing over him as he saw the absolute pain that had taken over Jack's features.

"What? No, don't talk like that! You'll be able to. Once you're out we'll do everything we said we would, we're going to." Jack whispered, tears now falling freely as Alex sadly shook his head.

"They said that if I'm found guilty; I face a life in prison." Alex whispered, voice cracking.

"So I lost my boyfriend?!" Jack's tone went from pain to anger in 0.6 seconds flat. His brown eyes filled with anger, as he stood, pushing Alex away. "You did murder them didn't you? You killed innocent people because some fucking ghost told you to?!" He screamed down at Alex; who was now laying in both fear and pain, as he had never seen Jack this angry before. "Fuck you Alex Gaskarth, I hate you. I'm done wasting my time on a lost cause!" He screamed, turning on his heel and storming out of the room; leaving Alex laying there, a ball of pain and rage.


Eyes snapping open, heart slamming painfully against his ribs; Alex took in three deep breaths, running his hand through his hair. It was only a nightmare, Jack hadn't visited him, hadn't broken up with him, hadn't believed he was a murderer. That was a bright side to all of this, as his boyfriend (hopefully after about 5 or 6 months of being apart) still loved him; except he was still locked away, still being tried for murder and tested for any psychological disorder that may have pushed him to believing he was being threatened to do what he did.

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