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Sasukes First Kiss

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Sasuke and Itachi go to the park, where Sasuke shares a swing and his first kiss with a mysterious pink-haired girl. (Y'all know who that is!)

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Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto or any other character from the series Naruto, I just dress them up. Also i do not own 'Peter-Pan'(briefly mentioned)
I know this isn't what i normally write but i couldn't resist!
(I usually write SasuNaru (whooo hoo!))

An Old Tradition
By: Starcrossed_lover

Itachi walked tall with Sasuke high on his shoulders, they were headed to the playground. Itachi wearily surveyed his surroundings, eyeing a group of giggling girls who started giggling the moment they saw him. He reached up and carried Sasuke off his shoulders. "Go on Sasuke! Go play!" Itachi said, already heading towards the giggling girls, who were standing next to the snack bar. Sasuke looked around hesitantly, and there it was / the Aburame Swing/. He had always wanted to use the swing but there was always an Aburame kid already there. About a year ago the Aburame Clan flourished, there were so many kids that were ahembig-boned that the Aburame Clan asked for bigger, larger playground equipment in the surrounding parks of the clan. The swing was big enough to fit three regular kids.
Sasuke ran. Digging the toes of his feet into the sand to go faster, he made it to the swing. As he got ready to sit down he felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned to find a pink-haired girl. "Umm... do you think we could share the swing?", she asked hesitantly. She bit her nails as she spoke, 'Wow! She's pretty!'. Sasuke nodded, blushing. He let her on first and then sat next to her, facing the other way. Sasuke pushed the swing and she flew upwards. Her hair was blown in different directions, making her smile as she went higher. She pushed and Sasuke went up, his hair flopping back and forth.
They giggled until the giggles turned into full-on laughter, only once did they push at the same time, causing them to spin. She said" Again!" when the spinning had stopped. Sasuke was so distracted by the girl that he didn't notice his brother was looking at him. They spun faster and faster until they were dizzy. They stopped, and looked around, all the parents were looking at them smiling to themselves. They blushed heatedly, and they jumped off the swing and went to the slide Sasuke went down first and caught the little girl as she came flying. They were having too much fun to ask each others name. They went on the slide a couple more times, then went to play in the cool sand under the jungle gym.
"Can i give you a thimble?" asked Sasuke copying the idea from the story 'Peter-Pan'. "What's that?" the pink haired girl asked. "I'll show you." he said giving her a peck on the cheek. "Can i give you a thimble?" she asked, blushing. "Only if you promise to share the swing with me again next Saturday." he said. She answered with her expression. She was leaning in to give Sasuke a thimble when Sasuke heard Itachi call him, he turned his head to look where Itachi was standing. Instead of kissing Sasuke on the cheek, she kissed him on the lips. Sasukes eyes widened in shock. The girl pulled back, and blushed again. "Coming!" Sasuke screamed at his brother and said bye to the little girl.
"Oh..Wait" he told Itachi, running back to the girl. She stood up as she saw him running towards her. "We're still sharing a swing on Saturday, right?" He asked, looking down bashfully. "Yeah.." She answered, giving him a kiss on the cheek before running to her mother. He watched her run away. When she turned around to look at Sasuke she smiled the cutest smile Sasuke had ever seen and waved. He waved back and ran back to his brother. "Who was that?" Itachi asked, grinning ear to ear. ' Just the cutest girl I've ever known' Sasuke thought, but didn't say it out loud. "Just a girl" he said turning away to hide his blush. Itachi watched his brother, still grinning. 'He's only eight and already has a crush.. How fast they grow!' Itachi thought. He picked Sasuke up and put him on his shoulders again. Sasuke looked back and saw the girl, still looking at him, he waved.
*End of Flashback*
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