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They were after us. All of them. We needed somewhere to hide.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Harry Mason - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-08-10 - Updated: 2006-08-10 - 654 words

This part of town was unfamiliar. I had probably been here before, but the mist and the snow made it hard. There wasn't anyone around I could ask either. It would have been very lonely if she wasn't tagging along. I held on to her hand a bit harder.

We stopped in front of a house. She sat down and I stared emptily at the door. It looked like all the other doors. There wasn't anybody home. The door was locked.

She mentioned her dad again. Footsteps. Someone was running not far away. I crossed the street and looked down an alley there. It looked safe. It looked like a good place to hide. Someone was around.

I motioned her to follow me. She looked lovely as she stood there and smiled. Weakness and strength overwhelmed me. She started running. I could see someone else in the mist behind her.

The alley was long and we kept on running. It was like there was someone watching us all the time. It wasn't just the one who was after us. There was something else.

The girl caught up with me and we went past a metal gate. The alley got smaller and darker. I took her hand and ran faster. The way was filled with obstacles and she complained. I stopped and listened to her breath and the background noise. Someone was talking somewhere.

She couldn't run anymore. I stroked her hair and smiled. Her eyes. She felt safe. I put my arms under her back and knees and lifted her. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I was strong. I could carry her easily. She felt so light in my arms.

Another door. There was a bag filled with trash blocking the door. I kicked the door open and the bag was emptied on the ground. It was filled with small diaper like packs. They smelled horribly and something seeped out when I stepped on them. I couldn't see exactly what it was because of the darkness.

The scent bothered her. I held her tighter and walked further down the narrow alley. It didn't get any better. More odorous trash filled the ground. It looked like dead animals. Meat waste.

Someone rattled with the door behind us. I put the girl down and pulled up the fence just enough for her to crawl under. She kept the hole open and I squeezed myself through. The fence was spiky, but the dress protected me. It didn't get the slightest scratch.

The remaining light disappeared as the door was opened. Someone moved in the darkness. The girl whimpered and I held on to her. I whispered in her ear and put a finger on her lip.

Beacon. Something light. Our follower held up a weak light and continued down the alley. Slowly. He looked at the animal corpse. The light swayed from side to side. Someone had nailed another corpse to the wall. It was wrapped up in something. It looked like a big dog. I covered her eyes.

Other things filled the alley. Tables and more bags. Everything was colored red. Everything smelled. Smelled like blood. I moved a little backward and pushed her face into my chest to ensure we wouldn't be seen.

It was her dad. I recognized his face as he moved closer. He looked frightened. He was looking for her. Not knowing if he was safe, I decided to continue hiding. He walked past us and into a dead end.

The shadow child was standing behind him. Its clothes were black. I still couldn't see if it was a boy or a girl. The skin had been painted to fit the shadow.

The man turned around and the shadow disappeared again. Someone else... Something moved up the alley. They made strange noises. Frightening noises. His light revealed little black things. Small and fat. Arms and legs. They were missing something.
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