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Omega Chronicles

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A prologue to an original superhero story of mine

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Omega Chronicles
Dec 21st 2012
22:58 American airspace
“I’m not having this conversation again!” barked the flying hero into his earpiece, as he gradually approached Mach five in the dark winter sky.
His intense gaze was fixed upon the gargantuan task ahead of him.
“But Omega”, came the reply from the other line, “There’s got to be another way. People need you. They depend on you. You can’t just go barrelling headfirst into a meteor the size of New York DAMMIT!”
Omega sighed as he let his counterpart, Deshawn, continue to rant and rave in his gruff Manhattan accent. He couldn’t help but allow a smile to form across his face as he contemplated the fact that he might be sent to death whilst listening to a lecture on the principles of a man who once sold a faulty car to a convent of nuns.
“Listen Omega”...there was a sudden, gentle shift in Deshawn’s tone that immediately grabbed Omega’s attention, “The truth is....despite the fact that you are damn near indestructible, there is still no measurement of the damage that the positron radiation from the meteor could do to you. Not to mention the fact that you have come so close to obtaining immortality...”
Deshawn immediately stopped talking. It was only in very rare situations that Omega allowed his rage to get the better of him, and luckily for Deshawn, they were almost an entire atmosphere apart.
“I will do my best to protect the people of this planet. I will use all the power I have and if that still isn’t enough, then I will gladly give my life to save even one citizen. You talked earlier about the responsibilities I have...about the people who depend on me...well guess what old friend? THIS IS WHAT THEY NEED ME FOR. THIS IS MY RESPONSIBILITY. NOT TO BE A WALKING, TALKING POSTER BOY FOR JUSTICE BUT TO LAY DOWN MY LIFE IF THE TIME CALLS FOR IT!”
It was at this point when Omega came within full view of the meteor and Deshawn decided that his efforts to stop him were futile. So instead, he silently wiped the tears which had uncontrollably streamed down his face and said “Go do your thang, Omega!”
Omega let out a small chuckle before replying “You expect me to do anything less?” His body then began to emit the signature dark blue aura which made the ‘Harlem Hero’ recognisable all across the globe. When he charged up enough energy, he burst forward at full speed towards the hurtling meteor. With his fists outstretched, he formed a pose which resembled the comic book heroes he idolised as a child. Before making contact with the cosmic abomination in front of him, he couldn’t help but try to say some clever last words but instead he settled for “This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me!”
It’s very fortunate that there is no sound in space, because if there was, every living being within 100 thousand miles would have been instantly deafened by the almighty explosion which emanated from the collision. Even in his weakened state, Omega made sure that he sent his energy flying outward in all directions to disintegrate the meteor fragments which had hurtled away from his grip. The people of Earth had gathered outside their homes in multitudes, anxiously looking up at their beloved saviour. Upon sight of the collision, they all simultaneously let out the cheer “HAIL OMEGA, HOO-RAH!” They were also treated to the beautiful firework display which resulted in the fusion of the meteor’s radiation and Omega’s aura. The sky lit up as rays of blue, red and purple danced across the atmosphere, filtering harmlessly down to the Earth’s surface.
They say that during your last moments your entire life flashes before your eyes. However, this was not the case for Omega. Instead he saw the lives of those who have yet to live them...the lives of those who he had saved....the life of his son, who he considered to be his greatest legacy. He tried to question how it was possible that he could see all these lives. Was it a hallucination? Was it a latent superpower that only developed at the moment of his demise? Or was it simply the universe rewarding him for his lifetime of heroic actions? Whatever the answer was, Omega decided that he didn’t care and that perhaps ignorance was bliss. He simply allowed the kaleidoscope of images to play in his mind before succumbing to the cold, lonely embrace of the cosmos.
Deshawn looked down from the sky and tried to recover from the bittersweet moment which he had just experienced. As he regained his composure, he heard steps behind him and turned to see a woman standing with her 5 year old son. He had previously talked of responsibilities and now realised that he has just inherited two more. He drew a deep breath and attempted to start a conversation but the woman put her finger on his mouth and softly said “Did he say know...about us?” Deshawn smiled and said “No sorry. You know how that knucklehead is. Never truly admits to how he is feeling. Always tryna say something clever or witty!” The woman gently laughed upon hearing this.
“But....” Deshawn continued, “I can tell that he was thinking about you...and you too little guy”, he smiled as he tousled the hair of the shy boy clinging to his mother’s hand. “To him, YOU were the world’s greatest hero!”....
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