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Night Stars

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Team 10 + Naruto come across some trouble.

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Mythical Night

Chapter V

Night Stars

Naruto and Team 10 had been walking for several hours when they had stopped to set up camp. "OK, let's see now," Asuma said as he looked at the genin. "I'll feel a little better now with four of you. It's better that you learn, watch in teams of two to start, rather than having three, then me, this way we'll get a better sleep. So Ino and Naruto will be one team, and Choji and Shikamaru another, while I'll be by myself. We'll only need to set up two tents this way…"

"You mean three?" Ino asked looking baffled. They had only had a couple of C Rank missions before, and none of Team 10 had been out over-night. So this will be her first.

"No," he replied rolling his eyes. "The tents are all two person, so you should stay in with your guard duty teammate so you don't disturb anyone or have an extra tent up not being used. We have to think logically about how we do this and sensibly, understand?" he asked and she nodded slowly. "I chose Naruto for your teammate because I've noticed you're getting along best, but if I was wrong…"

"No, I'm fine staying with Naruto," she pouted. "But I would rather my own tent," she said as she turned to the boy in question with her mouth hanging open in surprised to see a nice looking black tent set up and ready as well as a fire pit while Naruto had just finished setting it alight while the night was quickly descending on them. "Yep, Naruto's the best," she added as she saw how much he knows about camping.

"Troublesome," Shikamaru muttered while a little upset that Naruto is so much better prepared than him or Choji. It's going to take them ages to set up there's unless Sensei helps them.

"Don't complain just because my partner can set up a tent in seconds," Ino said smirking smugly. However, she didn't know that Naruto's tent just unfolds and pops open, and all he did was peg it down, and his fire pit he had already made and stored in a sealing scroll. He just didn't feel like mentioning that to them. It's their fault if they never thought to buy their own tents and just go with village owned crap.

Asuma sighed, which got their attention. "OK, since Naruto has made their tent first, I'll take first watch after I've helped you two set up tent, then you, Shikamaru, and Choji will take your turn on watch, and last will be Naruto and Ino, OK?"

Ino yawned and nodded her head while sitting with Naruto as the others moved several metres away to set up their tent. She was surprised that Naruto was doing a good job of making them dinner, which made her feel bad for not doing anything and she promised to make him dinner sometime after they've gotten home as a thank you for being so prepared compared to her.

It didn't take long for them to eat the sausages and salad with some juice before she got out her bed roll as Naruto put out the fire, tired and followed Naruto into the cramped tent. They removed shoes or sandals, and in Naruto's case his jacket before climbing into their sleeping bags and getting comfortable.

"Thanks, Naruto," she said smiling as he turned off their torch lantern.

"Hey, it's no problem, Ino," he answered and she was surprised to feel his hand stroke her cheek. However, she was more surprised she let him and felt safe as she drifted off to a peaceful slumber with a smile on her lips.

Naruto's thumb brushed over her lips before he pulled back and snuggled in his sleeping bag with a smile. She isn't bad like he had remembered, but maybe more naïve and in need of some enlightenment. He closed his eyes and was soon drifting off into a world where he will grow stronger.

"Ino…? Ino…!?" Naruto called gently as he shook her awake. She was startled as she looked up at him as the torch was on and she looked up at him, baffled. He smiled. "It's our watch, Ino. I was woken by Shikamaru… he seemed to think if he tried waking you that you might have flayed him."

She rubbed her eyes free of sleep with a sheepish smile. "I might have," she replied with a small laugh. "Well, I guess I've slept long enough," she agreed as he pulled back from hovering over her and she climbed out of her sleeping roll folding it up as Naruto did his. The two then got the rest of their clothes back on, well footwear, jacket, et cetera before climbing out of the tent and passed the two sleepy genin boys. Naruto making sure Ino doesn't kill them for having made her have to get up.

"Come on," Naruto said leading Ino a little from camp and walking up a tree, but stopped on the trunk when he saw Ino wasn't following but just looking at him before he jumped back down with a sigh. "You can't do that, yet?" he asked and she shook her head. "Well, hop on my back and I'll carry you, we'll get best vantage in the trees, OK?"

She looked embarrassed but nodded anyway and let him help her onto his back, and before she realised they were running up the tree and landed on a high thick branch before he let her down and they both sat up against the trunk side by side.

"You know, being a ninja is not what I expected," Ino said after a few moments of silent thought.

Naruto laughed a little as he looked to her. "If you want to just wander off and get captured I'll be right after you, and be your prince, but the truth is while you're waiting for me they'll probably rape and torture you a little, so unless you're into that sort of thing… well if you are just strip and I'll be as gentle or violent as you want."

"N-Naruto," she complained looking worried and embarrassed. "I know it's not all candies and roses, but you don't need to be so brutal about it. I know it may not seem like it but my mother talked about the risks with me before I graduated. Dam, that was embarrassing and, she even suggested that I go out and find a nice boy to, so that I can, you know, give my innocence away rather than have it stolen like that if I ever was capture by filthy dick heads."

Naruto gave a few soft chuckles while she was looking so embarrassed having admitted that to him, and he took her hand holding it. "Hey, not everything is how those morons portray it at the academy, heroes and damsels in distress. It's because of all these so-called genius ninja not wanting to learn all of the boring and true stuff that they skip it, well that's what I think anyway. It's either that or the academy teachers should be fired for incompetence… well they should be anyway for being incompetent morons."

She smiled as she leant up against him holding the arm he held her hand with, tight to herself as she snuggled a little to keep warm in the dark cool night, just listening to some hooting owls for a few nice moments.

"Yeah, I guess they could use some overhauling of the curriculum and stuff if I really have to think about it, now," she answered sheepishly.

"You know, Ino, I had never imagined you would feel so comfortable with me," he said smiling and half expecting her to let go and move away but she didn't, if anything she moved closer if that was possible, and her hand tightened in his.

She just looked at him with a very small shrug. "I guess… I just realised, during the time we've spent together doing missions… well… you're a great guy, Naruto, and you're always helpful, which is more than I can say for the other three… umm… Naruto-kun," she added the suffix surprising him as she tested it out and seemed satisfied, so continued.

"Naruto-kun, I think deep down I've always known Sasuke's a jerk, and that I should look elsewhere… but I was… maybe too invested after all the stupid kid stuff, and Sakura, but the way she acted earlier, and then you telling me I was acting like a fool through the academy…

"I just don't want to be like that. It's a waste when Sasuke isn't worth it… mum always said I shouldn't waste my life because the world is full of so much death and crime that… well… I never really listened until now. I just followed the crowed."

Naruto couldn't help but laugh as he pulled his arm from hers and wrapped it around her shoulders, pulling her into him. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist and cuddled up to him feeling warm, safe, and relaxed.

"Thanks for understanding," she said sounding happy. "Don't think this means much… yet… but it does mean I am so getting hugs and maybe some kisses… if you're lucky, and I want to cuddle like this too. It's nice… it's nice to feel warm in your arms, thanks, Naruto-kun."

He first replied by shocking her as he kissed the top of her head. "I guess that's cool, but… you kind of have… well, Hinata-chan and Tenten-chan and…" he sighed sadly.

However, he was surprised to hear her laugh. "Hey, I don't mind as long as I get to spend time with you too… to be honest, I don't mind sharing all that much because it's you I know you'll be good. I kind of expected something like that with Sasuke if I ever got with him, because of the whole resurrecting that jerkoffs clan thing, but… now. I really don't want anything more to do with him or his clan.

"To be honest thinking about it… well over the end of this academy year I was more interested in pissing off Sakura than having him. I guess I just started enjoying making her jealous even though she really didn't have anything to be jealous of."

"Hey, don't…" he began, but trailed off as he tensed up and she quietened as she noticed. He slid from her and stood up looking out over the dark forest of the mountainside. She just sat still and quiet as she watched him scanning the environment below. "Mountain Lion," he spoke quietly as he watched the shadow of the creature stalking closer while she carefully stood with him. "They're the main reason we have guards… unless someone's hunting for us it's normally a fluke that we might get attacked by other ninja or bandits as the forests are so huge, but then it's just the wild animals."

She nodded as she could just make out the animals shape down below, and watched as Naruto threw one kunai, and it sliced through the air, but surprisingly didn't hit the lion, but the ground before it, and scared it off as it ran in the opposite direction to camp.

"You missed," Ino said after a short while, surprised.

He just turned to her with a smile. "I didn't want to kill it. It's only an animal… it's only looking for an easy meal. It most likely wouldn't have eaten one of us, maybe would have just sniffed around and left, but it could have killed or hurt someone. Humans aren't really its diet. I doubt it has ever tasted human blood before. I had no reason to kill it, and even if I were in a scuffle with it, I don't think I would kill it. It could be a mother with some cubs that would die if I killed her."

Ino looked at him in surprise. "I would have never thought about it like that," she said slowly as she managed to wined her way into his arms smirking, holding him tight, her cheeks red. "I like that you would choose the highroad. I don't know what I would have done, but I think I might have hurt it… mainly because I'm a terrible aim with a kunai but also because I wouldn't think ahead."

Naruto smiled at her words as they grew closer, their lips touching they kissed, gently, their eyes closing as they moved with the motion as they held each other. His tongue entered her mouth playing a battle. The taste was nice, exciting, and Ino couldn't help but thread her fingers through his hair while he grabbed her ass, which seemed to cause her tongue to move more fiercely as he pulled her into him.

However, he pulled back breathlessly moments later his right foot snapping up, but was caught by Asuma-sensei as he stood on their branch smirking, the match he had struck to light his cigarette going out with the wind from the force of the kick.

"A-Asuma-sensei, you pervert!" Ino growled out angrily while Naruto pulled his foot back.

He just chuckled with a smile. "Well, at least one of you sensed me," he said with a laugh looking tired. "I've been lying awake since my time was up, and you sensed both the mountain lion and me. The other two didn't sense me even though I had been watching them for a while but I knew you were better than that Naruto. I could tell you weren't as oblivious while we were walking as the others, but I didn't suspect you were such a ladies man."

"Well someone has to be," Naruto retorted, annoyed. "So, this was all a test of our observation skills?"

"Yep," he agreed smirking. "And only you pass. I had been on this tree for a millisecond when you reacted, and while you were so busy too," he added the last causing Ino to turn a dark red but Naruto was unaffected. "Well, anyway, good job, you just got into a fight with an enemy ninja and didn't just lose your head."

"No, you lost yours," Naruto said with a kunai in each hand to Asuma's neck as he stood behind the man while the Naruto in Ino's arms swished away with a small amount of smoke. The sensei's eyes widened as he felt the blades to his throat. "Don't you know interrupting a guy with a beautiful princess is bad luck?"

"I-I'll remember that from now on," he answered nervously as he actually felt the sharp blades nicking his throat. "Dam, I think you win the sneaky student test too," he said as Naruto let him go smirking. "You were fast, and I'm afraid I fell into the trap of underestimation. Just because I'm the jonin does not mean I can't die at the hand of a genin. I hope to remember this, and hope even more that you don't tell anyone."

"Oh, we won't Asuma-sensei," Ino agreed with a smile that turned nasty. "As long as you don't tell anyone either!"

"Deal," he replied sheepishly. "Well, I'll get back to my tent. You two wake us at six AM and we'll continue on our way," he said as he quickly jumped from the tree and went on his way.

Ino couldn't help but laugh. "I can't believe Sensei," she said as Naruto walked back over and wrapped her in his arms smiling.

"Yeah, well, I got him good," he replied smirking. "I've been working on my substitutions and shadow clone summoning, add the two together and I'm a magician with the ultimate disappearing act."

She smiled as she leaned up, her lips kissing his before pulling back. "Well, Marvellous and Mystical Uzumaki-sama, maybe you could have your tongue disappearing back into my mouth. I was enjoying our… session before we were interrupted… way to ruin a girl's first kiss."

Naruto smiled as he leaned down into her lips, pulling her tight to his body, before pulling his lips back. "I think, I can be the greatest sorcerer to have lived if only given the chance," he mumbled as he kissed her some more, his tongue tasting hers. Her tongue sliding into his mouth, and she let him suck on it in his mouth.

He pulled back off her tongue with a smile as their lips pealed apart and their eyes fully opened, looking at each other with smiles. "I think I like your magic," she said as she cuddled into his arms, happy and comfortable.

However, she screeched out as he held her tighter, jumped up, and back off their branch as it suddenly shattered in a rainstorm of splinters. Naruto landed them on another tree and they looked over in surprise, eyes darting all over but they couldn't see anything. However, they could both see from the moonlight that huge claw marks were on the tree trunk.

"N-Naruto, what is it… where is it?" she whispered in his ear, scared while she held onto him tightly. He could actually feel her shaking as she tried to see what attacked them and could shatter such a huge branch like that.

He just shook his head. "I don't know, but whatever it is its big, invisible, on that tree holding on with huge claws, and looking at us while emitting tiny grows that rumble from its chest. I think it wants to eat us," he said staring at the location of the claw marks without blinking or looking away, which made Ino realise it's there.

"Then what should we do?" she shakily asked as she couldn't move her eyes from that spot now either. "We have to wake Sensei and the other two."

"They're already awake, and Sensei is in the tree the other side," he replied without dropping what she could only assume is eye 'contact' with the creature. "It won't attack until it senses and opening… whatever it is isn't just a stupid creature. This one must have waited for us to be distracted before it attacked. I think it has wings because it came from above."

She actually gulped. "T-that… I've never heard of invisible creatures before… well except those lizard ones, but they're not really completely invisible."

"Yeah," he agreed as he pulled her from him. "Ino… Ino-chan, I need to move, OK?" he asked while she nodded and let go of him as he drew a kunai for each hand. Ino flinched as she now heard the growl. "It knows I'm going to fight it… it's kind of fascinating… but I have no choice!"

She watched him with worry as he still stared down the creature with his kunai before he moved. He shot off the branch, and she watched the monsters tree trunk crack and heard a huge roar. Naruto rolled round flew through the air. He stabbed his right kunai, blood splashed from nowhere as the monster roared in pain and she saw it, it flickered from thing to invisible and back again.

It was a dark blue thing like a pit-bull dog, only huge, the size of a horse or cow, and without fur and huge giant black bat like wings, and a huge mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It has four muscular legs with massive claws and dirty grey spikes in a twin rows from its massive head down its muscle-full body to end at the tip of its tail, and even spike like talons on the end of its wings. It was a hideous snarling monster drooling masses of saliva. It has pitch black pit like eyes that seemed to project anger.

Naruto span around with it smashing his second kunai straight into it, more blood spraying with roaring screams. They were coming towards Ino on her branch as Naruto held on and its momentum jerked him from his course. Naruto grabbed its left wing and pulled at it while the monster flickered between there and not, and they veered to the right and crashed into a tree.

Asuma appeared while Naruto was kicked off, landing on the opposite tree trunk standing on the trunk looking up as the monster scratched and clawed, flapping its wings as it tried to stay on the tree in its pain.

Asuma-sensei had both of his large trench knives drawn with wind blades slicing one of the monsters wings off. It screamed while its blood splattered, flickering one last time as it fell from the trunk staying visible as it hit the ground with a huge crash and crunch of bones.

The Sensei finished off landing on the trunk of the tree, taking a deep breath while the creature cried out. He looked to Naruto as he was getting his bearings. "You, OK, Naruto?" he called out getting a quick nod he looked back to the monster as it climbed to its feet growling in anger and pain as it still has two kunai in its torso, left by Naruto.

It went to move when it totally froze. "Shadow Capture, Success!" Shikamaru said as he came out from behind a tree with Choji, a long shadow coming from the boy holding the monster, but it was obvious he was struggling to keep it trapped.

Naruto took the chance with a kunai that hit the monsters head, but the attached exploding note caused it to scream as it blew in fiery death, which made Shikamaru fall back as he lost his hold on the more powerful creature, falling to his butt.

Asuma went in with wind blasting trench knives and the monsters head came off in a gurgle of death and blood as he landed beside it panting for breath. They all watched as the blood ignited and they could only watch as the monster melted away into a puddle of goop. Though, that allowed them all to sigh a great relief.

"OK, we're leaving now," Asuma said taking a few deep breaths. "It's three thirty five," he said looking at his watch. "I say we complete our mission and get back home ASAP. I'm sure the Hokage will want to know that some kind of demon attacked us so that he can warn others. Naruto, I'll clear up your stuff and pack it while you get Ino and both continue to keep watch out. Shikamaru, Choji, start on the other tent and I'll help when I'm done, OK?"

"Yes, Sensei," they all replied as they all went about their jobs.

Naruto was almost knocked out of the tree as Ino near jumped into his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist as he held her, hands on her tight butt, holding onto him tightly. It was a nice welcome, and he could get used to it.

"Do you have to keep surprising me like this, Naruto-kun?" she demanded with worry. "But seriously, what is… was that thing?"

"I'm not too sure," he answered looking down to the goop. "Some kind of demon I suppose. I've never really thought to read about demons or anything. Don't worry, as soon as the others are done, we'll be out of here, finish our mission, and home before you know it."

"OK," she replied smiling as he kissed her lips comfortingly.

Meanwhile Shikamaru looked to their sensei as he had finished fast and came to help them. He had a curious expression in his eyes. "Sensei, how is Naruto doing these things? I saw him and he could see that thing while it was still invisible."

Asuma just shook his head. "He couldn't see it, but he could sense its presence, hear its breathing, and smell its stench even better than me, but once I was close enough so could I. Naruto seems to have better senses than us."

"I see," he replied thoughtfully. "I guess there's a lot we don't know about him. I feel kind of bad for not getting to know him properly, and then I wouldn't find his talent surprising."

Asuma could only nod in agreement. "He's pretty good with sensing things; this probably makes him better than we would think at taijutsu. He has talent, and potential that we were all too ignorant to see, but no matter what, that hard working genin will go far in life no matter who tries to stand in his way."

To Be Continued…
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