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Chapter 6, Section 2

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"Aww, missing your little playmate?" Wicked laughter echoed through the ballroom.
"What do you want Dahlia?" A shiver ran down my spine hearing the click of her heels as she walked towards me.
"You're still as beastly as ever.." The smile in her voice was obvious, I didn't need to turn around to see it "I wonder why that is."
"If you've only come here to antagonize me you might as well leave. I feel nothing anymore." I sighed, still imagining Mai's eyes and smile.
"So dramatic.." She stood infront of me, her dark heels adding height to her slender form. She knew my time limit was almost up. With only one scar left to fade, my future was just about set.
"I only came to check up on my favorite beast. How're you doing without your little pet?" She smiled and lowered her face an inch from mine "Would you like to see how she's doing?"
I stared at her. Really looked. I used to think she was beautiful in some vicious way, like one would think of a lioness or a lynx. But all I could see now was ugly cruelty. Just that, and nothing else.
"You just love to cause me pain, don't you?" I sighed
"Of course." She smiled and from the palm of her hand water appeared and quickly flooded the floor,"it's what I live for."
The water, clear like a looking glass and not blue at all, submerged us.
At first I thought she was attempting to kill me, but when I took a deep breath I found I could breathe just fine.
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