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Well, just a chapter which make the story make sense to you guys.

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Third chapter up!!! So far, people have been very supportive of the story giving me reviews and ideas. So thanks a lot to everyone. Well this chapter you might find it too boring and if anyone need a summary of the chapter, feel free to say so. In the meantime, on with the story. Enjoy!!!

"I just got no easy job. Next time I will remember not to use brute strength against that girl. Now I do not even know where am I? And my PMR is broken, just great" Herry grumbles as he got out of the thorn bush he had landed on.
He removed those thorns one at a time, and after that he started moving on.
"Lucky I got a compass in my pocket. But I do not even have a map. And even if I do, Odie is the one who usually reads it not me." Herry took out the brass compass Jay gave him.
After taking one sad look at it, he placed it back into his pocket and walked on. He picked up a stick along the way to treat it as a form of self-defense, though it might just break easily. Then he heard a rustle in the bushes before whirling around and he found himself face to face with nothing.
"I thought that there was something. Never mind, move along." Herry scratched his head and murmured to himself.
Then he heard footsteps along a path not far from here. He rushed over but soon skidded to a stop as he saw me run past. I had been severely injured by Neil or perhaps it was just Neil's luck. At first, Herry wanted to strike me from behind. However seeing how far he had flown just now, he thought that it was best to wait. I was also too weak to detect his presence anyway, thus he was safe as long he hides.
"Wonder how she got hit that hard, after she manages to throw me fifty miles away from the brownstone." Herry thought to himself.
Then he looked at the pathetic stick which he was holding. He threw it away in the end; it would not be able to hurt me at all. It was best to rely on strength and wits. Herry has the strength to beat me, but does he have the brains?
"Stupid Neil, if it was not for you I would have killed Theresa by now." I scolded as I took some cloth to bandage up the mark which the cord tied me.
It was still stinging and my powers were weakened to the limit where I might just lose them eventually. It would be best to lay off the magic for a while. I thought to myself.
"However, I better come up with a plan quick. There is not much time left. If Theresa manages to develop her powers like me with the help of Jay, it would be much harder for me to kill her. Lucky for me that I had trap Jay and the others back there, or I will be done for. The next spot I will attack is probably the brownstone again." I stated my situation now pulling the bandages tighter.
I sat down on a fallen tree, took out my remaining weapons which I had left and started to think carefully. Herry was still crouching in the bushes, listening to every word I say.
"The others are in trouble, I got to help them first and deal with her later. I must also remember to tell Theresa that she is able to control that kind of power as well. And she is going to attack the brownstone." Herry reminded himself.
Herry decided not to attack me in the end as he scurried off in the darkness. He found the trail which I had taken and ended up in New Olympia the next night.
Jay stood over Odie who was kneeling on the grass, "So got a devise yet? It is nearly morning."
"Almost got it, there just put in this piece and push the button. But Jay my devise will not remove the cage. It would temporary open a small hole for 5 seconds" Odie said.
"So how do we remove the cage?"
Odie pointed to one of the items placed on the ground, "Easy, I push the button and one of us removes that item. With one missing, the cage would not activate."
"Seem pretty easy to me."
"But we only have one shot at it."
Then Jay positions himself and then informs Odie, "Ok, I'm ready".
Odie flip the switch as a small hole opened near Jay. In a split of a second, Jay scurried through the hole and used his xiphos to hit the item hard. The device exploded into a million bits as the net holding the cage fell apart.
"There it was easy wasn't it?" Odie replied over all the smoke.
Jay came out of the smoke coughing with his shirt stained with a kind of black paint and his face blackened with soot, "Next time Odie, warn me about it exploding.", as he walked into the brownstone to clean up.
"Next plan set and it is foolproof." I shouted out triumphantly.
I packed up the remaining pieces of my weapons and placed them back into my bag.
"Jay, you have something I want and I will get it. In the last story, you have a soft spot for Theresa, so..." I murmured to myself.
I needed Jay's xiphos to activate something. A vicious trap designed by myself.
(I guess I will explain the trap to you guys so that you guys can work it out whether it worked or not. I do not want my fans to be lost somewhere in the story. I will personally set my trap on the rooftop of the brownstone. It would be set in front of where I will be standing to ensure that anyone who tries to attack me head on will fall into my trap first. As for the effects of the trap, I just can't tell you everything can I?)
Herry walked right out of the remaining bushes as he met into the bustling road of the city.
"Now to find Jay..." Herry whispered to himself as he ran towards the brownstone.
In the opposite direction, four teens were running to New Olympia.
"Quick let's get in." Jay muttered as the door clicked open to reveal the secret passageway to the gods' palace.
After a flash of blue, the teens entered the secret palace and what they found was horrifying.
"Persephone!" Theresa rushed over to her mentor who was in a very bad shape.
Jay and the others' draw up a few chairs as they helped the gods up.
"You..." Ares growled, referring to Theresa, as he wanted to use his weapon to kill Theresa.
Hera placed up a hand and replied, "Ares, she is the real one."
With that, Ares withdraw his weapon. Persephone was laid on the couch as Theresa tried to help her regain conscious by using her powers. The other gods were shaken badly, but none seem to be as bad as Persephone.
"Hera, what do you mean by the 'real one'?" Jay asked finally after letting the gods rest.
"There are some things you need to know Jay. All of you need to know." Hera motioned them to take a seat.
"In this world, there is no good without evil, Light without Darkness. Both have to co-exist in nature as they live on, though fights might surface when one is stronger that the other. When we were referring to Theresa as the real one, it also means that there is another one out there. There is a clone of Theresa out there, which is out to extract revenge against Theresa. And by doing so, she hopes to take Theresa's place. She has no from at first as she is just like an ordinary mass of energy. But the longer she lives in this world, the more powerful and real she becomes." Hera explained.
"I guess we saw that side of her as well." Neil said.
"What!" Artemis exploded, "Were any of you hurt?"
"Except for Archie, all of us are fine, Herry is still missing and so is that clone-" Jay said.
"All thanks to me. I defeated her single handedly." Neil butted in.
"Well, I am just glad all of you are fine and we will locate Herry as soon as possible. In the meantime, be on your guard. She can take the place of Theresa easily, so keep Theresa safe. The clone is called Theresa` and she is very powerful by now, judging from our last battle. The clone must be captured or destroyed in the shortest time." Hera announced.
Everyone agreed as they stood up to leave. They need to get to back to work immediately. The teens were going back to the brownstone for some rest before preparing to find Herry.
"Jay," Hera held him back, "You might have the ability to capture the clone. This is because no matter how evil she is, she is still Theresa and has a part of her."
"Err... Ok" Jay replied as he rushed off to catch up with the rest.
"How can he do it when we gods can't?" Ares asked furiously.
"You will know in time. Or perhaps Aphrodite would be too pleased to give you the answer." Hera said and also left.
Atlanta answered to that call; she walked over to Archie's bedside and kneeled down beside him.
"You should be resting."
"I'm fine. Where are the others?" Archie said as he sat up.
His wound was not stinging so badly after all. He realized that it was just fatigue that prevented him from standing up.
"You should still rest. Jay and the others have gone to see Hera, they will be back soon." Atlanta responded by motioning him to lie down again.
Both of them were left behind while the others had gone off to see the gods.
"Well, I want to say I am sorry about forgetting what day today is. And I do know that I have disappointed you on many occasions and dates. But I really love you." Archie look hopefully into Atlanta's eyes.
Atlanta just looked away as she replied, "Perhaps next time you would treat another girl nicer and remember important dates."
"Another girl, what do you mean?" Archie sat up as Atlanta walked to the door.
Atlanta placed her hand on the knob of the door as she looked back, "It is over between us, Archie. Nothing you do can make it right again. Not even this event, it does not make any difference."
"No...difference..." Archie stared at her blankly.
"Yes Archie, it does not change anything. We are just friends. I really appreciate you saving me, but we are just friends and nothing more."
Archie's heart broke; Atlanta had just said those words which hurt so much that they are still ringing in his ears. He could not accept the fact that it was over. is just too sudden. Doesn't he mean anything to her now? It is not possible, he will not believe it.
"Nothing I do will change your mind?" Archie was still determined that Atlanta still loved him and was just kidding.
"Nothing" With that she left the room.
But the moment the door slam with a shut, Archie fell into a pit of depression. He was living in two worlds then, one with Atlanta, the other without. But he was living alone now. Nothing he does would salvage the situation. Perhaps it was the best for them to be this way. Atlanta did not want to give him false hope, but he would rather take the chance than to lose her that fast. His flowers were still waiting to be delivered, waiting to be delivered...
The front door of the brownstone opened and shut. Herry had entered the house tired and hungry. He made his way to the fridge which was the most common thing to do after walking for so long. Alas, to his dismay, the kitchen had been completely demolished in the process of the battle. Thus there was no food for him. As he made his way out of the kitchen, a too familiar figure came bouncing down the stairs.
"Herry, you are alright. We thought you were missing." Atlanta screamed as she hugged him.
Herry gave her a broad smile and grunted, "It is going to take more than that to kill me. Where are the others?"
"Jay, Odie, Theresa and Neil went to visit the gods. Archie is upstairs, he is injured."
"What? How is he?" Herry spluttered as he quickly made his way up the stairs to see Archie.
"He is fine. Where is your PMR?"
"Destroyed" Herry replied bluntly as he entered Archie's room.
Atlanta did not enter. Instead she stayed outside as she radioed Jay.
"Jay, Herry is back. You will have to buy dinner for him as well. Over"
"That's great news! We will be right back. In the meantime, don't let down your guard. Over and out" Jay's voice sounded over the PMR.
That's Jay alright, Atlanta though silently to herself. It was always the issue of keeping your guard up and be careful. He never changes, even though spending more time with Theresa now. Everyone thought that if he spends more time with Theresa, he would relax much more.
"Hey buddy. You ok?" Herry said as he made his way to the bed.
"Herry! That's great, I'm fine. How about you, you hurt?" Archie stood up this time, but he wobbled a little as his sense of balance has not fully recovered yet.
Herry caught him as he ushered him back to his bed, "Easy. You are not as strong as me."
"Hey, take that back." Archie pushed as he sat on the bed.
"Well, now I can tell you are feeling much better. What's up with you and her?" Herry laughed and then pointed to the door.
"Nothing, we broke up." Archie said heavily, almost stopping when coming to the breaking up part.
Herry eyes darkened as he placed a hand over his shoulder, "Oh...You sure it is best?"
"Yes, how did you know there was something wrong?"
Herry rise up as he made his way to the door, "I have known Atlanta longer that you do remember? Take some more rest, buddy."

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In case you have not noticed, Herry reminded himself that he wants to tell the guys about Theresa's powers. Since it was of utmost importance he should have told Atlanta immediately. We'll see if he remembers in the next chapter. He is not exactly the kind who could remember things like that right?

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