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No Worries

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Mythical Night

Chapter III

No Worries

Naruto yawned as he woke up feeling groggy and like all his muscles had turned to jelly and led all at once. He pealed his eyes open and weakly looked up to the sky. The sun seemed to have just risen so he can only guess that it's early morning. He felt well resting considering his aches.

He was soon startled as he looked down to check his body over and realised some tightness in his clothes. It felt uncomfortable and restrictive. He had gotten used to not wearing them. He had felt free and relaxed after a while with Kyuu-chan without them but knows he can't go running around naked, the villagers will say he's lost his mind and try killing him.

He figured he needs some new airier clothes for better movement, and possibly some new colours. He likes orange but he likes other colours too, and if he gets something orange a darker colour would be preferable.

However, he has that evil cat sleeping on his lap wearing a little red ribbon around her neck with her name on it. He sighed; he can't really blame Tora the Cat for being a runaway and wanting to stay away. If he had to deal with that fat woman who owns her squeezing the life out of him while trying to give him a 'hug', he shivered at the thought of how fast he would flee.

Rolling his eyes, he stroked the black and white cats head and she started purring a proper kitty purr as she slowly woke up. She just seemed to blink in surprise as she looked at him before snuggling up to his hand.

"Crap girl, I feel like shite," he muttered as he cranked his neck. "Well, I'm hungry and need a snack or something for breakfast. I've had one hell of a dream," he said chuckling as he carefully scooped the purring feline into his arms and shakily stood up trying to shake of his muscle strain, he's sure he's felt worse before.

The cat seemed content to let him carry her as he walked through the woods stroking her fur. It's not as soft as Kyuu's fur, nowhere near in fact. How does a sealed demon keep her fur that soft anyway? It isn't as if she can buy any conditioner is it?

It took a little while to exit the forest that the sun was high up in the sky and he figured it's at least half-eight, half-nine. The academy teachers never cared for teaching these things as there're too boring, or the most 'awesome' 'genius' students don't want to know so they're practically looked over.

He smiled as he ignored all of the early morning glares he had received before taking a seat at the ramen stand where the old owner smiled at him.

Naruto smiled in return as he placed Tora down on the counter and she sat and cleaned her front paws. "Hey old man, can I get two large breakfast ramen, and a bowl of tuna for my friend and a bowl of water for her and an orange juice for me."

"Right on it Naruto," he replied cheerfully. "So no team meeting today?" he asked with a smile as he gestured the cat. "Or have you decided to take a mission from the cat to protect her from the next genin team?"

Naruto laughed as the old man placed down a bowl for the cat with some water before placing down Naruto's first bowl of ramen and cat and boy ate.

"Na old man, I just fell asleep outside and she had slept on my lap," he replied shrugging. "I feel a little sore so I won't be doing that again in a hurry."

"Trust you, Naruto," he said shaking his head as he poured the boy some fresh orange and placed it beside his plate. "You should be more careful where you sleep; there are some wild animals that could be dangerous."

"Will do," he agreed as his now empty bowl was soon replaced and dug in to the new one. "I was just out training, and took a rest, and fell asleep…"

"Oh, hey Naruto…!"

He was interrupted as a large boy with swirls on his cheeks entered with a grin. "I fancied some breakfast ramen this morning, too, and this place is best," he said smiling as he took a seat next to Naruto and the cat. "Sensei said me and my team can have the weekend off, what about you?"

He shrugged thoughtfully. "Well, I suppose since I really don't have much to do I could get a D rank mission by myself since my team has the week off after our first C rank mission."

"Well it's some pocket money, that's for sure," he replied as he got his first bowl. "I almost thought you were doing that now with Tora," he said gesturing the cat.

"Yeah, well, I was also thinking of getting a change of clothes since I'm off," he said looking thoughtfully down at his orange. "I feel like something different, you know? I feel a little constrained in these."

The large boy just chuckled nodding his head. "Sure, I get it man… a guy has to mix it up every once in a while."

"Right you are Choji," he readily agreed as he checked Tora had finished and stood to leave picking her up. "Recommend a good place…?"

"Well, there's this place my family owns that's pretty good," he said in thought. "They even add on family symbols and stuff while you wait if you wanted, or you can just order and they deliver."

"Thanks," he replied eagerly as Choji gave him the address. "Thanks, old man,… see you later but I've decided to cut back on this kind of food. I hear its keeping me short."

"Yeah, I've been telling you that," he called out as Naruto quickly left. He sighed and turned to Choji. "It seems like something's different about him."

"Yeah, let's hope he changes colours," he agreed smilingly.

It had been a few hours and Naruto was walking into the Hokage Tower with Tora walking beside him. The strong looking man who ran the ninja shop he had visited had surprised him. He has a young daughter who seems weapon happy and is on that fuzzy brow boys' team.

They had both been very nice, and though Naruto's flirting skills are minimal to non-existent he got Tenten blushing a little. Her father didn't even seem to mind. He was just being himself, so maybe he always had it, but concentrating on a devoted Sasuke fan-girl like Sakura never gave him a chance to realise or something like that.

Naruto was now kitted out with some really-good weapons and is no longer wearing a complete eye saw like bright orange. He's wearing baggy black combat trousers and black half boots and a hugging lose armoured (yet thin) sleeveless tee shirt.

He's got a black belt with a black pouch on his right and two shuriken holsters on the other side with loads of hidden tiny throwing knives around it. Then he's wearing a dark orange leather jacket with a baggy firm hood with black lining, and on the back of the jacket a huge black spiral as a mark of his clan with a smaller one over his right pocket.

The jacket has a few pockets on it, as well as some hidden compartments. However, he had also changed the material his forehead protector is on for a dark orange too. The reason he's wearing boots is quite sound and if not for Kyuu wouldn't have realised that exposed toes… more delicate than fingers is a stupid idea for people who kick the shit out of each other for their job.

He looked pretty-good, his jacket left undone for quick removal as it does, by design hamper movement a little, Tenten's dads idea, and weighs nicely for added assistance while training or just going about his business.

Naruto got some surprised looks while walking up the stairs to see the Hokage. He had only gone to that shop as Choji recommended it, and found his new favourite place. In addition, to getting all his wear and tears, and his weapons untainted he'll get to see Tenten's cute smiling face when she's in.

He ran his right hand through his mess of blonde hair and made a mental note to remember to pick up the rest of his order later in the evening before bed. He could have had it delivered but didn't want them to lose custom by having them delivering to his apartment, plus it's a shitty neighbourhood and district full of crime and he didn't want Tenten going there if he can help it.

He almost laughed as the sectary (who glares in hate when he come with Kakashi but can't do anything) almost didn't get up to stop him. It was amusing as she sat at her desk with her mouth hanging open before she got up in a raging temper.

She had charged at him only for him to side step, trip her and one gentle nudge in the back and she went flying out of the open window behind him screaming as she fell several floors too… possibly her doom but more than likely she'll survive.

She may only be a weak forever-chunin genius-worshiper, (the reason she could never improve, because she doesn't think she could because of her genius worship. She's one of those that believes only 'genius-ninja' can be strong, or that there is such a thing as 'genius-ninja', which proves the existence of stupid-ninja at least). However, she's still and ninja so should at the very least survive the fall.

Though, if she does just go splat, it isn't like the Hokage will miss her. He complains about her on a regular bases so maybe if she does go splat he'll get someone halfway competent. Anyway, bitch attacked him, so he is within his personal right to throw the weak bitch out of the window. He was stronger than her before he ever met Kyuu.

Naruto shrugged with a smile as he pressed the seal-ran intercom thing on her desk. Though, not before wondering whether he could get a book on seals like that, they could become useful in the future. He'll have to remember to look around, and steal one if he has too.

"Hokage-sama, Genin Uzumaki is here to see you…" he said, turning his voice softer but gruffer, imitating that woman's sickeningly sweet voice that she uses, which in his opinion is shudder worthy, and sounded evil. He's pretty good at imitation, and congratulated himself on his mimicry.

"Umm… send him in," he replied sounding confused, and Naruto knew that if she were to tell him he's here she would have been rude and called him a brat or something.

Naruto laughed as he barged into the old man's office and closed the door. The old man was sat behind his desk looking at him in surprise having. He had paused his paperwork and whatever else he was doing with Team 8, which is Hinata's team, and some huge fat woman.

"My Tora…!" the fat woman cried out as she saw the cat, said cat hiding behind Naruto's leg as he promised to protect her as his first official mission to become a hero. He smiled at the purl-eyed Hinata Hyuuga with short purple hair with tails of hair either side of her head over her ears.

The thirteen-year-old girl looked to him with some gentle eyes. It's a surprise her family can be dick-heads to her… don't they have hearts? She has beautiful soft pale skin and some black bicycle shorts, blue ninja sandals with a thick white jacket hiding whatever lovely assets she has hidden.

Hinata has a slender form, but a little more meat by way of muscle than these twig girls he sees around (Sakura), which makes him wonder why he bothered with that pinky. Her thighs look nice, even hidden by her shorts and looking knows she has a great butt. He just wishes he could see her in a slender top to see was she's hiding under her jacket, but all in good time and maybe she'll show him.

Naruto was brought out of his staring while Hinata's face was burning red as his eyes roamed her, (she was looking faint, so was thankful for the distraction), and no one else seemed to notice as the fat woman ran forward to collect the cat. However, a cool glare from Naruto stopped her to her in her tracks, surprise.

"My apologies My Lady," he said bowing formally to make sure he doesn't offend her and lose the genin her business. "However, I have agreed to assist Miss. Tora as it has come to my attention that she has a few perfectly legitimate reasons for running away so often."

"S-she does…?" the woman asked looking completely baffled and she wasn't the only one who secretly wondered whether he could talk to cats.

He nodded his head with a kind smile to disarm her. "Yes, and I've decided to tell you what they are because I don't care how much money you recklessly waste hiring us to capture her. She is an innocent creature and should be heard."

"W-what's wrong, Tora?" she asked in worry looking at the cat as she peeked from behind Naruto's legs before looking to Naruto for the answer.

He smiled a little more to keep her on his side and nodded his head in gratitude. It is had always been quite simply for him to lie, or bend the truth, it's just he had never cared to get away with it before, even though he's not lying, he still has to convince her, so it takes the same skills, which are good for a ninja.

"Well, first, she's a CAT," he said making sure to say the last word louder to emphasise his point of her species. "She'll want to go out to do her business and hang out with other cats, and hunt mice and small birds like other cats. Then next, she doesn't want or need all of that people food because it's bad for her, just some fish and white meets for a treat, but otherwise normal cat-chow, and last, but most important, you smother her in your gigantic bosom."

He glared at the Hokage, Team 8's jonin-sensei, Kurenai Yuri, and genin-Kiba for snickering before turning a smile to the large woman. "And If she wants to cuddle she'll come to you. If you want a pet that will stay in and let you fuss obsessively over it, get a dog!"

"Hey, are you saying cats are better than dogs?" the wild bog tamer ninja Kiba demanded while the white puppy on his head barked in offence.

"B-but if she goes out…" she interrupted, and ignored the dog lover in worry.

However, Naruto interrupted before she tried to give reasons for keeping her in all the time and tried not to roll his eyes. "Cats are very smart. They can find their way home, and remember where they live. You just need to put in a kitty-door. I'm sure you can hire a genin team to go and get one and install it into your door at home for her."

"So… this door will let my Tora come and go when she wants?" she asked hopefully. He nodded with a reassuring smile. "And… I shouldn't force her to sit with me?"

"Of course not… she wants to feel free just like you do," he agreed smiling wider as he picked up the frightened cat and placed her in the ladies waiting arms. "Ease up, she won't fall. She has better balance than any of us. That's it, and when you pet her be soft and mindful. Cats are strong but you're a larger lady, so you're stronger and could easily hurt her."

She smiled as Tora started purring. "Wow, she's never stayed so still. You are wonderful, what is your name?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, My Lady," he said with a bow hoping she doesn't go hateful suddenly but he was surprised.

She smiled brightly. "Well, Uzumaki-san, thank you for helping me. Hokage-sama I wish to have this nice young man paid for the retrieval ten times over. Also, would it be possible for this nice young man to join this team in getting me some kitty-doors and fitting them for my dear Tora?"

The Hokage looked a little baffled before shrugging. "Well, umm… I guess that's perfectly fine… let's say, expect them between nowish and four if that's OK by you?"

"Of course," she replied smiling before turning back to Naruto. "And thank you again, Uzumaki-san. I'll be sure to recommend you to everyone I know that you are an honourable shinobi of Konoha!" she said smiling before she left the office closing the door after her.

"Honourable, you… more like moron…?" Kiba mocked looking annoyed. "But I suppose fitting a cat doors better than hunting that monster!"

"Kiba-kun, don't be m-mean to Naruto-kun," Hinata timidly tried to reprimand him, her cheeks alit red as she hoped to impress Naruto. "N-Naruto-kun had-had just done something nice for that lady," she finished off blushing brighter and trying not to look at her crush even though she wants to.

"Yes, well, Kurenai," the old man Hokage said with a sigh to Team 8's Jonin-sensei as he pulled out some money and handed it over to the black haired, red eyed beauty. "Just-just bring back a receipt so we can charge her the extra for the cat door."

She shrugged and nodded as she figured she can teach them a little about menial labour while fitting the door. "Well, come on you four, it looks like we have a mission," she said smiling at them.

"Sweet," Naruto said with a grin as he followed them out of the door. "Now I'll be able to see how a non-Uchiha worshiper does things," he said closing the door after him.

The old man sighed and felt only mildly concerned by the large clan symbol on Naruto's back. It isn't like he could find out the truth, and if he did he would have said something wouldn't he? Naruto's just going for a new look and has gotten fed up with his team enough to actually start showing it. It's not-uncommon, so no need to start worrying about Naruto getting angry at him just yet. He had that spiral on his old clothes so probably got attached to it or something like that.

If only he could do more for the boy. The only thing he can do right now is allow Naruto to go out on missions with other teams. Though, if he could find a team in need of a transfer, or something like that he would get Naruto off him team ASAP, but he needs to be slippery when dealing with this. Though, for the time being sending him out with other teams, the other teachers can give Naruto some guidance without any of the Council or moronic interlopers sprouting shit ass traditions to get in the way.

Sometimes he feels like half of his village are traitors just out to fill their own pockets or just get vengeance on the Kyuubi by tormenting and ruining Naruto's life. Someday he can see Naruto just not taking their crap anymore and striking back. He hopes he's alive to see the day when Naruto shows them.

Naruto whistled as he walked beside the blushing and cute purple haired, purl-eyed thirteen-year-old girl who stalks him. "So Hinata-chan…" the suffix almost made her pass out but made him smile wider. "I know what you do in your spare time…" he teased with a grin while she paled and looked sick, her cute little cheeks tinting green.

He leant in closer so their teammates up ahead wouldn't hear. "My senses are very acute," he said causing her to neatly collapse out cold, but he caught her, scooped her light form into his arms, and carried her without missing a beat.

"What did you do…?" Kurenai asked as she looked round to check on them, an eyebrow raised in suspicion.

He gave her a sheepish grin. "Umm… sorry, I was just teasing her and she passed out, don't worry. It was my bad so I'll carry her. I haven't seen her go for more than a few minutes at a time… maybe we should get her checked out, maybe she has some kind of illness?" he suggested reasonably.

"Maybe we should get you checked out for stupidity," Kida said laughingly as if he actually said something amusing, though it was only him laughing.

Naruto just shrugged as he made a mental note to study up some healing stuff, or at least that medical scan thing, or whatever, Kyuu didn't even mention it things like that. She's more about the ass kicking and fighting.

"OK, just be careful with her," Kurenai said as she slapped Kiba's head while glaring at him in annoyance. She's starting to have enough with his lip and rudeness. "And can you stop being an ass or I'll have to speak with your mother."

Kiba paled worse than Hinata had. "Oh, gods no, please don't," he said worried but everyone knew he would shortly forget the treat and continue on being a moron, or offensive in some way.

"Then stop being a fool, you're not funny and just making yourself look stupid," she replied rolling her eyes and half wondering whether she's allowed to beat some sense into him with a few swift punches. "Anyway, here we are… Kiba, since you don't know how to behave, come and help me pick out the cat door."

"N-no way," he said looking up at the building with a quiver. "My family runs this place, and… my sister runs the vets here… what if she's here, working, and not on a mission or at home or something?"

"Well, if she is in and you don't come… who knows what I might tell her, understand?" she demanded while he nodded, scared, but she knows it won't last. "Good, now, Naruto, Shino, pleased wait here with Hinata, we shouldn't be long, so we don't all need to go and find this thing."

She then led Kida away and into the shop just as Hinata was coming too, and before she passed out again Naruto slid her back onto her feet and moved a little further back from her. She staggered a little and looked confused, but Shino's eyebrow actually rose behind his round sunglasses, impressed.

Naruto shrugged sheepishly. "It took five pass outs once before I realised she was really that embarrassed to wake up in my arms," he quickly said before Hinata got her bearings blinking sleep from her eyes baffled.

"Err, oh, S-Shino-kun… N-N-Naruto-kun," the sweet stalker stuttered out wondering and worried whether that was just a dream and she spaced out, her cheeks bright red with confusion. "W-what… umm…"

"Don't worry Hinata-chan," Naruto said smilingly. "Stick with me," he said leading her into the pet store with Shino shrugging as he followed them. "It's better than the bushes," he teased as they walked passed some fuzzy bunnies.

Naruto quickly grabbed a fluffy white rabbit out of its pen as he saw her about to go to dream land, and plopped it into her arms, startling her. She just looked at the tiny thing as it looked up at her with little pink twitchy nose. She had just forgot about passing out as she smiled, petting the cute little things soft fur.

"Maybe you should take Kiba's place on this team," Shino suddenly said as Hinata is distracted playing with the bunny. Naruto looked to him in surprise and he shrugged. "All Kiba wants is confrontation and just makes fun of her, and I'm not much of a people person, but you seem to know how to treat her and other people with respect."

"I think…" Naruto agreed as he smiled while looking back at Hinata as she put the bunny back and stroked some others. "She doesn't have a clue how incredible she can be you know… but I do," he said the last three words looking back to the other boy. "I'm tired of being the weak fool, and I think deep down, she's tired of being the timid weakling… and no matter how strong we get, or how much stronger, people like Kiba will always believe he is better or stronger, but I don't care about that anymore. I'll let my actions speak for themselves."

"I too have problems with predigest," he agreed with a nod. "But all we can do is become better, stronger, and not let their foolishness get to us, or we'll become just as bad as them. I refuse to be like them."

He nodded with a smile before turning back to Hinata and playing with the rabbits with her. She had actually talked with him about them without stuttering much. It was nice… not only is she beautiful, kind, and sweet, but a beautiful person and he made a promise to help her the same way Kyuu had helped him as she doesn't have a monstrous powerhouse from another world to save her.

"Hey, you three," Kurenai called out as she came to their aisle a little while later having looked around for them after she found them missing from out front. "Come on, let's get going and install the cat door, stop playing with the bunnies," she said rolling her eyes as even Shino had been petting a bunny.

Naruto smiled as he stood up after placing both his and Hinata's bunny away and offered his hand to her. She smiled while blushing as she let him pull her up, and she found herself walking with him near holding his arm.

They followed Kurenai out of the store where Kiba waited while sulking with the cat door in its box in his arms. He just gave Naruto, Hinata, and Shino a cold look for making him wait. Though, it had no effect on either Naruto or Shino, Hinata let go of Naruto's hand looking ashamed as if she had done something wrong.

"Don't we need to go and get some tools?" Naruto asked to distract him from looking at Hinata like that. It's either distract the jerk or break his face. Kiba just shrugged and shoved the box into him allowing him to look over the instructions.

"Nope, we won't need any," Kurenai said smugly as she led the way with the four genin following her lead.

It was three hours later and Naruto was quite impressed with the odd little jutsu Kurenai had taught them just to do a little DIY. It's kind of magic with the way it works, and though Hinata said her family wouldn't like her learning such non-Hyuuga things even she learnt them… well after Naruto told her too. She pretty much obeyed him as if making him happy is so much better than making her family happy, which is a nice sentiment.

It had taken a short while to get finished when Kurenai said they can all go off and do their own thing after where Kiba carried on teasing Hinata. It's not the gentle and playful teasing either, but it's hurtful and sometimes borderline sexist, or just plain out sexist and offensive.

"Kiba, look, it's your sister ridding a giant stick cloud…!" Naruto said actually surprised Kiba looked at where he was pointing at nobody.


He just collapsed unconscious to the ground as Naruto pulled his fist back and pulled out some markers while the boys dog wisely ran away leaving him. Kiba was completely out and bleeding from his nose and mouth.

"These are permanent markers, Hinata-chan," Naruto said smirking with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle. "Let's get him back for being so mean to such a great person like you?"

She was a little reluctant but after some coaxing where even Shino agreed it was OK and that he really did deserve it, the three of them doodled on his face. Naruto drawing a huge dick where it should be smack dab on the dog boys' forehead caused Hinata to giggle in embarrassment but she gave Naruto a weird look he couldn't discern.

"He deserved it," Kiba's sister, the beautiful, Hana turned up with her three large dogs and Kiba's puppy. "He always deserves it," she said smirking as she grabbed him and carried him off with a simple thanks, thanking them for beating him up and doodling on his face. Naruto likes her, she has a fun sense of humour.

"Well, you guys want to get something to eat?" Naruto asked them both hopeful as he felt his stomach grumble.

"Thank you for inviting me, but I believe… I have some training to do," Shino said after a moment. "And I must remember never to fall for any kind of 'look over there' ploy," he said before walking off.

"How about you Hinata-chan?" he asked as he turned to her looking hopeful.

She blushed while biting her lower lip and nodded. He grinned as he took her hand and dragged her off to find a place to get some lunch.

Meanwhile Shino had walked home with a lot to think about. Naruto, the 'dead last' had effortlessly decked Kiba, surprisingly when it comes to practical Kiba was near top of the class at the academy. He had never known Naruto to cheat at anything before, but just seeing him cheap shot that egotistical jerk almost made Shino smile.

Shino made it in quick time back to his family home while continuing to think. If they continue the way they are, Hinata will never improve. Its apart of his responsibility to bring these things up. He can't continue to allow Kiba to continue bullying Hinata, and he was being mild today because they had Naruto with them and though Naruto didn't care about Kiba's rudeness to him, it's obvious he cared about Kiba demoralising Hinata.

Therefore, he entered his father's study to ask for some advice as Kurenai just can't do much, and it seems even Kiba's mother can't get him to quiet down. He doesn't seem to realise that he's being a dick no matter who tells him. He just thinks he's having a laugh even though it's only him laughing.

"What seems to be troubling you, son?" his father asked from behind his desk.

"I am once again troubled about my teammate Kiba's selfish arrogance," he spoke his concern as he had once before when the team began. "He is nothing like Hinata and me, and is constantly putting her down, and when we were on our first mission together tried peeking on her and Sensei. If not for me he might have. I find this behaviour dangerous and disrespectful.

"He treats us both as if we're beneath him, and during our first C rank mission he almost got Hinata seriously injured. If it weren't for Kurenai-sensei I would hate to think."

"Kurenai is a clever woman, I'm sure if he was really getting to be that… annoying she would get rid of him," his father replied looking thoughtful. "However, I'm not sure what would happen as I doubt he's done enough for anything like dismissal. You would have to trade him with someone from one of the other two teams."

"Yes, I have also seen this… predicament," he agreed looking thoughtful. "However, it seems that because of the team dynamics that he could only be traded with Naruto Uzumaki."

"I see," he replied not showing his surprise. "And you would be pleased with this turnaround?"

"I would father," he agreed nodding his head. "The faster this is accomplished, the better for my team. Kakashi's team will be quite capable of putting Kiba in his place."

"Very well," he agreed. "I know that you of all people would not want this unless it is a good option. I shall speak with Kurenai and the Hokage about this matter, but I cannot make any guarantees."

"That is all I can hope for, father," he said with a nod of gratitude before leaving his father's office and hoping for the best.

To Be Continued…
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