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Playing It Cool.

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Pheobe and her bestfriends move to Chicago from Newfoundland to Jumpstart their career in the music industry. What Happens when Pete Wentz signs them to Decaydance, and Pheobe starts to have these ...

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"Hey," he said smiling and put a hand on her shoulder.

Pheobe could feel her cheeks burning. She just sttod there dumbfounded. Tabby saved her by saying:

"Hey, i'm Tabby, this is Pheobe and these two are the ones we call Sarah and Jade."

Pete looked over at Tabby and smiled. Pheobe felt her knees turn to water and was suprising herself that she was managng to stand.

"Nice to meet you," he held out his hand to shake Tabby's."i'm Pete Wentz."

"We know," Pheobe blurted out, remembering what her tongue was for.

Pete looked back down at Pheobe.

"You've heard of Decaydance right? It's a record label branched off of Fueled By Ramen," Pete asked.

"Yeah, Of course. You signed Panic! At The Disco,"Pheobe said a matter of factly.

"Good, because I would like to meet with Last Call tomorrow and hear somemore of your material."

Pheobe and Tabby let out a small gasp, that turned into a silent squeal:


Pete laughed and put his fingers through his hair and tried to fix his wind blowen hair, and began to repeat himself.

Tabby began jumping up and down and squealed:

"Oh My God! Really?"

Pete smiled and let out a small laugh:

"Really, So give me your number and i'll call you tomorrow with a time and place."

Pete handed his cell over to Pheobe and asked her to program their number into it. After she had finished, Pete said his good-bye's and walked awy. But not before getting a majorly huge hug from Pheobe.


The next day, Pheobe woke up to the polyphonic ringtone of 'Dance,Dance'


"Pheobe?" the person on the other line said.

Pheobe shot up and said:

"Yes, this is Pheobe."

"This is Pete Wentz from last night, would you and the rest of the band mind if we met at Patrick's place at 2:30?"

Pheobe looked at the clock that said it was 12:45.

"No, that's fine."

Pete gave her the address and they hung up. Pheobe got out of bed and walked over to her closet pulling out a t-shirt, a brown hoodie that said 'Panic! At The Disco, Disco, Disco' and a pair of black jeans. She walked down stairs and saw Tabby eating a piece of toast. Pheobe walked over and took her untouched second piece.

"We have to meet with Pete 2:30 at Patrick's house," Pheobe said sitting on the counter and drinking out of the milk carton.

Tabby nodded her head and continued reading an article in the newspaper, totally oblivious to what Pheobe had just told her, and she bgan looking for her toast and Pheobe tossed her the burnt toast.


Pheobe laughed and walked out of the kitchen. While Tabby yelled:
"Get your own fucking piece of toast."

"No thank you I hate yours."

2:00 came and the gang all crawled into the rental car once again and drove to Patrick's house.

Jade knocked on the door and moved her red hair out of her hazel eyes. Patric answered the door. He led them in and Pete was sitting down on the couch.

He greeted them and got right down to business. He asked about songs and a lot more, like what other musical talents did they have.

They told them. Tabby was the drummer, Sarah was the bassist, Jade background vocals and was the lead guitarist, and that Pheobe was the lead singer and guitaist..

At the end Pete said that he liked them and that he had a good feeling and that Last Call had a lot of potential, he was going to sign them.

To celebrate they all decided to go out and party. Pheobe was sitting at the bar by herself and Pete came over, sat down beside her and asked:

"Is there something wrong?"

"No," she said."i'm just thinking."


"Home mostly," she said.

"Yeah, I know. It can be tough leaving home, and knowing that your not going to be back for an extended period of time."

"Mm hm, but i'm thinking about the record also, and i'm trying not to explode with excitement," said Pheobe.

Pete laughed:

"Hahaha,just enjoy yourself tonightand try not to think about home."

Pheobe looked up at him and smiled:


"For what?" he asked.

Smiling Pheobe said:

"For making me feelbetter and for..." she trailed off.

"And for?"

"Haha, just for the fact that i'm sitting next to you, i mean, i look up to you, you inspire me and just 3 days ago i was obsessing over you, i can't believe i'm actually having a civilized conversation with you and now i'm just going to shut up because i'm embarassing myself."

Pete sniggered:

"Haha, you're really obsessed with me?"

Pheobe blushed and looked down.

"As anyone ever told you that your cute when you blush?"

Pheobe looked up and said:

"Are you saying that i'm only cute when i blush?"

Pete winced:

"No, your ute, but your even cuter when you blush. You know what just forget i said anything."

"You think i'm cute?" Pheobe asked.

This time it was Pete's turn to blush:


Pheobe laughed and Pete leane in closer to her. He was so close that Pheobe could feel his hot breath.

Sarah came in between them laughing and loaded. With her speech slurred she said:

"You know what? I think i've had a little to much to drink because I thought i just saw Pete Wentz about to kiss you Pheobs."

Pheobe have Sarah a cold look.

"Sarah you are Completely and Entirely right. You have had to much to drink, come on let's go home."

They got up and left Pete at the bar alone.

Hope your happy with it, hahaha
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