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Mission 10

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Naruto heads out ion a mission with Team 10.

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Mythical Night

Chapter IV

Mission 10

It's been just over seven weeks since Naruto had started his new and actual training while he sleeps and his muscles have started adapting to all of the extra strain put on them from all of the workout they get during the night. He had never felt so good in his life. It's like everything is starting to fit where it once never.

He's hung out with Hinata and Shino in his spare time and done quite a few D Rank missions with Team 8, which would be perfect if Kiba wasn't there complaining all of the time, but worse, being a douche. Though, at least Naruto has been helping Hinata come out of her shell more and more, and now she doesn't pass out anymore, or at least hasn't while near him.

Though, he has also completed a few D Rank missions with Team 10, but he has to admit, though Ino is a super-hot blonde with incredible looking thighs and ass, she isn't anywhere as near fanatical as Sakura in her Sasuke obsession she can be quite bitchy and bossy. Though, it's preferred over hanging out with his team.

However, the reason he's been spending so much time with either Team 8 or Team 10 is because Team 7, his team doesn't do anything. It starts out with waiting hours in the morning for Kakashi to turn up, they do one D Ranked mission and then get the rest of the day off, so Naruto just stopped turning up after a week of that and none of his teammates, or his sensei have sought him out so what does he care.

He knows that Kakashi just took Sasuke off to give him private lessons, not even taking Sakura with them. Though, he's sure Sakura knows what's going on, she cares so little for her own training that its near criminal with how weak she is. She's just going to end up getting seriously injured or killed, or worse because facing the truth is that Sasuke would NEVER protect her, and Naruto is unsure whether he should care too. She's just a liability to Team 7, but looking at it that way they're all a liability.

At least he has teams he can work with, other teams to hone some team working skills and much needed relief from his moronic team. Heck, even Ino's team knows how to work together and train together, and even the bossy girl herself knows how important her teammates are to the TEAM.

It makes him feel sick just thinking about how spoilt Sasuke is that Naruto wouldn't be surprised to learn that villagers and Kakashi wipe his ass for him with their tongues. He had almost gotten Shino laughing when he suggested that. He just doesn't get how these people have so little respect for themselves.

He just can't understand all of the girls either, (well most of them), their attraction to a moody, ungrateful, prick emo-douche with the emotional range of a potato after its been chewed up and craped out by a fat woman before its nibbled on by flies.

It's just, what does he have? Does he have anything worthwhile or redeeming about him? The only thing Naruto see's is a guy who WILL become both an abusive husband and abusive father. Well, only if he lives that long. His arrogance may just get him slaughtered. Though, there's that part of Naruto that knows Sasuke will probably run away given the chance to go on his vengeance bender.

Naruto just can't fathom why the girls want him… why? It's just pathetic. It makes them seem desperate when they have no reason to be. He isn't the only male in the village, and Naruto has wondered whether he isn't a girl. They have nothing in common with him, and even if they do, they'll never find out because Sasuke doesn't give a dam about them to have a simple conversation.

Anyway, aside from these things Naruto has gotten comfortable occasionally when he's truly free hanging out at Tenten's shop chatting with her while she's the only one there. He was actually surprised that the customers that came in (ninja) didn't glare at him or anything, but then he realised that he didn't see one 'genius-ninja' or any of their weak worshipers enter the store.

He had been a little confused and must have spoken aloud as Tenten told him that her father refuses to cater to people like them because he doesn't believe they're worth his brother, and Choji's family were completely on his side not ever being considered a powerful clan, and that opposing popular belief that they're lazy they do work hard.

It had been nice to realise that there are some cool people, be it very small in numbers. It's like the unheard ninja use this shop. Tenten had just taken his hand with a cute understanding grin as both of them have that in common. Its nice he realised, knowing there are some ninja who want to become stronger without just quitting because they have no belief that they could ever match these so called genius.

Tenten had been kind enough to teach him a few things about all sorts of weapons from swords and axes to throwing knives to bows and arrows. He was impressed with her tips and titbits of assistance that his aim started to improve when it came to projectiles. She also helped him in palaces Kyuu couldn't when it came to wielding a sword.

That's when he saw it. It was an odd sword. It has a silver coloured blade with curved blade edges going into a straight tip, and black and dark green faded tribal markings. The handle has a metallic black grip that seemed sectioned in two pieces with a dark green piece on the end that looked like it could fit his fingers. The sword isn't overly long and the whole sword was light as he picked it up.

The only reason it took him so long to notice the beautiful weapon is because it wasn't on the shop floor and he saw it while helping Tenten move a few boxes out back to the shop floor full of new kunai and shuriken.

Tenten just stood watching him with this amused grin on her face as he took some experimental swings with it. He didn't know why, but maybe it was just its odd design that garnered so much of his attention. It just seemed like more than his eyes and fingers could discern.

He wasn't much for weapons, except for kunai and shuriken because they make up for his lack, or previous lack of long range techniques, but those techniques he knows take too much time at the moment.

He swished the sword from his right to left hand with ease, but it felt more comfortable in his left so he figured its handle was made for the left hand, which is OK by him, as he has no real preference for a sword, though his right is his dominant.

"I… I think I want this…" he muttered more to himself than his watching friend. "It's so light and elegant, and…"

"Matches you, fine, but…" she said giggling as she moved over and wrapped her arms around him, blushing as she took the handle with him and helped him feel the switches. He started as the sword swished open with a tense cord of black and railings of green on the inside and black out, and he realised that the green 'finger' slots were their so that when this weapons in its bow form the archer can pull back without gloves to protect his fingers from the 'string' cutting into them.

"Whoa, now I have to have it," he said as he smiled at her as she pulled back and dug out a dark green flat triangular arrow holster with black markings and a black blade sheaf under it hidden leaning out to the left. It housed twenty-five beautifully, and powerfully made arrows with room for a lot more with green feather ends, and black stems with dark silver crossheads.

"Dad made it for me," she said as he swished it back to its sword form, surprised it fits so much extra in it without being bulky as she took it and slid it into its sheaf. "But, I'm not much for archery. It takes too long for me to fire on target, and in the ninja world needs way too much stealth and that isn't my field, so he said we'll find someone for it, so take it."

"Umm… how much…?" he asked as he took the gear and looked at the strap setup up but didn't put it on. "This is going to cost a lot; can I set up a payment plan?"

She giggled as her soft brown eyes rolled. "It's a gift silly… dad said it was up to me. It's one of his best ever made weapons. It's awesome, isn't it?"

Naruto had to fight off potential tears as he was near squeezing the life out of her, not that she minded too much as he kissed her checks each before giving her a quick kiss on the lips. He then yelled bye and his eternal thanks before running out of the shop, leaving her dazed, giddy and happy as her heart pounded with a pleasant pain in her chest as he went home.

He didn't want anyone to see his knew weapon as schemes ran around his mind. He knew that he shouldn't go around showing off the Bowblade. He has a plan for its use, and he's certain neither Tenten nor her dad would tell on him, they're very confidential people, plus Ten-chan likes him as more than just friends and isn't a grass.

Naruto shares his whole large eighty-two apartment building with no one. It was built a while back as an attempt to get people off the streets and clean up the district a little, but after Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage died, and the Village Council was quick to stop caring, and cancelled the projects he set up. It was built over an existing apartment block that was near falling down, but it saved money doing that.

The apartments are quite huge, estimated some around the same size as his and his is the top floor to one corner, and has four bedrooms, a lounge, a dining room, and large bathroom, a kitchen, and an extra toilet. Though, he knows some of the apartments only have three rooms, and a few with just two and no second toilet and no dining room, instead the lounge is slightly larger though to fit a dining table, and the kitchen is open plan with the lounge.

Hoverer, his neighbourhood is now a shithole even for the shithole district he lives in. It doesn't matter to him though. He was given the whole place by the Hokage when he complained about the lack of company and said he can rent out the apartments if he wanted, which, nobody would rent rooms there even if he wasn't the landlord.

The basement had always been huge with tall ceilings and the building is quite strong and stable. It's just all the apartments but his are wrecks. He walked around the huge cavernous warehouse of a basement in awe, as he had never thought about setting up any training area down there before, but now. He needs a private place to train while not in his mind.

He has been down here plenty of times before as it has some secret tunnels he found leading into the sewers, which leads him to or from every part of the village, even off limits areas. He hadn't had the guts to sneak into off limits areas before, even though he's found secret doors in and out of some of the older places.

Naruto knows that he can have any training ground he needs when he sleeps but he needs to practice for real too or at least start too, and it wouldn't hurt to have his own secret base. He's quite sure this basement isn't on any blueprints. It took him a few years of exploring to find the way in.

Yes, he smirked; this place is perfect. It took him a real world week to set the place up with target boards, some makeshift exercise equipment, and some large location for a workshop as he had finally stolen some books on these seals. He figured it wouldn't hurt to have some special arrows that blow up and whatever else his clones could get them to do while he slept at night.

He practiced his bowblade in his dreams but nothing was as good as in the real world. It had also been during this week that he tested his skill with shadow clones by sending them off on D Ranked missions to try and up his bank balance so that he could start fixing up apartments so that perhaps he could over time convince some people to rent from him to earn extra money.

If he wants to help people in a world where money is just as important if not more so as strength he realised he should try to make as much as he can, and there are no rules against him having work outside of his shinobi duties as long as it doesn't conflict. He wouldn't have thought about that if not for Tenten working with her father, and even Ino working in her family flower shop so looked these things up.

It had been just over a week since he got his new bowblade gift from Ten-chan hoping that he does start making money by renting out apartments. Then he can buy her something as a thank you, maybe take her out somewhere nice, and hope Hinata doesn't get too jealous as he'll treat her too for being so nice to him.

He had made some secret hideaways for his weapons and books in his base, so knows he's getting better at building. He didn't even have to steal books for that as the civilian bookshop sells to anyone as in this district, not many people read so they can't be picky. Though, the old man and woman that own and run the shop with their granddaughter haven't ever been hostile to him so he got all his books on building from them and they were happy for the business.

However, he was just getting away from working on his building while leaving a shed load of clones to get on with whatever when he heard someone call his name. He looked over to see Ino rushing over from a little way off, and he waited admiring her looks from blonde hair to blue eyes and pretty lips and supple breast hidden by her white top and incredible thighs in black bicycle shorts.

She has filled out nicely since leaving the academy, and it's nice to see she is eating properly and not starving herself to look good for that prick Sasuke, and actually looks so much better, and possibly happier.

"Naruto, there you are," she said with a sigh as she pulled to a stop to catch her breath. "I thought I would have to go to your apartment or something," she said shuddering. "The Hokage gave me your address, but I wanted to check other places first. I don't know how you can live in such a dodgy area!"

He just chuckled smiling at her with a smile she finds annoying because it's so… she doesn't want to even think that. "We've got a C Rank mission… we've got to find a special herb that grows out in the mountainous areas due west, for the hospital," she continued as he walked towards the Hokage tower with her.

"So, they just sent you out looking for me?" he asked in surprise.

She just rolled her eyes and grabbed his right arm pulling him along faster. "No, I was volunteered as both of the boys and Sensei had things to pack. I can't believe for once I'm the only one ready straightway… oh, do you have everything?"

"Yeah, I've taken to carrying a few scrolls with stuff I'll need with me," he agreed while she nodded in appreciation as she dragged him on even though he was keeping up perfectly fine by himself, she's discovered he has quite the disappearing talent and doesn't want to lose him now she's found him.

"Good, I want to get this done quick and simple," she said as she led him into the Hokage tower and up to the old man's floor.

Naruto was surprised to see the furious sectary. She had obviously not died and somehow kept her job even though she attacked a fellow ninja. He has to wonder how these morons manage it. He'll have to deal with that when he gets some more free time.

"Hey you, brat what do you think…!" she screamed as Ino had blinked only to see the woman getting lobbed out of the window and looking Naruto had replaced himself with a stapler.

She had no idea how he managed that but shrugged; she hates that stupid bitch as much as everyone does. She shouldn't just attack the Hokage's guests like that, and maybe if she doesn't die she'll have learnt her lesson.

Naruto gave Ino a sheepish grin as she put down the stapler and shrugged as he gave her a look. "That's surprisingly the second time I've thrown her out of the window," he said sheepishly while she looked surprised before giving him a smile. "Well, watch this…" he said as he pressed the button on the intercom. "Hokage-sama," he imitated the woman. "Uzumaki-san and Yamanaka-san are here to see you."

"Umm… well, OK I umm… send them in," the Hokage's voice replied sounding confused.

Ino couldn't help but giggle. "You could get a gig as an impersonator, but she's never that polite, the ill-mannered bitch!" she said as he led her in where her other two teammates had returned with their sensei, Asuma, the Hokage's son.

Naruto walked up to Asuma, pulled the cigarette from his mouth, and threw it out of an open window glaring. "I told you that that is a filthy habit, and if you want to die slowly go get yourself captured in Rock Country!" he said before finishing off with a glare at the Hokage as he was quickly putting out his pipe trying to look innocent as Naruto has gotten on an anti-smoking campaign.

Ino couldn't help but agree. If they want to ruin their lungs, they can at least have the decency to smoke outside so they don't ruin everyone else's lungs with second hand smoke. She doesn't want to die a slow and painful death if she can help it. She's already a ninja, which is dangerous enough.

"W-well, Naruto-kun, I'm glad Ino-chan found you," the Hokage said with a smile already missing his pipe. "But did you throw my sectary out of the window again?"

He just shrugged sheepishly. "Yeah, but maybe you should send her back, she isn't a very good one, and even worse ninja. I think she's defective or something like that."

"Yes, well…" he took a deep breath and smiled. "I'll assume, Ino has informed you of your mission?" he asked and Naruto nodded smiling in agreement. "Well then, since you're all ready I think you should probably get on your way, OK?"

"Right, you four," Asuma said getting their attention as he pulled out a new cigarette, but quickly spoke up as Naruto gave him a look and Ino glared. "I'll wait until I'm outside," he said sad that Ino agreed with Naruto's no smoking inside kick. "Well, anyway, I'll give you all half hour to finish up any last minute… well, whatever, and we'll meet at the West Gate in forty minutes."

He then left with Choji and Shikamaru, their teammates out of the door with Ino and Naruto bringing up the rear. They had got ahead of the two blondes as they didn't much care to hurry as West Gate isn't very far from the Hokage tower and don't have anywhere they need to be when Naruto had to dodge a fist.

"NARUTO!" the pink haired Sakura roared out in anger as she had spotted him. Ino had stopped to watch, surprised by the pink haired girls anger as she struck again only for Naruto to side step looking baffled. "Why haven't you been turning up to team meetings!?" she demanded getting frustrated as he effortlessly moved from another punch.

"Perhaps, because you're violent," Ino interrupted as Naruto pushed aside a couple of punches, but Sakura hadn't noticed as she looked over at her light blonde haired ex-best friend as she hadn't noticed her.

"Oh my god, Ino, you're that desperate?" Sakura demanded in shock. "You're hanging around with, Naruto-baka!"

Ino just glared at her in return. "Hey, what's that supposed to mean, Forehead-girl. I've actually gotten to know him a bit when he's taken missions with my team. He's quite cool company actually."

Sakura snorted while Naruto watched, surprised that Ino had stood up for him. "Yeah, right, what next, you going to start the Dead Lasts fan club because if you do it will only have you in it! He couldn't hope to compare with Sasuke-kun!" she added the last smugly.

Ino looked unsure about how she could answer that before she just settled for a heated look that could melt un-melt-able ice. "You know what, Sakura; I don't give a crap what you think because you're an idiot. Naruto may have been dead last at the academy, but he's pretty cool and actually helps out, what about you. If you're so awesome, how come you can't even hit him?" she asked smugly and amused.

"I can beat the dead last without effort!" she retorted heatedly as she kept swinging punch after punch at him only for him to slid out of the way at the last second. "Stay still you moron!" she demanded, and he obeyed only to catch her latest punch in his left hand, crushing it, she cried out as she fell to her knees in pain.

He then let go with a pitying smile. "Back off Sakura, you couldn't hope to beat me," he said with a shrug. "Well, anyway, Team Ten and I have a mission so Ino and I can't argue with you any longer, so later," he said as he led Ino away while Sakura stayed put on the floor, fuming and rubbing her sore hand.

"That was kind of…" Ino began but trailed off. "If I ever become a loon like that you would tell me, right?"

"Yeah, and I so love girl anger," he replied with a winning smile while she had the decency to blush. "Sorry Ino, but during the academy you made yourself look like a total fool with your 'fan-girl-ism'."

She grimaced as she heard his honesty, and knows that out of all the boys at the academy that he was the only one who would tell her the truth about that. "Sorry if I was a pain. I've changed since then, right?" she asked hopefully.

Naruto smiled at her widely and she was surprise when he took her hand. "Hey, don't worry… the past is important I guess because it makes us… we learn from it, and we can always change our future and became better for it."

"W-when did you become so smart?" she asked as she was surprised her own hand closed in his without any hesitation. He's so kind and honest, he is so different to how she always thought, but before she had never gotten to know him.

"Hey, I've always been smart," he said laughingly. "It's just you accepted everyone else's opinion of me before we even met, so… it's all about belief rather than truth."

"I'm sorry," she replied feeling guilty. "I didn't mean too…"

"Hey, it's OK, come on, let's hurry, Sakura delayed us, we'll be late," he said with a grin while she smiled and allowed him to drag her on.

To Be Continued…
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