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If Not One Thing, Then Another

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"Fiona, I-" With a simple bending of her elbow, she raised her hand to the level of my mouth, as if to tell me that she didn't want to hear my explanation. Then she turned around and followed Shrek back to their tent. Farcle looked at the boy who was almost executed, then he looked to me.
"You've really screwed up. You screwed this up for all of us." As he said that he motioned to the crowd of ogres still in their seats. He turned to them and announced, "Everyone can resume their duties now. There's nothing else to see here." We stayed and watched as they all left the small stadium.

After the ogres left, so did Farcle and I. We went to go "walk around". I didn't know whether to be alert or not. Shrek did tell him to "get rid" of me. I just hope that didn't mean the worst.
After what seemed like a thousand miles, we had reached a clearing. Somehow, it looked all too familiar. I walked into the middle of it, not even noticing that Farcle had stopped walking.
"Do you know what this place is?" he asked.
"Yes. I do. Did you bring me here on purpose?" No answer. "Why did you bring me here, Farcle?"
"Because. You may not be my sister. Flesh and blood. But her blood does run through your veins. And this is where she brought you. To be a part of you. To somehow let you know that she chose you to hold her spirit. To keep her soul still alive. To show us that she's still here. To prove to our people that she still lives on, through you... You are my sister."
"No, Farcle, I'm Not your sister." I told him as I looked up at all the trees, realizing that I'm in the exact spot Felicia wanted me in to change me.
"Now, you will be."
What's that supposed to mean?? "Wait! Farcle-" I was stopped again by the sun.

Ow. Ugh. Oh, I remember this feeling all too well. The body ache. The pain.
I look up to the sky. The moon? That's different. Much more different than last time. Last time, it wasn't the moon, it was still the sun. I don't get what happened this time.
I slowly get on my feet. "Farcle?" I called. "Farlce!" Still no answer. I just began running. Somewhere, anywhere, to find someone.
I come across a small, rundown shack. It looked like it was once a home.
I slowly walk towards the house with caution, with my hands in readied fists for protection.
"Hello? Is anybody here? Hello?" I gently knock on the door.
The split second I stopped knocking, someone bursts the door open, sending me back flying across the dirt. "Who dares knock on my door?" the ogre roared. This ogre, he seemed as thought he was about my age, if not a year older.
"Who are you?" I simply asked, being quick to get back on my feet.
"What's it to you?" He placed his hands on his hips.
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