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South Tower

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Crossover,Drama - Characters: Hinata,Kakashi,Rock Lee,Sasuke,Shikamaru,Tsunade - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2013-12-04 - 1012 words

South Tower 1

The battle had commenced. Uchiha Sasuke found himself facing off against some old comrades, however he looked completely unfazed. Nara Shikamaru, Hyuuga Hinata and Rock Lee were a small force that wanted to knock Sasuke out of the competition. Shikamaru was already in the process of trying to figure out a way to tackle Sasuke without facing his genjutsu techniques. Makarov and Gajeel both from the Fairy Tail guild had joined forces, there were another two in Tsuna the 10th Vongola leader and Kozato Enma the 10th Simon leader. Neither of them were after a fight, but the mages were a little intrigued to test out their strength against other combatants. Whilst Nue the Thunder King and Aeon Clock wanted to fight one another, Captain Shanks and Shiryu of the Rain also prepared themselves for battle.

South Tower 2

This was the tower of teams-strong teams at that. Konan and Nagato were together. The Shinigami team of Ukitake Jushiro, Kuchiki Byakuya, Madarame Ikkaku and Kurosaki Ichigo were the strongest team there. Tsunade was allied with Hatake Kakashi who faced off against the pirate team of Eustass ‘Captain’ Kid and Blackbeard. The last alliance were the AT riders Kazu and Kilik. This left the 9th Vongola Mafia leader to himself, an elderly gentleman with decreasing fighting capabilities.

South Tower 1

Lee had taught himself how to fight against a Sharingan user from his sensei. The issue was he needed to keep moving at risk of being engulfed in the black flames of Ameterasu or hitting Sasuke’s Susanoo. Hinata was careful not to be caught in any genjustu techniques, but use her Byakugan to detect any coming attacks Sasuke was about to use. Both of them however were running a distraction for Shikamaru to think of a strategy. As Sasuke began to be cocky, the platform he was on collapsed meaning he had to jump to another one. As he landed, the ground underneath him cracked and a black tentacle-like object came out and seemed to halt his movement. Shikamaru’s shadow technique had caught him. A little agitation swept across his face but he was by no means concerned. “Shikamaru, release me now and I will spare all the Konoha ninja for this round.” Shikamaru didn’t know how to answer, Sasuke was by no means unable to do anything even if he was caught. For now this seemed like the best option and surprisingly he did release Sasuke from the shadow bind.
As soon as Sasuke was free, he raced towards him. Lee with his speed was able to meet him around halfway and block a few attacks before Sasuke’s electric attacks took control of Lee. Shikamaru had been tricked. Sasuke never intended on letting any of them go and he was going to accept his fate, when Hinata was his saviour. She came from nowhere with her dragon fist and powered through Sasuke’s defences leaving a nasty internal wound in Sasuke’s body causing him to vomit up blood. He retreated immediately. Hinata took no backwards steps and chased inwards before Shikamaru could tell her otherwise. Despite attacking, she accidently got caught in a genjutsu and almost willingly jumped from one of the platforms to be eliminated.

South Tower 2

Eustass couldn’t help himself. Seeing a competitor by himself, he dealt quickly with Timoteo the 9th Vongola. Now he and his partner Blackbeard were up against Tsunade and Kakashi. It was strange that Kakashi seemed to have more than one Devil Fruit ability. Blackbeard’s darkness was able to absorb most of them however meaning they would need physical attacks to best them. When a nearby platform fell, Tsunade caught it, broke the top part off and began wielding it like a club weapon. She was by far the physically strongest there and with small amounts of room to manoeuvre, this weapon she had was going to make things difficult. As she swiped it, forcing he and his partner to be extra careful. Kakashi used his speed to get in close, an electric attack coming out of his hand almost killed Captain Kid. Blackbeard luckily absorbed some of the electricity from his attack in time or it would have gone straight through his body. Kakashi didn’t retrace his steps though, his Sharingan soon caught Blackbeard in an genjutsu. Tsunade batted both of them off the platform and this time Kid saved Blackbeard getting a giant metal hand to clutch him and place him back on the platform. The ninja team were pressuring the pirates, till the Shinigami team interrupted and attacked the ninjas.
Ikkaku wanted to take on Tsunade’s monstrous strength, whilst Byakuya was intrigued by Kakashi. Byakuya scattered his sword into tiny fragments which could slice a man to pieces, but Kakashi’s sharingan could see them all clearly causing him to retreat. Tsunade caught Ikkaku’s weapon with her bare hand and tried to throw him off. Ichigo saved Ikkaku but didn’t want to get involved in this scuffle. Ikkaku attacked again and Tsunade retreated to another platform. Immediately as Ikkaku landed he knew something was wrong. His feet were stuck to the ground. Tsunade was the slug queen, she had summoned a slug in secret who had laid a sticky substance on the ground. An explosive tag thrown into the pillar of the platform caused it to collapse, taking it and Ikkaku down. He smiled as he had lost completely but had so much fun against Tsunade.

South Tower 1

As Aeon Clock was falling off the platform, he smiled to himself. “That damn Nue, he has spent some time making himself even stronger.” He was the final one to be eliminated not believing he was bowing out so early. Nue felt accomplished, the fruits of his training since the Gram Scale Tournament in his own world has indeed paid off, he was the greatest Thunder King in the history of AT riders now, defeating Aeon Clock who was by no means an easy opponent.

-Eliminated: Hyuuga Hinata, Timoteo, Madarame Ikkaku & Aeon Clock
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