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The new tower...the game is AIR

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West Tower 1

The combatants were all transported to their starting platform. The first thing they did was look around as to who they were against and who they would try and team up with to merely survive. The West Tower had been split; the others were fighting at exactly the same time. It all came down to who would be eliminated first. The longer they could hold out, the better.
Nami felt really alone now. Being in the same team as Zoro in the last round had enabled her to get through but she knew she was well out of her league. She’d had no contact with most of her crew and wanted to go back to her own world. With her was her Climate Tact rod, which could have minor affects on the weather around her. She began seeing some people leaping from platform to platform to get closer to one another. The largest alliance she was seeing was Natsu Dragneel, Clive Gildartz and Justine Freed-all Fairy Tail mages now together. What appeared to be a bad tactic, the Fairy Tail mages all huddled together on the same platform. This meant they could be targeted at the same time, however with Freed’s rune magic, it placed all rules under their control and thus physical and non-physical attacks would bounce off their defence.

West Tower 2

Some major teams were forming for this selection of combatants in the second West tower round. Gaara had teamed up with Darui in order to take on Deidara. Ikki and Spitfire as fellow ally AT riders formed their own little zone in the corner and played a defensive tactic and didn’t want to get involved.

West Tower 1

There were two other alliances formed quickly, one of the Fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi & Killer Bee, who held two platforms between them. Two platforms were also held by an alliance of Kyoraku Shunsui and Kisuke Urahara, two strong shinigami.
The others appeared to be on their own. Nami wanted to try and get over to Edward Newgate who looked fairly relaxed. She had never properly met him but he appeared to be ok with the Straw Hat Pirates from what she could tell from the Crown Game. She took her time and leapt to free platforms. She was trying to keep a low profile and her route bought her close to some strong looking people. Two men were staring each other out as if prepared to lock into a personal battle. Sasori of the Red Sands and his traitor spy Yakushi Kabuto were ready to fight.

West Tower 2

Yoruichi and Nel from the same world had teamed up to fight a large an incredibly ugly pirate by the name of Big Mom. She was already desperate with her large frame on the platform but she was confident she was strong enough to withstand attacks. Yoruichi used her speed to try and surround her but it didn’t seem to matter, Big Mom had a wide range of vision and low blind spots taking away her advantage. Nel realised what this battle was going to turn into and remained where she was.
The real interesting matchup was a four-way-battle. All of them pirates. Pirate Hunter Zoro, Captain Tashigi the female swordswoman from the Marines, X-Drake the former Rear Admiral turned Pirate and the Sergeant of Slaughter Killer of the Kid Pirates. X-Drake may normally have had the advantage however the small platforms meant he couldn’t use his Devil Fruit power to turn into a T-Rex. All of them were fast, all could use Haki.

West Tower 1

Kabuto had his snake tails coming out from the back of his robe, which were a great defense from behind him. Sasori withdrew his Kazekage model puppet. As they began attacking each other, a platform imploded. It wasn’t near Nami but she realised she was in a dire situation. Then her senses went crazy. Despite being inside an arena she could feel a storm coming, as she looked around she could see it was coming from a mysterious man wearing a baseball cap. She didn’t know what this guy was, but somehow he could control wind.
Takuechi Sora the Wind King prepared for an enormous gust of wind. He exploded it outwards from his platform. To the Fairy Tail alliance, the wind wouldn’t get through the Rune Barrier. The Shinigami used sword techniques to slice at the air and minimise its effect. Killer Bee withdrew some tentacles to hold him and Mei to their respective platform. The rest had methods too. Former Admiral Aokiji now known as Kuzaru simply iced his feet to the floor to hold him in position. Sasori used Iron Sand to block the wind so that he could fight Kabuto uninterrupted. From the corner of her eye she caught someone falling from a platform. A small man who had been concealed by illusion couldn’t withstand the power of the wind and so ended Viper’s time in the Tower. Nami would never be bested by weather and her climate tact negated the wind effect around her.

West Tower 2

There was a clash of weapons. All were trying to take the other out whilst protecting themselves. Zoro and Killer wanted to fight each other one-on-one but they were not going to get that luxury. X-Drake wanted to take down Tashigi who was in the Navy as a Captain. Overhead, Gaara chased Deidara with his sand and Darui waited as a defensive measure if anyone tried to attack them from close range. Not that they were to know but this wasn’t needed. Nobody was going to attack them. Juvia waited in the background and didn’t want to fight, Reborn was the same.

West Tower 1

More wind attacks were hurled towards them all. Nami focused the wind through her Clima Tact, but as she did so her back was facing Sasori and Kabuto fighting. In the midst of their battle, a wall of iron sand crashed down near her causing her to fall from the platform.

West Tower 2

With everybody fighting Tashigi was the one to lapse in concentration first, which Killer capitalised on and sent her off the platform. Zoro was upset at this but couldn’t lose his nerve.
Away from these platforms, Yoruichi and Nel just needed to keep Big Mom on the platform and stop her movement, eventually her platform collapsed, taking her down with it and thus ending the round.

Eliminated-Viper, Nami, Tashigi, Big Mom
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