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She needed help.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-08-10 - Updated: 2006-08-10 - 790 words

Some time ago I was in a cabin. I don't know how long it had been. My memories were fresh. His presence was wonderful. All the time I had been dreaming those dreams... It was all gone. When he was there I forgot all the horrors. He made me want to live. I had never really wanted to live before.

He was gone now. He had other things to do and no time for me. I couldn't call out for him. I didn't know how to, but it wasn't sad. Touching her. Holding her hand. It made up for the loss. I was content with her when he wasn't around.

I didn't know if he'd ever come back. He never said anything about where I was to take the girl. I just had to protect her. It felt strange. Like he somehow knew where we were. Just thinking he was guiding us made me feel safer. There was nothing to be scared of.

More papers were scattered on the road. The girl looked from a distance and we avoided them. He didn't put papers everywhere. It had to be that woman. I knew better than to examine bright things on the road. It was probably the woman who made me make the car crash.

The right road turned up. It was hard to navigate in the mist, but everything seemed more and more familiar. Getting closer to the destination was hard. I felt a lump in my throat just thinking about the place. It was the only place that could help her though. I had no choice. There probably were others, but they were too far away.

Something walked around on the other side of the street. I looked at the girl. There was blood all over her pullover and vest. She sighed and said she couldn't walk any longer. The creature opposite us sniffed a few times. It had caught her scent.

I couldn't attack. Last time I had scattered walls and killed the monster. Yes, its death pleased me. But now I felt nothing. There was no force. I couldn't hurt it like before.

It walked slowly across the road until it spotted us. I wasn't able to kill it, but I could definitely outrun it. I took the girl into my arms. The creature stopped. It looked a little like a dog. The head was wrong though. It was no dog. It was just another monster.

I ran. It followed, but not for long. I was the fastest. No one could beat me. Carrying her delicate body didn't slow me down one bit. Before I knew it we were at the hedge of the building.

I couldn't see it because of the mist. It was there though. I knew. I looked at the stone with its name. My stomach writhed in agony. Painful memories. This was the place. The bus was parked outside. It looked trashed. The windows were broken. I smiled.

A dog monster peeped out from the other side of the bus. It went for us. I couldn't smash it like the bird. I wasn't ready. Instead I tossed myself and the girl aside as it jumped. I could hear it whimper when it hit the stone with the building's name.

It lay still for a moment. I let go of the girl and got up. We could escape, but I didn't want to. I knelt down next to it. Its head was shapeless. The body wasn't really a dog's either. It just walked like one. I wanted to change that. I had to.

I put my foot on its foreleg to hold it in place. It tried to bite me. I put my hands around its paw and pulled as hard as I could. The leg snapped soundly. The ends of the broken bones were sticking out of the skin. They were white just like all other animals. And people. It whimpered again. Almost like it was crying. Its blood soaked the ground.

I stood tall and kicked it in the belly. It rolled down the road a little. Then it got up. It stumbled dizzily for a while before it hobbled away.

It wasn't very nice of me, but it wanted to bite the girl. He told me to defend her no matter what. It was just a monster. I could do anything I wanted to it. Nobody would care. Right?

The girl was still lying in the grass. She was sleeping silently. She would die soon. I picked her up. All her clothes were smeared with blood. The hospital room was close to the entrance. She needed me. Her dependence washed away all the bad memories. I felt maternal. It was nice.
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