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What a Valentine!

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Well, no action. Plain pairing. I can't help but write this chapter.

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It is the fourth chapter and it is still looks ok. I hope that I can bring out the best in the story so that you all like it. Well read on for now...
P.S. I am Theresa` if you have forgotten.

"Well, what's up Jay? What did Hera say?" Atlanta said as all of them were eating some biscuits to fill their stomachs.
Athena was at the gods' palace, thus the titans had to fend for themselves. Theresa and Neil had gone to the mall to buy whatever takeaway they could find at this hour. Odie was behind his laptop, trying to find more data or any information about Theresa`'s location. Jay was standing behind him and looking at maps to track Theresa` down.
Over all the mess, Jay replied "Well we are up against some sort of dark energy and we got to capture it as soon as possible. Hey Odie, found anything yet."
Odie typed furiously on his laptop and Jay just got a muffled reply from him, "No"
Jay marked the coordinates which Theresa` had recently been sighted on the map of New Olympia. He also marked the part of the forest where Herry was spying on her. However Herry seem to have really forgotten the part about Theresa and the next spot Theresa` will attack. He is really forgetful.
"Hey guys got anything yet?" Herry greeted Theresa and Neil whose hands were filled with bags of food.
After a mass distribution, everyone sat down on the couches eating contently.
"Wanna watch a movie?"
Everyone murmured yes but Atlanta stood up and announced that she will be going to bed. She ran up the stairs and entered her room, locking it. Atlanta wasn't like this at all. She was usually the first to suggest watching a movie and staying up late. What could be the reason for her weird behavior? All eyes glanced over to Archie, who has even muttered a word this dinner, except for Herry. Archie looked away immediately only to get a response like 'Well, what do you have to say?'
"You want to say? Or shall I do it?" Herry looked up from his bowl of noodles.
Everyone looked over to Herry for a while before looking back at Archie. Archie shrugged his shoulders and then went back to his dinner.
Jay had a worried look on his face, as though expecting the worst he gulped and asked, "What is it?"
"We broke up" Archie said as Theresa gasped.
"Why? Who initiated the braking up?" Theresa asked urgently.
She placed the bowl on the table and leaned back. Her face was expressionless as Jay did the same thing. Jay glanced hurriedly at Herry, wanting him to tell instead of Archie. He knew that it would be too hard on Archie for him to narrate the whole thing after he had experience it. Thus Herry told them everything honestly. They gasped at the appropriate moment, but Neil flipped out his three-panel mirror during storytelling. He was still admiring his own reflection when the story ended.
Jay looks at Archie as he said, "So...anything we can do to help you?"
"Ya, all of us will help right?" Theresa looked dangerously at Neil as all the others nodded.
"I will help, but that's if we can." Neil stated as he took out a nail file.
"It's alright," Archie stopped Theresa from tearing Neil apart as he continued, "Neil's right. You guys can't do anything about it."
Theresa would not be able to talk Atlanta out of it knowing her stubborn character. Theresa would probably get thrown out of the room again. Jay was as hopeless as Archie was when it come to romance, unless with outside help. Herry is too honest with words and Odie only knows a lot about technology and stuff like that. As for Neil, if he doesn't make the matter worse, it would be good enough.
"I'm going to bed." Archie said finally and made his way up the stairs.
As time goes by, the titans got up one by one and made their way back to their room. By 11.45pm, the only guys who were still up were Jay and Theresa. The others could not help it as they turned in one after another. Both of them stared each other and looked away quickly. Then Theresa made an audible comment of something like, 'some Valentines day this is...' Jay heard it loud and clear as his heart thumped. He had almost forgotten that today was Valentines' day. He glanced over to the clock hang on the wall. He only had 15mins left before this day was over. There had just been an unexpected turn of events which were happening so fast that the day is almost over. He stretched his hand nervously into his pocket, praying that the present would still be there. He felt the necklace which Aphrodite had given him and let out a sigh of relief. Was Theresa talking about him just now? Or was she referring to Atlanta and Archie? Jay just had to buck up the courage and give her the present before the clock struck 12.
"Well better get this mess cleared up before we retire." Theresa picked up the litter and threw them into the rubbish bin.
"I will clear the dishes." Jay said as he stacked the bowls and brought them to the sink.
He was soon joined by Theresa who helped him in putting the dishes away. Was she disappointed? Jay noted the expression on her face. He could not tell at all. If she is disappointed, what would she be disappointed about?
"Theresa" Jay said suddenly almost making Theresa dropped the bowl she was placing back at that time.
"Yes, Jay?" Theresa could tell that Jay had wanted to speak to her all this while, but she was in deep thought about Atlanta and Archie.
"Here a Valentine's day present for you." Jay told Theresa as he gave her the necklace, "Hope you like it."
Theresa took the necklace and admired it for a moment. It was beautiful and its green glow made it much prettier.
"Thanks, Jay. Would you help me put it on?" Theresa smiled nervously. She had not expected something like that, it was quite inappropriate. Atlanta and Archie had just broken up. Jay took the necklace and put it around Theresa's neck. She looks gorgeous with the necklace. Jay thought silently to himself as a smile spread across his face. Theresa felt really confused now. On one hand she was elated that Jay had given her such a nice present for Valentine's Day, but the atmosphere that Archie and Atlanta broke up had not vanished. At least not completely...
"Hey I did not mean to forget that today's is Valentine's Day, and I am really sorry. Since tomorrow is Sunday, how about I make it up to you? We will meet at the café, ok?" Jay lifted Theresa's face up to him.
He looked lovingly into those her eyes as he brought her closer to him.
"Sure why not?" Theresa replied as she smiled at him.
Then she sealed Jay's mouth with a kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jay hugged her even more tightly, bringing her into a warm embrace. Sadly, it ended as they stood there for about a few minutes, just looking into each other's eyes. Words of love were exchanged as they hugged each other. When the dishes were done, Jay walked Theresa to her room. After one final kiss, Theresa opened her door and stepped into her room.
"Goodnight, Jay."
Someone was crying silently in the night. Why does it hurt so badly? A red-headed girl kept turning around on the bed as she could not get to sleep. She had been tossing and turning for a long time now. The part which she had officially broken up with Archie had passed a long time ago. It was already over, but there is just something which seems wrong. Why does it hurt? Atlanta questioned herself over and over again. I know that I love Archie a lot, but it could be best that we stay this way for a while. Perhaps I will accept him again soon I hope. Atlanta calmed herself down. She had claimed that she wanted to go bed early that night, but until now, when everyone had gone to bed, she is still awake...
Everyone? Not everyone to be exact. Archie was still staring at the ceiling. He wished that Atlanta could come back to him. They had not been together for long and how he longed to be just like Jay. Atlanta would be close to him all the time. He knew that he was careless and forgetful sometimes, but is that enough reason to break up? To him it isn't, but to Atlanta... He hoped desperately for Atlanta to forgive him as he wanted to be with her again. He could change and do anything for Atlanta to come back to him. Anything...
Jay was sleeping soundly in his own bed as his digital alarm clock showed 5 in the morning. His door creaked open as a shadow entered silently. The figure crept over to his bedside. The unknown person sat on the edge of his bed as Jay was still unaware of the threat beside him. The person shook him gently as Jay murmured in his sleep and turned over. Jay was shook roughly this time as Jay slowly woke up. Then he noticed the unknown person beside him. Jay grabbed his xiphos on his bedside table and slapped the switch. As the light turned on, Jay pointed his sword at the throat of the attacker.
"Atlanta? Why are you creeping up on me like that?" Jay shouted.
"Easy now, I do not want to wake up the households."
"What's the matter?" Jay said retracting his sword.
"Well I do not know how to start..." Atlanta swallowed as she started.
Jay raised an eyebrow as he said, "Archie?"
Atlanta nodded briefly as she started crying again. She covered her face with both of her hands. Atlanta had never cried like this before. Surprised by this Jay placed a comforting arm around Atlanta as she buried herself in Jay's arms.
"Take it easy, it will be alright." Jay comforted her like a small child, stroking her hair as he repeated it over and over again.
Atlanta would be the last person he would know to cry like that. She seems so independent and strong on the outside, but who knows that it was just Archie who could cause her to become like that. Or perhaps she was always like that, fragile and weak on the inside.
" someone. I could not talk to Theresa as she would probably laugh at me." Atlanta sobbed as she told this to Jay.
Theresa would not laugh at her. Jay thought but this was not the time to argue such stuff. Atlanta needed someone to comfort her and Jay was her best choice. He was mature and could come up with solutions usually. Atlanta even looked up to him as her elder brother sometimes.
"Calm down and tell me how you feel."
After a long chat, Jay asked Atlanta to give another chance to Archie which she refused immediately at first.
"I do not want to." Atlanta retorted after feeling much better now.
"Don't you see? Archie loves you more than he loves anyone and he will be willing to change. I know him well."
"I do not know. I am getting confused."
"I know you still love Archie and I do not want either of you to do something stupid for each other. Tell you what, let's go downstairs and have a cup of coffee. It is almost morning anyway." Jay said as he helped her to the door.
Early that morning at 5 am, after Atlanta has entered Jay's room, another figure crept over to the room opposite Jay. The door opened and shut quietly again. The person went over to the bedside and shook the sleepy person. The person who was asleep woke up abruptly and started to scream.
Then she felt her mouth covered by a hand and a voice whispering, "It's just me, Theresa."
"Archie?" Theresa switched on the lights as the person came into view. Archie was sitting on the end of the bed. He was still wearing his normal clothes as though they had not been changed.
"Why aren't you sleeping?" Theresa yawned as she rubbed her eyes.
"I could not. I need someone to talk to."
Theresa smiled mischievously and said, "Why me?"
Archie expected such taunts to come. He had already prepared for it.
"Cos' you are supposed to give good advice on romance?" He knew it was a lame excuse but that was the best he could come up with.
Theresa decided that she would taunt him further as she replied, "Really? And I thought that I was labeled drama queen all the time."
"Ok, I take back my words. I need your help now." Archie face expression turned serious, his voice was now very low.
'I guess this is about Atlanta?" Theresa said as she and Archie sat on the bed leaning against the wall.
Archie resigned to his fate as he nodded. He too explained everything to Theresa about his feeling towards Atlanta.
"I still say that you should try asking Atlanta out again."
"She already said it was over and nothing can salvage the situation." Archie told Theresa as he moved towards the door, deciding it was time to leave.
Theresa placed a hand on his shoulder as he stopped in his track, "Just try. I have faith in you and Atlanta."
"Thanks!" Archie exclaimed and smiled for the first time since Atlanta broke up with him.
Then he noticed...
"That's a nice necklace. Jay gave it to you?"
"Yes." Theresa beamed as she looked at the jewel.
"It is really pretty and looks good on you." Archie told her as he placed his hand on the door knob. Then he remembered about the flowers under the bed. He wondered whether that delivery would ever be made.
"I'm flattered. Well, let's go downstairs, it is almost morning anyway." Theresa said.
At the same precise moment, the two doors opposite each other opened. Out came Jay consoling Atlanta in one door, and Theresa shoving Archie in the other. Four of them stared at each other in the cold, silent corridor.

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