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The second chapter in the saga introduces a new set of characters

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Omega Chronicles
July 17th 2025
07:58 New Detroit
The bright, orange light of the dawn intensely beams down on the Obsidian Building. This complex is considered by many to be the jewel of New Detroit due to its amazing contributions to the city’s refurbishment. It was a skyscraper which truly lived up to its name, with over 65 floors each devoted to its own form of scientific research. Plastered across the building was the company slogan ‘Obsidian- For those who dare to dream’. On any other day there wouldn’t be much activity coming from the building this early in the morning but today was not one of those days. A small BOOM echoed through the complex, immediately followed by the sounds of ringing alarm bells. Suddenly, two figures can be seen leaping from rooftop to rooftop in an attempt to escape the building, casting long shadows from high above the metropolis. Both of them were African Americans in their late teens and were dressed in some form of grey uniform with the Greek “Omega” symbol emblazoned across their chest. The smaller of the two was in the lead, naturally being faster than his more muscular counterpart.
He turns his head to his partner and says, “Well that didn’t go very well, did it?”
“Gee....I never noticed”, replied the larger one, struggling to catch his breath.
They stopped running and hid behind a water tower. Whilst the slimmer boy peeks his head round the corner to look out for trouble, his partner takes a seat on the floor, panting heavily.
“Yo, Captain?” he says
“What is it Beast?”
“Have you noticed that we’ve known each other for two years and we still don’t know each other’s real names?”
The Captain sighed. “I don’t think this is the time to talk about this Beast. We’re all ready in enough trouble with Deshawn as it is”
“Man, I aint afraid of no raggedy ass old man.....” Beast continued to mutter incoherent ramblings, whilst unbeknownst to the both of them, a group of figures were approaching them from up above.
“Look Beast...” The Captain interjected, “We need to keep our head in the game. This was supposed to be a routine stake out and we’ve already drawn too much attention to ourselves. Not to mention the fact that I can’t get in contact with any of the others. Truth is maybe Deshawn deserves to.....” The Captain abruptly stopped, prompting Beast to follow his line of sight. Less than 10 feet away from them, 12 shadowy robotic figures had landed on the rooftop. They slowly rose up and simultaneously exclaimed “Halt! You have violated Obsidian territory. Prepare to be apprehended!”
The two youngsters let out a heavy groan. They were not in the mood to tangle with ‘Obsidian Enforcers’ first thing in the morning.
“Well Captain? Got any ideas?”
“How bout.....Groundpound?”
A sly grin crept on the corner of Beast’s mouth “Oh yeah...I’m feeling that” With Beast’s approval, The Captain executed a stylish flip onto his back before they both began to emit a dark blue aura. Before the Enforcers had a chance to react, the pair disappeared in a spectacular flash of light. Despite their advanced design and programming power, the Enforcers still lacked the common sense and ingenuity that humans possessed. Otherwise, they would have noticed that their adversaries had only teleported a mere 20 metres above them.
After materialising in the air, The Captain released his partner, plummeting towards the robots like a human cannonball. If it wasn’t for the fact that he shouted out his favourite catchphrase “UNLEASH DA BEAST”, the robots would never have looked up in time to see him. Unfortunately, it still did them no favours as Beast slammed his fist into the bots, instantly pulverising them.
The Beast chuckled gleefully to himself, “When the smoke clears...only DA BEAST is left standing! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”
“I’ll tell you one thing Beast: You certainly aren’t graceful”, The Captain remarked, whilst brushing off oil and dust from his uniform.
“Hey if you want graceful, go learn ballet or something”
Before the pair could continue their conversation, a damaged, yet functional, Enforcer charged at both of them. Just as they were about to react, a flash of dark blue light breezed straight past them and sliced the robot in half with expert precision. Standing in its place was a figure that the pair was as equally unenthusiastic to see as the robot itself. A tall, slim, Latino boy dressed in the same uniform as The Captain and The Beast slowly placed his sword back into its sheath, before turning around and saying “You know? Sometimes I wonder what you two gringos would do without me!”
The Captain sighed, “Typical Knight! Shows up after the battle is done and yet still manages to take the credit”
“Man, we had this situation under control. If we need advice on how to make fajitas, we’ll give you a call”, The Beast whined.
The Knight rolled his eyes. There were many times when he and The Beast would engage in a little game they would like to call ‘Ethnic Banter’
“Always with the fajita jokes”, he replied, “But long as it makes you comfortable with the fact that I saved your sorry ass!”
The Beast, in an attempt to sooth his ego, was about to make a comeback before The Captain interjected, “Enough guys! Knight, what information were you able to pick up?”
“Nothing much mi amigo. A few secret projects here, a couple of missing dollars there but....nothing concrete”
“Right....of course...because it would be too much to ask for something useful after a disastrous mission...Anyone hear from The Vixen?”
Both The Beast and The Knight shook their heads in unison. As The Captain began to scratch his head, contemplating what to do next, a titanic shadow suddenly cast itself over the three boys. They all looked up to see an armoured, flying vehicle of some kind with a very familiar pilot in the cockpit. “Hey fellas”, shouted the long-haired, mixed race, female, “Anybody want a ride?”
The three boys instantly smiled before dreamily saying the words “Heyyyy Vixen” They then wasted no time in entering the vehicle and speeding away from the site of their failed mission. Whilst in transit, The Vixen turned towards the boys and said “So...who’s gonna tell Deshawn about this?”
Without hesitation, The Beast said “I vote The Captain”
“I second that motion compadre!” interjected The Knight.
“A good captain is supposed to go down with his ship” The Vixen charmingly added, with her eyebrow raised.
The Captain sighed. ‘Perfect’, he thought, ’This is gonna be a very long day’

July 17th 2025
10:30 Omega Island
“It was a simple mission”
Deshawn had repeated this statement to the team over three times whilst they were lined up in the assembly room for debriefing.
“Infiltrate,Observe,Document....Maybe even take an item or two....It was a simple mission”
The entire team rolled their eyes and sighed. The Knight leaned over to The Beast and whispered, “Make that 4 times...” Deshawn gave The Knight a steely gaze which instantly wiped the smirk off his face.
“You are Team Omega. You are the best of the best. An elite team with honed skills to take on any task.” He then proceeded to address them individually.
“Knight. You are the swiftest of them all. Your swordsmanship is unparalleled by anyone. You are courageous, arrogant and....sometimes a little too flirtatious... but your heart is pure”
“Beast. You’ve truly earned that name. You are the strongest man around....Period. Not to mention your head is just as thick as your fist”
“Vixen. Your invisibility and cat like reflexes makes you some kind of....well..superspy. You do a very good job of playing den mother when these idiots bicker amongst themselves”
“Captain. You have a range of abilities that you have yet to fully tap into and master, but your teleportation is very good for getting everyone out of truly sticky situations. This along with the fact that you naturally care for the wellbeing of others is why you are placed with the responsibility of taking charge of this team....You truly are your father’s son..”
The other three members of the team looked towards their captain. Now and again they must remind themselves of the pressure that he has taken onto himself, not to mention the fact that he must live up to the memory of his father, whom this team is named after.
“You are dismissed. Training begins at 07:00 tomorrow” Deshawn shouted.
“YES SIR!” came the reply from the team. As they all began to walk out, The Captain stopped. Deshawn noticed this and slowly approached him.
“What’s the matter Captain?”
“Beast raised an interesting point out on the field. He said that even though we are all a team, we don’t even know our true names...I know my name but that’s different....and got me thinking....”
“What is it Tyson?”
“Whenever you talk about my you did back there, you’ve never mentioned his name. Come to think about it, even my mum doesn’t say his real name. All anyone ever refers to him as is “Omega”, or “The Harlem Hero” So please...can you just tell me, what was his name?”
“You mean you still haven’t figured it out??” Deshawn crossed his arms, “His name was his greatest legacy. The gift which he said was the greatest one he had to offer to mankind....”
The Captain had a puzzled look across his face. “ always said that he thought I was his greatest gift to mankind?”
“Precisely!” Deshawn said as he placed his hand on The Captain’s shoulder. He then gathered up his things and left the assembly room.
“.....Tyson” The Captain whispered to himself once he had reached his epiphany. “His name was Tyson...”
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