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They had crashed. I had to save her.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Dahlia Gillespi, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-08-10 - Updated: 2006-08-10 - 800 words

He had done something to me when he touched my heart. I was in a good shape so unlike before. I could outrun almost everyone in the old days, but now I felt more like I was flying. I wasn't out of breath and I wasn't scared like when I used to run.

Not everything was fine though. I had left the post he gave me and now the girl was in danger. Or maybe... maybe she was hurt.

I felt a lump in my throat. She could be dead. All because of my curiosity. It was my fault. He'd be angry. He saved me and I couldn't even...

I couldn't run anymore. I was out of breath and I had an awful sting. Something was poking my stomach. I couldn't move. Couldn't run anymore. I just couldn't.

Defeated and with no way out, I stumbled over a rock and fell. It hurt. The ground scraped my knees. I lost my breath and stared into the nothingness. My pretty uniform was dirty. Ruined. I shut my eyes.

Howling. Screaming. It came closer. Warning. It was a warning. Something dangerous was about. It kept on. It was howling all around and inside me.

Something cold and wet touched my nose and my eyes flung open. Dawn had already broken. I had been sleeping, but I didn't know for how long. A mist covered the sun and I didn't know what time it was. Or what time I collapsed near the road.

Maybe it wasn't a real morning anyway. No birds were singing and it was snowing. It wasn't supposed to. The flakes melted on my skin and on the ground. I didn't feel its wetness anywhere. It was dead snow. There was nothing in it.

A car had burst through the fence below. Was that the car the girl was in? It looked like it. Or maybe it didn't. I only really saw the headlights. It did look like there was someone in the car though. Something alive.

I got up and looked in all directions. There wasn't anybody around. This had to be the car. She wasn't dead. I started running. Filled with hope, I started moving.

My knees were fine. There were no traces of bruises. My dress hadn't gotten a stain. I'd been sleeping on the ground and I was as clean as ever. The dress still had a neat smell.

The wind. I ran with the wind. Before I knew it I was next to the crashed car. I opened the door to the passenger seat. She turned her head slowly and looked at me. Her mouth was open and her face stiff. I smiled and she stared. She stared. I smiled.

I took her arm gently and helped her out. She wasn't hurt. I couldn't find any wounds. I took her hand and pulled her away from the crash. I asked her what her name was. She looked puzzled.

She was pretty. Middle length black hair and big brown eyes. Beautiful eyes. The kind I always wanted. The way she looked at... I was getting lost. I felt weaker and stronger at the same time. I could protect her from anything. I wanted to.

I straightened her pink pullover and took her hands. She wasn't very tall. She only reached my... my breasts. She looked like she was around six or seven. I was probably twice as old. Maybe a little more. Or less. I had forgotten to ask him.

She said something about her dad. I looked back at the peaceful crash site. Someone else was there. Her dad was sitting inside the car. Unconsciously. Someone else was standing next to him.

A dark figure. It looked at the passenger seat and mumbled something. Then it started scouting the surroundings. I grabbed the girl and dragger her around the corner. I muffled her and peeped out.

The person hadn't seen us. It looked no older than the girl and it was all dressed in black. A shadow seemed to constantly surround it. I narrowed my eyes, trying to see what it was. Then it vanished.

Another person stood next to the car. Older. Much older and definitely a woman. She looked at the quiet man and turned to the empty passenger seat. She was confused. I could feel her utter disbelief.

She was the danger I had to keep the girl away from. She had to be. She said nothing and showed no anger, but deep down I felt a great hate. My cheeks burned. This was my enemy. I squeezed the girl a bit tighter and continued observing.

The woman found something on the empty seat and turned toward us. I retreated. We got up. The girl took my hand and we started running.
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