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Second Chance

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She was the best thing in his life then the incident happened.

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Sasuke waited and waited for Saturday, after that day. He planned out what he was going to say and what he was going to wear all in the same day that they had planned the date. He was ecstatic, he was impatient, he was simply waiting for the day to end, for it to be at least one day closer to Saturday. He was constently asking his parents what day it was, if it was Saturday yet. And they always replied with a smile.
He was constently asking his parents what day it was, if it was Saturday yet. And they always replied with a smile.
He thought about her when he was buying a toy at the store, doing something that they could talk about later. He even thought about her when he went to sleep, the thoughts always left a smile on his face for the rest of the night.
Then, at last Saturday came and Itachi came back from duty at the police station. Sasuke put on his jeans and the white shirt he had so carefuly tried to keep clean. He even cleaned his red Converse, while he was waiting for Saturday, he pulled those on too. Itachi waited for him outside the door, looking slightly amused as Sasuke rushed past him and ran at full speed towards the playground.
It only took Itachi several long strides to catch up with his brother. He watch his little brothers face, Sasuke was grinning form ear to ear. Light dancing in his eyes. They finally reached the playground in three minutes flat. Sasuke quickly scanned the playground for the pink haired girl, when he didn't see her he felt a tiny sting in his chest. He then looked at the Akumichi Swing, it was free so he ran to it. He sat there wondering where the pink haired girl was. He suddenly realized that he didn't even know her name. He thought about what her name could be.
Distracted he pushed against the ground and gave himself a little swing. He thought about her smile and her funky hair color, he liked those things about her. She was fun and quirky, he could tell from just her smile that she was. Ten minutes past and he scanned the playground again. She wasn't there. Was she not coming? Sasuke thought.
He felt another tug at his heart. He looked at his brother, who was sitting at the park bench with a couple of girls swooning over him, like love sick puppies. He scanned the playground again, again she wasn't there. He got off the swing and walked over to Itachi. They were about to go home when he saw a flash of pink in the corner of his eye, he turned quickly and saw her. She was sitting on the swing, searching the playground. Then she saw him, and she smiled that smile he had thought of for the last week. He told Itachi they would leave later. He walked over to the girl and the swing.
He sat next to her like he did last week, and pushed on the floor. They were off again. Lost in each others smile and laughter, he could have stayed there forever. He talked about how he started school, and she talked about that she would start school next week because she had just moved. All this was talked about but they never told each other their names.

Itachi watched them as he listened, tortured by the high pitched voices of the girls who sat next to him. Every other word was 'like' or 'whatever'.
Itachi was happy for his brother a girlfriend at the age of eight, that was a new family record. Itachi's first girlfriend had been at the age ten.

Sasuke looked at the girl and thought up another idea. "Lets make a pact every Saturday, we'll meet here at this swing?" he said, holding out his pinky. She smile, not that big smile he like but a smaller smile. He could tell she was making up her mind. "Okay!" she said and she pushed against the floor, sending him up. As the swing came swinging downwards she wrapped her pinky finger around his, and pumped it twice before letting go.
He heard Itachi call him again and looked at Itachi, he facial expression told him he was a little annoyed at the girls. He turned to the pink haired girl and kissed her on the cheek.
"I'll see you next Saturday 'kay?" he asked as he got up to leave.
"'kay." she replied. She looked a little miffed that he was leaving so soon.

Itachis spirits lifted as he watched Sasuke give the girl a kiss on the cheek. Sasuke was always cute like that, repetative. Sasuke walked over to him, still a little flushed from the kiss.

Sasuke thought about what they had talked about all today and remembered that he forgot to ask what her name was. He'll ask next time, he thought.
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