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Back to the beginning pt. 2

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After I left the building I remembered that Pete was the one that drove me here. "God! Am I that stupid?" I said out loud to myself before walking to my house. Halfway there it started raining Great...just great I thought. What was I going to shield myself from the freezing cold water? My fedora? I kept walking and wishing that it would just stop raining when I heard a car behind me. I turned around and focused on the car for a second before I realized that it was Pete's car I was still mad at him so I didn't want him to find me and pick me up where we would be in a small space for ten more miles, probably yelling at each other the whole way there. I turned around and seen an alley way, I walked over to it and hid he couldn't see me since it was so dark and fog started to roll in. When is car passed I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding, I walked out of the alleyway but what happened next was something that I would have never expected. I heard a skid and a horrible crashing noise and as I was running I was thinking to myself Oh god! Please tell me that isn't Pete please, please, please! I reached the end of the fog cloud and there was a semi half on the road half on the side walk. I turned my head and started running when I seen Pete's car upside-down and almost smashed to the point of him not being able to get out even if he was still...I couldn't bring myself to say it. The drivers side was smashed in so I had to go through the passengers side when I opened the door Pete was hanging upside-down hopefully just unconscious, by his seat belt. I opened the glove compartment (Regretfully) and everything fell out thankfully I found his old pocket knife on the floor-er-ceiling and grabbed it I maneuvered my way by his seat belt and tried to cut him loose. I reached down to one of his wrists to see if there was a pulse I could only feel a slight one and it was withering away as I cut, I sped up the process and finally got him free I grabbed his arms and pulled him slightly, when his feet finally fell to the ground I dragged him out of the car and placed him on the sidewalk. I whipped out my phone and called 911 [Nine one, one what's your emergency?] the lady asked me "Help! My friend's car and a semi just crashed into each other! I don't think he's going to make it!" Sir, where are you? "I don't know the street but I'm downtown by the.." I looked around and found a record store "....By the record store" I heard her typing on her keyboard There's an ambulance on their way sir can I get the information for your friend? I nodded even though she couldn't see me "Pete Wentz, 33 years, black hair, 5 foot 4 I think..." I found him in our records Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third? "Yes-" before I could answer the ambulance arrived and I told the lady thank you for helping me, because I'm just polite like that. "Sir, I'm sorry I don't think he's going to make it" the paramedic told me I looked at Pete and he wasn't even breathing that well it was really shallow and then the small heart monitor they had him hooked up to stopped into a flat line Beeeeeeep Beeeeeeep was all I could hear "PETE!" I tried to run into the ambulance to do only god knows what but as I took a step forwards I froze and started to get this bad headache and I couldn't hear anything except Pete's heart monitor Beeeeeeep Beeeeeeep it replayed in my mind as everything went black and all I could feel was the cold hard ground.

Hey guy's! So I hope you like the chapter! I wish I could have made it longer but I have stuff to do but you know the drill. Like the chapter = review to see if continuing is a yes or not on your part :) ttyl!
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