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I waited by the road. I did it for him. And the girl. She'd be here soon.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Harry Mason - Published: 2006-08-10 - Updated: 2006-08-10 - 716 words

Night. It was a little cold for wearing the dress; my knees felt stiff whenever I stood still for a minute, but I did not regret picking it over my other clothes. They were all rags. I wondered where exactly he had found such a nice dress. It was brand new although there were no markings from any shop. It had a neat smell.

I didn't have any scent of my own. The shampoo he gave me was scentless and there was no perfume either. No, this uniform was lovely. The shoes too were new and shiny. I could conquer the entire world with this. If he'd let me.

He hadn't told me his name, but I figured it wasn't important. Someone else had sent him and I wasn't supposed to know too much.

It was a few hours ago he had awoken me. Awoken me from an endless nightmare. I promised him I'd do anything. I swore my trust and he smiled. A heart warming smile. Then he told me what to do.

It wasn't hard. My job was to wait by the road and take care of the girl no matter what. Take care of her. He touched me as he said it. His hand on my shoulder made me feel light as a feather. I promised to look after her. No matter what.

I let out my hair and tied it up again. I straightened the skirt and pulled up my socks. There weren't any mirrors around. I really wanted to see myself again. He had only let me catch a glimpse in the bucket of water he carried along.

My hands looked way older, but I didn't know about my face. My chest had grown older too and my legs were longer. My hair felt just the same and it was still brown. I just wanted to see my face. I had to know if I was still ugly. I had forgotten to ask him.

There was something shiny in the asphalt. I hadn't noticed it before. It was like it was shining on its own. The darkness wasn't complete, but there were no light sources around to make it shine.

No, this was something special. This was laid out for me to find. But why hadn't he told me before? He had had so much time. More than enough to tell me all the other things. Was this a message? A change of plans?

I took a few steps toward it. My jet black shoes provided a beat in a night that was otherwise soundless. Oh how I missed music. I wasn't allowed to hear it then, but I was at the radio shop ever so often when the people at school...

Anyway, I would go to the store just to listen to music. The shop assistant liked me, I think. She would always pick something new for me to hear. Until mommy found out.

I bend over and reached out. The light fainted and there was nothing there but cold road. Disappointed and with a feeling of being cheated, I turned around and walked back.

The stripes on the road suddenly lit up. I turned and looked into a blinding light. Something was humming. It was a car. I was trapped in the headlight. The brakes screeched. It wasn't enough. Evading.

The light turned away from my eyes and I could see the car. Just as I was about to move I felt locked in place. It wasn't adrenaline. I felt a completely different rush. It wrapped itself around my heart and started pumping it faster. I saw her.

There was a girl on the passenger seat. Not just any girl. It was her. He hasn't told me how she looked, but I was sure she was the right one. I could feel it.

It was too late. I raised my arms and closed my eyes. The howling tires blew away all other sounds. I felt a gust on my bare knees. It was icy. The screeching disappeared and I heard the car crash somewhere behind.

I opened my eyes. I was alone on the road. The girl was gone. I had lost her now, it wasn't too late. I had promised. I spun around and ran to her rescue.
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