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Chapter Six: Trust

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You know it's trust when you invite them over.

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My apologies, I did not intend to neglect you guys but I have been quite busy. Hopefully I will get a new chapter done just to make it up. Please inform me if you see any mistakes.

After three weeks of detention. two weeks of rejecting Gerard's invites to hang out, four weeks of hanging out with Ray, and one week of contemplation, I decide I am well accustomed to Gerard enough, to invite him over at my place.He seems to be my only friend at school, -sometimes I wonder why I never bothered to make friends, and how I made it this far in school alone- and I believe I like him well enough to visit my dwelling. I'm not very keen of people knowing personal things about me, that including where I live or my phone number. In general I am not very keen of people. But I believe Gerard has surpassed my expectations of a decent human, and has now moved from an acquaintance to a close acquaintance.

It is a Friday afternoon full of rushing wind, and falling leaves in preperation of autumn, when I ask Gerard if he would like to come over.
"Huh?" He replies, eyes alight with surprise and excitement. I laugh at his expression, his mouth slightly ajar, cigarette hanging from his lips, threatning a great fall.
" I said, would you like to come over at my place today?" I reply, slowly, mockingly with a smile on my face, a breath away from snorting in amusement.
"No I heard you." He recovers, taking a puff from his cigarette.
" Ok.. well?" Unceartainty coils around my words.
"I'm quite suprised Frankie boy." He smirks, and I can't stop the chuckle from crawling out of my mouth.
"Why?" I ask, Gerard doesn't seem like the type of guy to get suprised easily, he seems to know what's going to happen and when, as if he has a timeline written on his palm, making everything predictably unsuprising.
" Because it took you ten weeks to ask me, I was expecting a longer time. Then of course,I do seem like the only person you like in this blasted school. You also have slight trust issues," He holds his hand up before I protest as he sees my coutenance furrow ," and you're quite elusive with who you talk to hence, why you don't trust anyone. I'm just quite suprised that you trust me enough, I'm not sure how much, to take me where you live." He smiles. Well it's all very obvious I suppose, people are quite untrustworthy.
"You flattering yourself Gerard? Is it working?" I tease at him, it's true I trust him enough, even though he does seem quite shady, then again a lot of people seem quite shady, I don't know if it's my trusts issues making him appear so or not, it doesn't really matter. He laughs, and puts off his cigarette once the bell for the end of lunch rings.
"Maybe," He chuckles, "And yes I would like to know where you live." He replies with a mock tone of a stalker and I laugh as we make towards the school.
" Ok we'll meet here." I say, pointing towards a tree near the entrance of the school.
" 'Kay," He replies, souding like an excited child.

We part our ways and head towards our classes. I shoot the shit in my remaining classess and manage to block everyone out. Finishing all my homework with a satisfied nod, I smile to myself and take a nap during the last twenty minutes or so of school left. I don't dream about anything other than the falling leaves, the changing shades of red orange and yellow like a painting of watercolor. I only dream about the cold breeze and the rushing of wind dancing with the leaves. And I only dream about the harvested agriculture on a bright sunny autumn day, and the clutching of apples from up above from the branches of trees.

I wake up in a hazy blur of tranquility when the bell rings. Then I leisurely make my way outside the school to meet up with Gerard. My steps are slow and sluggish, pursued by the sound of my converse tapping against the floor. Tap, hit then rest, as I pick my feet up to take a step. The pattern continues on as I make it towards the door, tap, hit, then rest. I find the sound quite soothing, and I smile feeling high of my own air. My muscles feel loose, and for once in this detested, tedious, week I feel calm, and relaxed. I make it outside the school doors, a cool breeze rushing in, making my small frame shiver. I look around and see Gerard next to the tree, looking up ahead, his back facing me, and his raven head of hair dancing about freely. I walk towards to him and he seems to have noticed my presence because he turns around and smirks at me. I mockingly glare at him.

"Well then, Frank?" He inquires mouth tilted and eyes shining. I roll my eyes at him.
"Follow me." I say.

We make it past the school's parking lots. Dodging cars and students swiftly. As I walk faster away from school, as I always do in order to avoid everyone, Gerard pulls something out from his leather jacket. I glance at him as he stretches the hand with the said object towards me. I look at him questionly, then at the hand, that he is extending so gracefully towards me with a orangish/reddish apple in tow. I pluck it gingerly from his hand.
" It's an Adams Permian apple." He states, as he sees me holding the apple and staring curiously at its lopsided form.
"Uh, thanks." I reply, unceartainly. Then to evade my awkwardness at someone being kind to me, I ask, " Do you always carry apples around?" My brows are furrowed
"Only on convinient occasions." He grins
"How the fuck do you know the names of all of them?"
"Because I'm intrested in them." His head nods from side to side, a weird notion I have yet seen, it makes him almost look childish.
"Ah ok, cool." I reply.

We continue our way towards my house. The wind tickles our hair and brushes our cheeks, and I shiver -being sensitive to the cold-. As we make it near my house, we pass by an old tree, shedding leaves like the second skin of a snake, and showering us in orange. I smile, as I hear the satisfying crunch of stepping on leaves. And Gerard giggles at me, probably because it was quite childish, or maybe because of my expression, I don't know. But then, as we make it across the front lawn of my house -too lazy to use the sidewalk- he grabs my shoulder. I stop and my heart starts to pound in..panic? And plucks an orange leave from my hair, spinning around his fingers with a smile. I cough. I direct him towards my door, and with few effort, unlock it. I open the door, walking inside with Gerard following after me, we are greeted with warmth.

I look at him awkwardly, unsure now that he is inside, no one from school has ever been inside my house and now that Gerard is here I am not so sure if I like it. I've always been a bit territorial, but that's because it's quite obvious that peoples' homes are private. On entering a house one could find out many things, and it's sort of intruding in a weird kinda way. Yet, as I look at Gerard waiting for me to say something, his hair a wind swept mess, and warm eyes directed towards me, -possibly because he seems to know what I am thinking- he doesn't seem to be intruding.

"Well know that you know where I live, you can stalk me." I deadpan. He chuckles.
"I do believe this knowledge is quite usefull to me." He remarks with a sly smile, as he looks around my house.
"It's nice in here." He comments, I shift, "Well then, Frankestein, are you going to show me to your room, or am I gonna have to find it myself?" He lifts an eyebrow.
"Uh, uh. Not with that tone mister." I mockingnly shake my head at him.
"Want anything to drink?" I ask, walking to the kitchen I open the fridge in look for something he might like.
"Anything you have Frankie." He calls from the living room. Hmm ok, I pull out two cokes from the fridge.
"Ooh I like coke." He says, his voice loud in my ear, frightening me, -I didn't here him come- and I splutter and wince then after three seconds give a late reaction shout. He laughs, as I glare at him.
"None for you." I say, yet I hand him the coke.

Leaving the kitchen, I show him to my room, and as I open the door, he lets out a low whistle, impressed I believe. I close the door, throw my back pack in the corner and flop down on my bed, he comes near me and before I tell him he can sit, he perches on the edge of my bed. I uncomfortably shift, then sit up, pulling the apple he gave me out of my jacket. I clutch the apple and inspect it, turning it around as I fiddle awkwardly with it. We sit in silence, I am quite nervous for a reason I don't know and he lets out an awkward cough, probably sensing my nerves. He shifts a little, then lays down vertically from my bed, long legs hanging of it. Then he lets out a loud laugh, startling me.

"Ok no more being weird, Frankestein." He excalimes, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bag of weed.
"Wanna get high?" He gives me a sly smile and I return it gratefully. I laugh at him.
"I got a lighter." I say, though he all ready knows.

"Well, then. Light me up baby." I laugh at the pet name. His eyes sparkle with mischieviousness and I compliment with an equally mischievious smile.

Oh boy.

Hope you guys enjoy it, next chapter will have all interaction. please R&R
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