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Pheobe and her bestfriends move to Chicago from Newfoundland to Jumpstart their career in the music industry. What Happens when Pete Wentz signs them to Decaydance, and Pheobe starts to have these ...

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Sorry it's took so long for me to update i've been busy

Pheobe woke up sunday morning by some pretty gruesome noises coming from the bathroom. Then Sarah stumbled out in a mess.

"You don't look so hot," Pheobe said.

"I feel like shit," Sarah complained.

"You smell like shit too."

Sarah grumbled something about Pierre Bouvier in Simple Plan an grabbed a pillow from underneath Pheobe's head and threw it at her. Sarah crawled in the bed next to Pheobbs and asked:

"So, how are YOU feeling today?"

"What do you mean?" Pheobe asked puzzled.

"About back home you know the whole homesick thing?"

"Oh," Pheobe said."i'm okay."

Sarah got up and hugged Pheobe:

"It'll be alright."

Sarah then left Pheobe alone to dwell and get dressed.


Pheobe had decided to go out and look around town. While she was walking apass a Cafe, Pheobe noticed Pete emerging. He noticed Pheobe and smiled:

"Hey Pheobbs, what are you doing?"

"Hi Pete," Pheobe smiled."i'm just trying not to get lost."

Pete laughed:

"Would you like me to show you around a bit?"

Pheobe smiled:

"Yeah thanks."

Pete and Pheobe walked down the street.

"So where are you from? I can tall by your accent that your not from around here," Pete asked.

"I'm from Newfoundland, in Canada. I'm a newfie," replied Pheobe.

"Canada, eh?" Pete said laughing.

Pheobe hit him on his shoulder:

"Are you making fun of me?"

"No," Pete said sniggering.

"Sure you not."

Pete ran his fingers through his hair. For a lack of conversation, and the silence was becoming akward he asked:

"So do you like the city?"

"No, it's to big, i'm not even from a town, i'm from a place called Three Mile Rock and it as the population of 100 people so it's called a village."

Pete looked away grinning and supressing laughter.

"What?" Pheobe asked.

"Nothing, it's just a 'village'?" Pete burst out laughing.

"Fine laugh at me all you want," Pheobe pouted.

Pete put his arms around her and pouted too and said:

"Awww, i'm sorry Pheobbs."

Pheobe went red in the cheeks. 'Pete Wentz as his arm around me'

"So Pete," Pheobe said."are the rumors of you dating Michelle Trachenberg true?"

At that moment Pete's Cell rung and he answered it and turned his back to Pheobe and walked a little bit away from her. He hung up and told Pheobe that he was 'Sorry and that he needed to go'

He kissed Pheobe on the cheek and walked away and called back to her:

"It was nice running into you."

Pheobe slowly made her way home, with her cheek burning where Pete's lips had collided with her skin. Pheobe walked into her home and jumped on the couch, kicking off her sneakers. Turning on the t.v.Pheobe thought to herself:

"Maybe Chicago isn't that bad after all."
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