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Chapter 5, Section 7

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Is Happiness around the corner?

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"Why do you keep avoiding me?" I asked as Luna walked past me. She flinched as she noticed my presence. For the first time I've taken her by surprise.
"If you'd just be alright with the way things are, this wouldn't be bothering you so much." She replied and turned towards one of the large windows lining the wall to our left. It seemed like she wanted to say something, but no matter how long I sat there waiting, she stayed silent.
"You can go home now." She said abruptly, just as I'd decided to leave the room.
"What do you mean? You don't want me around anymore?" I asked gently, reaching out a hand to her.
"I can't breathe with you here. I can't sleep, can't eat. Day and night I'm up with this ache in my heart and it's all because of you. I've kept you here long may go home now." She stared me down and each word felt like a dagger to my heart.
"Fine." I turned away and took slow, measured steps.
Why doesn't she change her mind..? Why doesn't she say she was just..playing around..and she wants me to stay..?
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